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He Can’t Have a MIRROR In The Crib

Posted by Media Outrage on February 28, 2010

Only Norwood Young, would walk out of his or anyone else’s crib looking like this.  We can’t even begin to describe what this dude has on.  Can you?  Who’s feelin’ it? Lmao…

18 Responses to “He Can’t Have a MIRROR In The Crib”

  1. Umm WOW!!

  2. MoneAlicia said

    Wow, I guess when you can’t find something to wear, you wear everything.

  3. Random said

    If he did..He doesn’t anymore…Once they witnessed that awful get up they shattered to itsy bitsy lil pieces..yikes!!

  4. What-Wait-Huh? said

    I want to know what is going on in his head while he was picking this out to wear.

    leather vest, check

    leather coat, check

    Fur pants, HELL YEAH!!!

    I’m a kill’em in dat muthafucka!!!!!


  5. Random said

    I think he was just trying to piss PETA off..Good Job!

  6. Thought said

    Smh @ that entire outfit.

  7. Yvonne said

    LOL…he has a mirror MO but he thinks this crap of an outfit looks good.

  8. Yeah I Said It said

    He’s blind

  9. MissTX said

    There’s nothing wrong with his ‘fit. We could shoot him and make a coat, shoes and a purse/wallet all for the LOW. Can’t beat that.

  10. Kingston said

    Did he think he was auditioning for a dances with wolves remake with those ugly pants on? Oh Lord, this outfit IS undescribable.
    Even the ‘undescribable outfit specialists’ on MO couldn’t describle this mess.

  11. Now we all know DT would rock the hell outta this outfit. So let’s ease up off Norwood.

  12. ucanb2 said

    Ya’ll should have put an explicit warning on this CRAP and warn us! Now I am blind. LOL

  13. Aniyaqt said

    he look like a zrath ./w

  14. Mr. 2020VIZN said

    ****Noorwood in the mirrot right before he leaves the crib**** um fista stunt on these bitches toniiight!!! So I know some of these hos out here cant do nothing but hate, and I love it. I hope someone from MO’s staff is in the house, cause If no one else does, I know they will post pics of me because they know a bad motherfucker when they see one. And I know that cat 2020 gonna give me my props, he always be lettin em know that I cant be touched when it comes to this fashion shit.

    ***Noorwood riding in the car on the way to this event, bumpin Charli Boy and singing along***

    On my momma, on my hood
    I look fly, I look good
    touch my swag, wish they could
    I look fly, I look good.
    Yall aint ready!!!!!!!!!!

  15. brynnrock said

    WTF This is lookin crazy Monday!

  16. beloved said

    lol @ what wait huh??? lolololol

  17. Nina said

    He looks like Michael Jackson in the face…is this on purpose?

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