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Naomi Campbell Goes The F**k Off! Again Folks!

Posted by Media Outrage on March 3, 2010

Naomi Campbell is pure HELL for those trying to provide services for her.  SMH.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell may be in trouble with the law in New York City again. CBS 2 has learned that the British catwalker is wanted for questioning by the NYPD after allegedly slapping and punching her driver on Manhattan’s east side on Tuesday.

Sources tell CBS 2 that Campbell, 39, was being driven in a Cadillac Escalade around 3 p.m. on 58th Street and Second Avenue when she apparently got into some sort of altercation with the driver. Campbell reportedly reached over the front seat and assaulted the driver before getting out of the car and fleeing the scene.

The driver then called 9-1-1 to report the incident.

The 27-year-old driver, whose identity was not released, did not suffer serious injuries.

There is no warrant out for Campbell’s arrest, but police are actively looking for the model to talk to her about the alleged altercation.

Mediaoutrage–  oh no… we would have been out that car and pursued her with a vengence…

17 Responses to “Naomi Campbell Goes The F**k Off! Again Folks!”

  1. Sa Baby! who else? said

    Yo! wtf! how is this bitch bullying and punking people like this???? She need the right bitch to try that with. I want to work for her just for one day..give me one day. Put that bitch right on her ass. I wouldnt call no cops or even complain. It would be ONNNN!!! Just lock me and her in a room, I would kick her ass real good. then i would sue just to get some of that good money she makes. I hate bully’s!

    • Her Friend said

      Y’all tricks kill me with the blog talk. I know Naomi and she would probably put a whoopin’ on every last one of you.

      MO please tell the full story if you going to report something. Don’t be on no MediaTakeOut bullshyte. Tell what prompted her to go off please.

      Ugh! I hate blogs!

      • Yeah I Said It said

        You can’t hate blogs that bad, you got your punk ass on this one. If that ugly bitch is your friend, tell her to give MO an exclusive so we can get the real deal however I don’t think you know her at all if you do it ain’t nothing to brag about.

        And since she is your dog ride or die with her bitch and get your ass kicked too clown.

      • BadBadKitty0727 said

        WHATEVER the driver did, it didn’t warrant her putting her hands on him. If she didn’t like whatever, all she had to do was get dropped somewhere and call for another driver.

        Her actions were very immature & unprofessional. If the driver is smart, he’s gonna get a payday.

      • LowRidaz said

        I know that shit is right @ Yeah I said it.. that bitch gonna fuck with the wrong person one day, and get her fucking longs legs tied in a knot,!! she keep running around here with that fucking temper thinking she cant be touched, she just havent been touched by the right one yet!! someone gonna peel that bitch weave back!!!

    • ucanb2 said

      I agree she has not run up on the right person!

    • Yeah I Said It said

      LMAO at Lowridaz…. “get her fucking longs legs tied in a knot,”!! girl i had a visual and that shit is funny as hell.

  2. Yeah I Said It said

    Could’nt be me, I would not only beat this trick until her face disappears I would cut her head off and hang it on a light post with her wig pulled off. Everybody has anger issues only some know how to handle it. I for one don’t, so would love to run into old girl and get at it.

    • Sa Baby! who else? said

      YES!!! same thing i said. She need the right person. I would love to work for her for one day. I would even start sum shit just so she can pop fly. One word and it would be so on. I bet the people that work for her is old and dont speak english or some shit. She wouldnt dare hire a bitch from the hood or that got some street smarts. lol

  3. It's me Baby said

    LOL… I wish I was the driver of Naomi Campbell, I would punk her ass sooooooo fucking bad that she would NEVER, YEP I SAID NEVER SHOW HER FACE IN THE U.S. AGAIN. I would always drive around with lawsuit papers in my pocket whenever I worked for clients with an abuse problem. And, TRUST I will win….

    • Sa Baby! who else? said

      LMAOOOOOO@ I would always drive around with lawsuit papers in my pocket whenever I worked for clients with an abuse problem.

  4. brynnrock said

    Damn Ladies, aint Naomi like fifty something she needs to grow the hell up and act like a lady.

  5. ucanb2 said

    A walking advertisement for 24/7 ANGER MANGAGEMENT CLASSES!!!

  6. FLADIVA said

    That chick know who to do that crap too. She would never hire somebody from the hood or someone that has street smarts because she knows she would get her back broke. Bitch keep your whorish ass in London. Naw tramp come to the Northwest, I’ll work for you just so I could stomp a hole into your stupid ass.

  7. Ms. E said

    So sick of her anger issues…

  8. truly23 said

    You’re not lying MO- she would’ve recognized my Flo Jo skillz!!!

  9. MissTX said

    LMAO @ these comments! And I’m cosigning.

    She need to run up on a chick or dude that’s got some serious drama in they life that need to let off some steam. I guarantee you after THAT beatdown, she’ll become a Saint. And I ain’t talking ’bout a New Orleans one either. Have her ass sitting with the Pope.

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