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Republican Senator Blocking a Million-Plus Americans From Receiving Unemployment Benefits

Posted by Media Outrage on March 2, 2010

GOP Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky is now responsible for holding up the unemployment benefits for more than a million Americans.  Peep game on this d*ckhead when you

Via Yahoo:

Sarah Palin stormed the bestseller list last year with “Going Rogue”-a political memoir whose title coyly referenced the former GOP vice presidential nominee’s supposed defiance of the consultants running the McCain campaign. But this year we have a new poster boy for the Going Rogue playbook: GOP Sen. Jim Bunning of Kentucky. For the past week, Bunning has been single-handedly blocking more than a million Americans from receiving unemployment and COBRA health insurance benefits, as of today, when their benefits funded under the 2009 stimulus law run out. The suspension of benefits affects everyone from doctors to government employees.

Since cutting health and unemployment benefits isn’t the most popular thing to do in a job-starved recession, the Senate had reached near unanimity on extending these programs. But near-unanimous isn’t enough when senators are looking to stretch out the lifespan of benefits about to lapse-they need to reach unanimous consent. And that requirement has delivered a great deal of power into Bunning’s hands– power that has allowed him to block the extension until the Senate find $10.3 billion in spending cuts elsewhere to fund the safety-net spending.

“I believe we should pay for it,” Bunning said. “I’m trying to make a point to the people of the United States.”

Bunning has long been something of an outlier, even within his own caucus. Last year, he announced his plans to retire, having received de facto votes of no confidence from most Senate campaign strategists. And now that he’s got nothing to lose next November, he’s bucking all kinds of pressure from GOP leaders, who argue that Bunning’s quixotic stand has done nothing to improve the party’s “party of no” image.

And indeed, Bunning has seemed oddly cavalier about the broader fallout from his one-man crusade -except that is, when it comes to his own college hoops-viewing schedule. “I have missed the Kentucky-South Carolina game that started at 9:00 and it’s the only redeeming chance we had to beat South Carolina since they’re the only team that has beat Kentucky this year,” he said on the Senate floor last Thursday night. Later, when a Senate colleague pleaded with him to drop his objections to the extension, Bunning reportedly responded by saying, “Tough sh*t.”

Many on the right and the left have weighed in on Bunning’s stance in recent days. The Atlantic Monthly’s Megan McArdle called it “political poison,” as she says that even conservatives are sympathetic to the needs of the nation’s jobless right now. She added that Bunning’s efforts would probably be better served if he found “some useless defense appropriations to complain about” instead. And well before this latest flap, blogger Matt Welch wrote in a review of Bunning’s odd, belligerent career that the lawmaker has obviously “lost his marbles.”

Still, some conservative writers are hailing Bunning’s efforts., for instance, praised the senator for “standing strong for the American people,” adding that Bunning showed courage in daring “to ask the simple question of how these extensions would be paid for.”

One thing is quite clear: Senator Bunning is not backing down. When questioned today by ABC reporter Jonathan Karl in the hallway of the Hart Office Building, Bunning refused to answer any questions about his actions. When Karl attempted to follow him into the elevator with a cameraman in tow, Bunning yelled “Excuse me! This is a Senator’s only elevator!” And to drive the point home, Karl writes, the senator “walked toward the elevator and shot the middle finger over his head.”

Mediaoutrage–  Smh @ this moron.

26 Responses to “Republican Senator Blocking a Million-Plus Americans From Receiving Unemployment Benefits”

  1. Sherrill337 said

    I don’t understand this whole unemployment thing. You have hard working citizens who has paid their state taxes and they can’t get the assistance they need until they get back on their feet. This is a crying shame.

  2. Shakirah said

    I agree with Sherrill! These people dont give a damn about anybody but themselves!

  3. Mr. 2020VIZN said

    I cringe when people catagorize politicians as “public servants” I have come to the realization that politicitians are forbidden from servin the public. Politicians, wall street investors and World Bankers are the most unsavory and corrupt individuals known to the world, but they are also the three cogs that make the worls go. We the citizens are irrelevant sheep used for slaughter and unless we get together and ignore Party and group lines we will continue to be sacraficed. Loyalty to different parties and supposed ideals and stance is what allows these people to dodge responsibility and accountability. If all people get together and demand that the entire government does what is right for the people we will continue to be non factors. Tell me why does one man have the power to negatively effect so many? And the kicker is, you can tell the power has him drunk with glee, this shit is fun for him.

  4. brynnrock said

    My husband is on unemployment, fired because he was black. YES BLACK and the only BLACK. We have a pending lawsuit withE EOC. My dear friend and her man great people on their jobs with multiple latinos, fired bc they are BLACK that’s what they said. No write up no late no calling off. Loved their jobs. They have pending lawsuits with big attorneys.(Philly) We live in ignorant whitey state Pennsylvania who caters to latinos. It is sad out here and we are not crying don’t get it fucked up. (They want to work) I am lettting everyone know wtf is goin on. They took my husbands job and he cried. But he had a journal of how they treated hiim!!!!!!!! We will get paid. Hired an attorney without a fee due to 100% we will get a settlement, he won’t take a case unless he is sure he will WIN! And we should win, Bryan loved his job and he wants to work. How dare you lose your job today 2010 cuz of your skin color. I am sure this is going on all over since people are downsizing. I just wanted to share my story.

    • SundayKnight said

      Damn, that’s fucked up! I hope yall win!

      Dirty ass crackers/politicians ain’t shit!!!

    • Nina said

      See… you’re always bringing up color or race. *smile* No…but I do wish your husband wins the lawsuit and best to him and you.

      • brynnrock said

        Thanks Nina it has been so stesssful for us and for no reason…..he really put his heart and soul into his job performance. For what? Glad you got a sense a humor and a heart.

    • LowRidaz said

      Good Luck , I pray for you!! that is some fucked up dirty shit, its always another race that get the silver fucking platter handed to them. let some people come over here from another country and get shit tossed at them in a heart beat. No disrespect to those living over here as US citizens, but damn! GOOD LUCK!!! tear a hole in they ass!!

      • brynnrock said

        Thanks LowRidaz, I appreciate the support. It happened right before xmas. It has been a real struggle. But as the Jamaicans say Man, “We are Cham-pe-ans”

  5. ucanb2 said

    This man is “freaking ridculous”, Unemployment is some folks total source of income!!

  6. MissTX said

    That’s messed up. Dude seems downright heartless.

    • LowRidaz said

      YEP, but he better realize he is not above GOD, and his ass will be bought down to eat out of garbage cans, god will surely cut his ass down, the lord sit high and look low. that bastard better watch what he do!!

  7. GotYou said

    Media Outrage is so irrelevant.


    w w w . t h e n o i r e f f e c t . c o m

    • RAFIQ said

      I AGREE SOMETIME MO SHYT IS IRRELEVANT,BUT GOTYOU THIS IS SOME RELEVANT SHYT.And for you to comment on this subject as being irrelevant means YOU ARE ON DOPE AND DOG FOOD.And the people of Kentucky need to hit ole boy up,no really hit him up.PEACE

    • Nina said

      Can’t be too irrelevant if you’re posting on every thread. Go feed your 200 cats.

  8. truly23 said

    Amazing what they can get away with without any consequences!!! Let the unemployed whip up on his azz a min or two. They may not get their money, but it sure as hell will make them happy for a few hrs knowing they got a piece of that azz…

  9. Lio said

    American realiance on the goverment is at a all high time. This is not the fucking ’50 , where 100’s of jobs were creating on adaily basis ?? If you want to make it in the next 30 years, Americans will need to start thinking like entrepeneurs….I for once support the Senator, don’t care what you think

    • Lio said

      Don’t get me wrong, there will be a few 1000’s in that millions that really need the money and feel bad for them, BUT do not think the goverment will be there to help you all the time

      • LowRidaz said

        Lio, I am sure alot of hard working individuals that are educated and had good jobs tooken from them, and at this point finding it hard or slow in finding work, who DESERVE that unemployment and WORKED for that shit, is not looking for any handout from the GOV’T, they worked for that shit and DESERVE it, fuck you on?

  10. Nina said

    Good. So many people use unemployment like welfare.

    • Nina said

      I’m not talking about the ones who look for work and really want to work.

      • LowRidaz said

        yea the ones who work really hard for that shit, and never had unemployment before, they deserve that shit they work for it. so why not give them support when they need it,

        but I also know what you mean. there are some that work for 3 months, to get that buildup and then get themselves fired , just to collect for that easy six months, those are the lazy fuckers!! but the ones that work hard and have never had that shit before , they need their due , they need to eliminate this 3 month rule, its easy for anyone to work 3 months . should be a year or something , Me personally have never been on it, and never had to, but i know folks that work hard, and will temp before going to unemployment, and i cant blame them, the checks they give is not enough anyhow.

  11. Marie said

    He’s trying to make a point to the American People? WTF, People need their money now!

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