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Beyonce Cosmetology Center

Posted by Media Outrage on March 9, 2010

Beyonce was all smiles in NYC this weekend for the unveiling of the Beyonce Cosmetology center.  Her and Tina Knowles were present as Mayor Bloomberg announced the center.  Look at Bey doing big things.  More images when you

11 Responses to “Beyonce Cosmetology Center”

  1. Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

    Beyonce Cosmetology Center:

    B – BlIND ✔
    C – Carbon ✔
    C – Copy ✔

    Yup, it’s Beyonce!!!


  2. ucanb2 said

    Nice work…. Beyonce really looks like her Mom!
    Tina is a very attractive woman.

  3. El Capo said

    Damn, people always talk crap about Beyonce but she is one of the most beautiful women in the world.

  4. chaCHA said


  5. Shaunii said

    I love beyonce and I get very annoyed when people become ignorant and say things about her that are false and negative. This woman has set the bar so high in so many positive ways beginning from her appearance, her presentation and her work. She is always generously pouring her heart out to people all over the world. Not just fincially but in her everyday appearance and i just think it’s ridiculous that people would rather waiste their time TRYING to put her down than to lift her up. Look at all that she has achieved! She such a classy woman… And although sometimes people don’t see that in her music, she still projects radiant factors of respect and grace in everything that she does. When are people going to stop following the crowd and stop judging because of jealousy and envy?? Maybe if you look at yourselfs, you wouldn’t have time to sit on the other side of that computer screen and dish out ignorant comments about another person who is doing way better than you. Get a life, and grow up! Beyonce is my idol, I love her and no matter what I will always support her. **** all the rest!

  6. Kingston said

    I can’t stand Beyonce’s over exposed ass, but I always admire her ambition and drive. This is big deal so congrats!

  7. Jus Me said

    Pure beauty!!

  8. MissTX said


    I wonder what her little speech sounded like though.

  9. RAFIQ said


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