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Lisa Raye Gets Classy Even Though She’s Wearing WHITE Yet Again

Posted by Media Outrage on March 5, 2010

Lisa Raye is plastered all over the cover of Black Woman Magazine, looking right delicious.  We all know White is her favorite color to wear but she’s looking great, still…

30 Responses to “Lisa Raye Gets Classy Even Though She’s Wearing WHITE Yet Again”

  1. Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

    What is the big deal with her wearing ‘white’? she looks good in it, so i don’t see issue. What i find troubling is a 40 plus woman on a mag cover doing ass shots. The pics are lovely esp. the one with her sitting in burgundy dress and one standing in purple dress.

    P.S. She ain’t that cute in the face, but her lacefronts do her justice 🙂

    • Yeah I Said It said

      Ms Behave for her to be 40 and still look that good is a blessing. I think she is beautiful. Just sick of the white. She looks good in so many other colors.

      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        I don’t care how ‘good’ she looks. At 40 something, it’s curtain call, it’s time to close them p*ssy jaws and read a book. Im tired of seeing her on mags spread eagle style, yet she is only know for playing a stripper called ‘diamond’.

        Look at the word MO used to describe her ‘delicious’ lol, seriously that for when ur 20 something, 40 plus needs to be in a retirement home somewhere filing dentures lol.

        How does it look “Former FIRST LADY” then you see lisa raye lololol premier misick was a fool to wife that up, she is a commoner. Plus she is in a MINI dress, what about looking the part – you know REGAL? and on a “Black Woman Magazine”? seriously?

        P.S. Still don’t see issue with white.

  2. Yeah I Said It said

    Mo post up a pic of Lisa,Beyonce,RiRi and Alicia Keys and see who gets the most votes. I go with Lisa

  3. Kingston said

    At least she not showing her ass like she does on damn near every mag cover. I like this cover, makes her look elegant.

  4. LowRidaz said

    Lisa Raye looks damn good, and if she got it, fuck that flaunt it, she is stunning and there are thousands of young chicks wish they had her looks and body, she is beautiful, it is a blessing, no way should she hang up anything, if she look that damn good and can still stomp with the fucking rest,!! do that shit!! till the day you die, just do it with class!! nothing wrong with those pics, she looks beatiful.

  5. LowRidaz said

    i know 20 year olds that need to close the curtain , shit they worn out, body all fat and fucked, stretch marks all over, just fucked up!!!! LMAOOOOOo ((( over here crying laughin)))

    • MaliaMalia LOVES MO said


    • ucanb2 said

      @ Lowridaz…you are absolutely right!

    • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

      Ok, so they’ve overused their body and suffered at an early age, does that now create an EXCUSE for older people to go half naked? i think not! Im tired of older people thinking their 40 something and because they look young they need to be up in the club, be wearing mini skirts and all that shit, you had your time, don’t try recapturing or holding on to youth, because it just won’t happen, you OLD and you know it.

      Age is nothing but a number, that a f*cking lie, i bet an OLD folk came up with that phrase, it doesn’t matter how ‘young’ you feel, there are some things you need to give up and move on to the next phase, it’s called MATURING. Just ask JLO, how she fell on stage, trying to be like a 20 something singer, ask mariah carey, who still wears daisy duke short, the list goes on.

      If you’ve got it FLAUNT IT and by that i mean CLASS!

  6. Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

    I’m guess my point is loss on y’all, no wonder we have modonna taking pics like this

  7. MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

    no big fan of hers but pictures look hot and she looks amazing!!!

  8. FLADIVA said

    Mrs. 2020VIZN your point was never taken seriously, because you are straight HATING! You’re probably one of those 20 something fat and out shaped miserable young women with too much time on your hands. Im 57yrs old proud of my age and have been told I look as if Im in my 30s, and thats because I take very good care of me. I have no wrinkles or cellulite, I work out every other day, oh and by the way I have a Masters Degree, and a 26yr old son, who has his Ph.D in Aernautical Engineering. We black women need to build each other up not down. Sorry for coming down on you so hard but your entire comment was very NEGATIVE!!!!!

    • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

      Well, atleast ONE person got it lol. (scroll up old fool)

      You and all your 57 years of wrinkle free self, lolol *smirks* can keep writing that ‘auto-biography’ you just post it and SHOVE IT! -actually shelf it, cause NOBODY asked you about your damn life, you ain’t no damn celeb, go clean your dentures will you? and leave the internet to us young folks lol.

      “We black women need to build each other up not down”… Lisa is doing a pretty good job at that by spreading her legs and getting her ass beat on some island somewhere, oh and don’t ‘apologize’ for coming ‘hard’ at me, that was an actual ‘weak’ attempt, you old folks wouldn’t understand lol thinking your all that, internet banging and all, hahahaha.

      FYI HATERade is my favorite drink lolol I drink it 24/7/365
      *sipping away………….

                                         ,/     E
                                       ,'/   D
                                     ,' / A
                                   ,' R /_____,
                                 E'____    ,'    
                              T        /  ,'
                           A          / ,'
                        H            /,'
      • Cla$$yfied said

        Wow. Now, that was just plain rude. Shame on you. Show some respect. She’s right, you’re straight hating. Lisa looks fabulous and can and SHOULD flaunt it whenever she wants to. If you can’t say anything nice …. you know the rest. Peace!

        FLADIVA love… Gone with your bad self. Keep up the great work!

      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        What am i going to get a spanking??? Puh-leeease *roll eyes* LOL@ these old folks, dementia is a mother…. you know the rest. Peace! 🙂

  9. ucanb2 said

    She looks good… I like it.

  10. FLADIVA said

    Mrs. 2020VIZN I made it about me and what? Do you want to be a comedian HA!HA! Do you have a mother? Are you a mother, I hope the hell not, because you are a disrespectful Lil Scank. HOODRAT please I could buy you. Say what you want but I make a 7 figure salary, do you? Thats the problem with you young witches you never want to listen to anything and you think you know everything but making stupid comments about people you don’t lets me know your intelligence level. Try education for size you might like it. Bye HATER this 57yr old woman is off to Trinidad to bask in the sun in my bikini.

    • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

      Aww, you just admitted to lying, so why should i believe you now lolol.

      FYI. Im from the CARIBBEAN, so you going to ‘trinidad’ isn’t something that makes me jealous, actually it’s kinda hilarious lololol, do you even have the ‘body’? lol ‘wrinkles and all’____Flatline____DEAD 🙂

      Today is my last day here, so i’ll be nice (for a change). My comments are mostly JOKES and meant to be taken as such. if you really are that OLD, then you should know better than to LIE and also know how NOT to look like a skank, yeah this is how it spelt not ‘Scank’ lol, this ‘hoodrat’ can spell *rolling*, so much for YOUR ‘intelligence’ hahahaha. Good day OLE’ folk, you guyz (retirement aged) made the journey a whole lotta fun 🙂 🙂 😀

  11. Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

    Dear MO Fam:

    Today i’m taking a leave of absence for personal reasons, as such you will not see any further postings from me, so be on the look out for imposters lol.

    I will still be reading, just not commenting. It is my intent to recommence posting, although not guaranteed. It was FUN, God knows it was, but you know what they say ‘all good things, must come to an end’. To all the friends i made, who i now consider ‘family’, i won’t begin naming names, as i will never finish lol please continue hitting your keypads with every bit of hilarity and keep dropping the knowledge.

    My dearest husband, I certainly will miss you, if not the most, but if you ever need to get a me in the real, i will authorize MO sending my email address to you 😉

    All goes well, i will be back *singing* “Like I never left” lol, if you need anything from me- “No, i will not send you a tit pic DT lol” please post or ask MO to send an email, i will be glad to assist with any questions, preferably creative wise or for ‘counseling’ lol.

    And- to the ‘haters’, you KNOW i couldn’t leave without addressing them lolol 凸[◣_◢]凸 What? that was too ‘small’? u can’t see? well let me help you out

        ________   __    __    _______   __    __
       |	    | |  |  |  |  /	  | |  |  /  /
       |  ------' |  |  |  |  |   ____| |  | /  /
       |  |___    |  |  |  |  |  |	    |  |/  /
       |   ___|   |  |  |  |  |  |	    |	  /
       |  |       |  |  |  |  |  |____  |	  \
       |  |       |   --   |  |	  | |  |\  \
       |__|       \________/   \______| |__| \__\
    				    ||	 ||
    				    |	  |
    				    |	  |
    				    |	  |
    				    |	  |
    				    |	  |
    				    |	  |
    			      /     |	  |	\
    			 /    |     |	  |	| \
    			 |    |     |	  |	|  |
    			 |    |     |	  |	|  |
    			 |			|  |
    			 |			|  |
    			 |			  /
    			 |			 /
    			  \		       /
    			   \		      /
    			    |		      |
    			    |		      |
    				     ____     ____  _________	___	___
    				     \	 \   /	 / /	     \ |   |   |   |
    				      \   \ /	/  |  _____  | |   |   |   |
    				       \       /   | |	   | | |   |   |   |
    					\     /    | |	   | | |   |   |   |
    					 |   |	   | |	   | | |   |   |   |
    					 |   |	   | |_____| | |   |___|   |
    					 |   |	   |	     | |	   |
    					 |___|	   \_________/ \___________/

    FYI HATERade is my favorite drink lolol I drink it 24/7/365
    *sipping away………….

                                       ,/     E
                                     ,'/   D
                                   ,' / A
                                 ,' R /_____,
                               E'____    ,'
                            T        /  ,'
                         A          / ,'
                      H            /,'


    Ms. Behave™

    • MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

      farewell my dearest friend!!! lol @ your FU pictures awww im definitely going to miss ya 😦

    • Yeah I Said It said

      Ms Behave I hate you are leaving, your sense of humor is on another planet and I love it. I will miss wanting to kill you over my ex,however you are my girl no doubt. Take care and return very soon or at least drop in once a week please……:sad:

  12. MissTX said

    I like it. It’s cute.

  13. THE ICEMAN said

    There are some silly ass women in this world! they will holla if they feel the hit! Hating on other black women! If they had a chance they would do the pictures too. I bet half of them have some old fucked up club pictures in frames at home. Ignorance for some is a damn talent. Poof!

  14. LowRidaz said

    LOl @ Iceman.. i hear u dude! Personally i dont see anything wrong with her , or her pics, she looks great to be 40, and she should be sexy, because she is! Hell she isnt 60,70,or 80 with half her foot in the grave, why should she sit and knit sweaters, in a rocking she isnt old, she is beautiful, in shape, and very sexy for her age, most young chicks ddont look no where near that and they are young and wish they look like her. most men young and older and her age frame would love to have that on their arm, and I say this, so what she has a past , i am sure some young chicks have worse pasts than that and hidden in the closet and just so happen she is in the spotlight and whatever she do is put out there, but its nothing tragic and horrible, so what! she still beautiful, and if she wear white every day, she can do that, becuase it looks good on her, and if she love that color, then so be it. I think she is doing ok, she is just fine. she is aging like fine wine, do your thing lisa, with grace , poise, and class, just keep doing you! and when they put you in the ground for good, then that is when you clamp shit down and shut down, until then, if you got it and you are in shape , take care of yourself, carry it with class, then do that shit until you are laid to rest,!

  15. Donna said

    This generation is filled with stupid, simple b*tches, who know nothing else but slinging butt and coochie, confusing it with self esteem. There are so many women out there today that keep their bodies in shape as good as Lisa in their 40’s, 30’s and 20’s, but to a man this is no novelty, he can find you on any corner, strip pole or on myspace selling ass on your profile. Lisa Raye has a 20 year old daughter! I would be embarrassed as hell to see my mother flashing ass for the whole world to see. What’s more disturbing is that everybody that dissents with the “use what you got to get what you want” Hoe quotes, then they’re a hater or fat and ugly??? WTF, I don’t think so, just because you’re not HOE-ISH, doesn’t mean that you’re any of those things. How many simple b*tches think just like Lisa? Her tired p*ssy didn’t get her anything that a video vixen hasn’t got. 40 years old and selling spoiled fish and stale backs, because she was too busy being cute all her life? PUH-LEASE!!! I’ll take Oprah anyday over a professional hoe.

  16. chique said

    Mr Iceman if you think nobody ain’t got nothing to say when they see that big ass, you better think again. Closed legs don’t get fed, that is what I have to say for Miss Lisa when I see her image


    […]Lisa Raye Gets Classy Even Though She’s Wearing WHITE Yet Again « Media Outrage[…]…

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