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Guru Issues Statement

Posted by Media Outrage on March 3, 2010

Guru has come out of the coma and is talking folks:

Via AHH:

 Revered rapper Guru released a statement to today (March 3) as he recovers from surgery after suffering a heart attack over the weekend.

Guru, born Keith Elam, was briefly comatose due to the heart attack. Doctors successfully operated on the 43-year-old MC on Tuesday (March 2).

“I am doing fine and I am recovering! I’m weak though,” Guru told in a statement today. “Solar is the only person who has the accurate info on my situation. Any info from anybody else is false! I appreciate your well wishes and all the love!”

Guru and his family are asking for privacy as he recovers and stressed for fans to continue to send prayers, thoughts and love.

His partner Solar echoed Guru’s comments about the need for privacy but told fans the outlook is positive for the rapper.

Additionally, only Solar will have access to Guru and accurate information regarding the status of his health.

“Guru is resting and doing well after his surgery,” Solar told “The doctors say that he will fully recover from his illness. We thank everyone who send prayers our way and we appreciate the outpouring of love from around the world!”

Mediaoutrage–  Great news!  Good to see the brother alive and well!

6 Responses to “Guru Issues Statement”

  1. ucanb2 said

    Good deal.

  2. ALLISWELL5 said

    THEY WILL NEVER KNOW!…ya’ll remember that joint?

    God Bless GURU aka GangStar.


  3. SundayKnight said

    Wonderful. But he giving out press statements like he is still relevant, talking about Solar has the accurate info on him, that sounded pretty cocky to me. I’m glad he is doing good, now he ought to be falling to his knees thanking the Lord, next time its gonna be it.

  4. MissTX said

    Good deal. Wishing him the best.

  5. lol faggg said

    are they gay, his partner??

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