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Check Out Lisa Raye

Posted by Media Outrage on March 3, 2010

Lisa Raye threw on some clothes and attended the 100th episode celebration of “Ghost Whisperer” in West Hollywood.  Lisa is looking mighty fine folks.  What say you?  We already know what loyal reader 2020 thinks.  He’s singing “I have a date with Lisa! To be loved! To be Loved! oh! what a feeling to be Loved!” Lol.  How many MO readers watch Ghost Whiperer?  More images of Lisa Raye and the show’s star, Jennifer Love Hewittwhen you

15 Responses to “Check Out Lisa Raye”

  1. CaramelKiss said

    Good Morning MO folks. I just wanna know if one of them Ghosts can whisper to J.Love Hewitt how to get rid that pesky “NoAssAtAll” disease???…she has it pretty bad, LMAO.
    …Diamond (Lisa Raye) cleans up pretty nice, but she’s on the prowl for some New Nu wit deep pockets.

  2. brynnrock said

    Dam Jennifer don’t have no ass now that they showed all those photos of her bathing in the river with her phat ass all out. Shame how the media will make you deflat your assets. Damn, Jamie aint got nothin to hold on to rock the boat. Lisa looks real pretty.

  3. BadBadKitty0727 said

    What the hell is “Ghost Whisperer?”
    Lisa’s not on the show. Why is she at the celebration for the 100th episode?

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  5. ucanb2 said

    I do watch Ghost Whisperer….. and Lisa Raye look’s nice!

  6. LowRidaz said

    Lisa looks very nice! I think she always dress very nice and neat! love her

  7. Yeah I Said It said

    I digg Lisa just glad to see her out of that virginal white she so loves.

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  9. truly23 said

    I love Ghost Whisperer..

  10. MissTX said

    It used to be my show. But after the Writers Strike I could never get back in to it.

    Lisa Raye looks nice.

  11. Nina said

    Lisa Raye looks flawless, and Jennifer Love has a long back…no booty.

  12. 2020VIZN said

    Why is that lady with the blue on posing like that? She is missing the point. Someone in her camp should tell her that CoCo, J Lo and Kim are doing it not because “the new looking over your shoulder pose” is the shit, it’s the ass that is the phenomenon, and weather it is inherited, earned or bought is not the issue here. Its like the law, possession is 9/10ths of it. All you have to do is have it everything else behind it is simply relative.

    And and far as Lisa Raye is concerned, I must say that she is looking very very nice. As long as she talking about her being a wonderful first, being dumped, being a rich dope dealers daddy’s girl before the “fame”, about being a role model to all the girls in America. Put it like this, as long as she keeps her trap shut and does not lie, say some air head shit or spew general crap out of her mouth, she is a damn Dizime. AND DONT USE THE “A” WORD LISA WHEN REFERING TO YOURSELF.

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