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T-Pain Explains How He And Jay-Z Squashed Their Beef

Posted by Media Outrage on March 3, 2010

T-Pain was on Wendy Williams talking about how he and Jay-Z squashed their little beef over the auto tune madness.  Peep game…

7 Responses to “T-Pain Explains How He And Jay-Z Squashed Their Beef”

  1. Yeah I Said It said

    And the point is?????

  2. Ms. E said

    Why should I give a phuck?

  3. Kingston said

    “T Pain in the ass” needs to get off Jay’s dick. Sick of hearing him explain their “beef” or whatever little cat fight they had.

    I didn’t listen to this interview, but I heard in several other interviews where he was talking about how Jay played him blah blah blah. I can’t understand why would he hop on stage when Jay was doing DOA, when that’s what his whole career is about. Get over it.

  4. ALLISWELL5 said

    Besides that BIG AZZ CHAIN that T-Pain wore, I think the dude is a talented song writer….I dig his music!

    He has a couple of songs that bring back good memories….”Time Machine” is one of those songz….check it out.


  5. Kanyade said

    That was beef?

    That wasn’t no darn beef.

    Screw both of them with their rich behinds. THAT’S NOT BEEF.

    It ain’t worthy. TPain would’ve still been productive WITH his autotune in spite of JayZ damning it. Obviously he was since he used it in the We Are the World remake… 😐

    I has little sympathies for the BEEF between two multimillion-dollar menzes in the entertainment biz…very little sympathy. Matter of fact, nil-to-none.

  6. I dont understand how that was beef… Jay wasnt taking shots at T-pain he was takin shots at people that don’t create their own lane to get in to the music biz. I can feel him tho cuz everybody was trying to master that autotune sh!t. i was at an open mic cypher and it seemed as tho EVERYBODY had a track that used that sh!t. i dont mind it when it done tastefully but if your autotune voice sounds like Saddam Hussein singing “Dont worry be happy” in french then its time to sit down and re-evaluate your musical approach

  7. MissTX said

    I’ll pass. I mean, who really gives a shit?!

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