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A Little Bit of LeToya Luckett

Posted by Media Outrage on March 6, 2010

LeToya Luckett was showing a lot of cleavage to the photogs this week at an event in West Hollywood.  LeToya is fighting for that small percentage of R&B fans that aren’t already die hard Beyonce, Alicia Keys, J-Hud, Rihanna and Keyshia Cole groupies.  That doesn’t leave her a lot of room to go platinum but it’s the tours that make you hella cake anyway, so oh well.  More images when you

26 Responses to “A Little Bit of LeToya Luckett”

  1. Tha Realist said

    Letoya is the best. She is a better entertainer than beyawnce on any giving day.

  2. Babygirl said

    I know you just didn’t try and dis Letoya!!! Please get ya facts straight boo. She already has gone platinum. But since she isn’t a publicity whore she don’t give a damn about that. She is a true entertainer. Something beyounce wishes she could be. Sorry MOR beyonce doesn’t cut it. Coochie poppin is not where Letoya fans are. We are highly intelligent. And we actually buy her music. Not one that beyonce numbers that team people pull out the air, to say she selling this or that which we know isn’t true by a mile. Please spare us the haterade. Letoya is a Legendary Entertainer who actual sings the breaks off beyonce ass anyday of the week.

  3. Sidenote14 said

    I love Letoya she is cute.

  4. cecil said

    out of of the beautiful pictures of Ms. Luckett you haters would find one that has her looking a little odd. But still beautiful anyway. By the way saw her movie and she can act. Bonifide superstar.

  5. lenox305 said

    Some people just don’t know when they are staring act perfection. Sorry mediaoutrage Letoya is more talented all the way around Beyonce ass. She actual writes and sings her own songs. Not commecting crimes of stealing other people shit. The lady is a triple threat and that’s why beyonce and her team are so eager to always have her doing something when Letoya’s about to drop. But she has anew team behind her so stop with the BS commenting. She the best out of all the DC chicks hands down.

  6. firestorm said

    my girl is doing big things I see. Staring in movies has a fiya ass album out about to drop another one this year and now she in a huge movie coming out in June with Ashton Kutcher wooooow. Big things poppin for my girl.

  7. tiffy said

    well all I have to say is Letoya can Sannnnng her butt off. I love “Good to Me” that song goes hard.

  8. soundoff said

    Letoya is the truth

  9. soundoff said

    And by the way ain’t none of those fake broads got shit on Letoya.

  10. Ignorance is BLISS said


    I totally agree. None of those chicks that she mentioned have anything on Letoya. Beyawnce, Alicia “Pickle Face” Keys, and Rihtarda is not even R&B. J-Hud,Keyshia Cole and the rest of them biotches are TOTALLY manufactured. Letoya is a real singer with real talent and that’s why the industry constantly hates on her. But guess what, Letoya ain’t stun them fish heads cause she is far past them in talent, standards, and class. Now choke on that Lame A$$ Ducks!!!!

  11. Militia said

    Letoya Luckett is Looking Exceptionally Beautiful.

  12. Kanyade said

    She is talented in her own right. I wish her well. 🙂 She’s looking good here!

  13. Kingston said

    Beautiful girl. Never dug her music. But still no need for comparisons. If she’s good, then give her the prop she deserves.

  14. MARCEL said


  15. MissTX said

    Nice pics. She looks good. I like her music.

  16. teelady said

    LeToya is a very talented chick. The comparison is irrelevant…

  17. Beeny said

    I don’t care what anyone says Letoya is looking fierce.

  18. THONTON6262 said


  19. al said

    I love LT. Your comparison were so irrelavent. She is great, underrated because of Crapitol, but her shine will come…

  20. brynnrock said

    Very pretty , but who is she and what does she sing, damn all this hype I want to know about her?

  21. Teena Thomas said

    Now we know why she was kicked out of Destiny’s Child. Not only does she sound better than Bey… but she looks waaaaaay better too!!!! Smdh……

  22. Dont get it twisted, LeToya could get it any day of the week, BUT for those above that think she’s holdin a shot glass of air next to A Keys needs to put the cocaine away and step away from the glass d!ck before they get smashed by an 90key baby grand. And Beyonce might be about as bright as a black light but she was build for the stage.

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