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Matching To a Fault

Posted by Media Outrage on February 28, 2010

Sheryl Lee Ralph wasn’t playing any F’ in games when she contemplated this outfit right here.  She was more than determined to match her way down the red carpet of the first annual D.I.V.A. Awards in LA.  MO readers are you feelin’ this Sheryl’s outfit?  Wait there’s more…

29 Responses to “Matching To a Fault”

  1. Plus size barbie said

    Um… Y is omarosa present? Just curious… Oh and i hate when ppl match like that…there is definately such a thing matching too much

  2. Roro said

    I like her outfit. She looks classy!

  3. Random said

    Only a person with no sense of style would match from head to toe..terrible!

  4. MissTX said

    It is a bit much.

    Mo’Nique looks nice.

  5. Paula said

    Not feeling those shoes. Should’ve picked up the darker shade of blue in the dress.

  6. Kingston said

    Sheryl’s outfit is a mess.
    Why does her lipstick match her fingernails? She needs to go back to the drawing board with this confusion she has on.

  7. That’s so Sheryl tho. She always does that. And we still care about Omarosa?

  8. vigyal75 said

    She looks great. That dress is beautiful.

  9. brynnrock said

    Lookin twice crazy!

  10. joe said

    You all need to leave those drugs alone!
    If you could look as good as Sheryl Lee does, you would!!
    Stop hating and start appreciating this incredibly beautiful and giving sister!!!

    • Terri said

      I’m guessing the majority of the posters are fans of Sheryl Lee and are simply commenting on her “fashion don’t” okay? Celebrities sometimes hit it, sometimes they miss it. Sheryl Lee missed it this time. Chill.

  11. MoneAlicia said

    Dress? Yes. Shoes? Notatall.

    She needs a neutral shoe.

  12. mAc said

    Glad im not a woman because i would be the bitch getting talked about everywhere i went cause i just don;t get women fashion. Like some shit i be seeing women wear on MO looks good to me and then my co-worker will be like “that’s a fashion no no!” and im l,ike oh shit! Lol

    • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said said

      You don’t get our ‘fashion’ and we don’t get your infatuation with ass… That’s makes us EVEN lolol.

    • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said said

      P.S. I thought u were about to say “Glad im not a woman because i would be the bitch getting talked about everywhere i went cause i just would be stunning on them b%#tches”…. I was like “ooooooooooohhhhhhh MAC just stepped allllllll the way out of closet – lipgloss popping and purse in hand” lolol….. Pweeeeehhhh!!! Glad to know u still like p*ssy lolol.

  13. Yeah I Said It said

    I saw Miss Behave wearing this crap and that two-face 2020 on the beach. He had a blind man cane and she had him with a blind fold on. He don’t know any better. Miss Behave you rocked this number on your so called wedding day, you wore it over Do Dirty house for a card party, and you had it on when i passed you on the beach while wondering why all the people were laughing as they passed you and snot nose 2020……….. (yep i really saw them)

    • mAc said

      LOL LOL

      Yo Ms Behave it would be fine for you to wear this around me as long as you let me rip it off and put something nice, stiff and LONG up in ya.

      Now put yo hands on that damn wall and bend ova!

    • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said said

      Yes, i admit it it was me…I needed a ‘bandage’ dress after all the bruises 2020 put on the puss the night before, pluss all he needs to do, is pull at one end and watch it all peel off *cough easy access lol*

      CORRECTION: “two-face 2020 on the beach”… TWO-HEAD 2020, ana you just howe well he uses BOTH *Im moist*

      @ MAC … “nice, stiff and LONG” are EXACTLY the adjectives i like lol, but since im a MARRIED woman, i’ll have to pass 😦 Wouldn’t want 2020 to march in and whoop BOTH our asses with the police baton we used for our role play lol, he let me do that wall and bend ova thingy too and i get to call him ‘officer 2020’, i think tonight we’ll play ‘Doctor’, so he can cum in and give me some healing 😉

      • mAc said

        For all i care 2020 can pull up a chair and press record on the cam while i big dick you to death. i dont need a night stick, got one of them already and not the kind they beat Rodney King with either

      • Yeah I Said It said

        The count down is on, I will be able to officially fly as of March 15th.

        Miss Behave there is a beat down with your name on it. All 5’6 115pounds… 👿

      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said said

        Glad to hear ur well enough to resume your regular schedule of things 🙂 … Anyhoo, i wish u would fly TODAY, my fists needs some greasing lololol.

        P.S. Seriously, did u steal my stats? ok i think im a bit taller though, let me get my CM/feet converter lol. 2020, u have some ‘explaining’ to do, we are too similar for comfort 👿

      • Yeah I Said It said

        Per my doctors scale, I am in the 5’5 range. however everyone I talk to my height say they are 5’6 so i go with the majority. Tell me where you are I am so there..

        Anyone my height,style. 2020 wants cause he can pretend it’s me. 🙂

  14. Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said said

    Im correcting the ‘correction’ lolol

    CORRECTION: “two-face 2020 on the beach”… That’s TWO-HEAD 2020, and you know just how well he uses BOTH, dont cha’ 😉 *Im moist*

  15. OMG said

    Where is the report button? This site is in dire need of one. Geesh!! Get a room why don’t you. Some of us do not care to read your perverted discussions every single, flipping day!!!! All these sexual innuendos is making me sick!! And I’m out!!

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