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Rihanna Does Berlin

Posted by Media Outrage on March 5, 2010

Rihanna was over in Berlin doing an autograph signing for fans.  Like we keep on saying, if her music career doesn’t pan out, then she definitely has a future in modeling.  Look at those legs and that face!  More RiRi over in Berlin trying to push that albu when you

6 Responses to “Rihanna Does Berlin”

  1. Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

    UGGGHHHH!!!! How many times must i say it… RIHANNA DOES NOT HAVE A FUTURE IN MODELLING. Long legs, which is kinda chubby by the way, doesn’t make you a ‘model’. She can’t even command a stage singing, how do you propose she will modelling – when she will have SELL the clothes?

    These are pics of models:

  2. Ms. E said


  3. ucanb2 said

    I like the shoes!

  4. Kanyade said

    Yup, the shoes are cute.

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