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Katt Williams Sued For $1 Million

Posted by Media Outrage on March 9, 2010

Katt Williams seems to have an addiction to acting the f*%k up.  He is now being sued for $1 million…

Katt Williams is being sued by a recording studio owner who claims the comedian stiffed him on a $28,600 bill.

When the owner attempted to collect from the funny man, things got nasty.

Merion Powers filed the lawsuit in Fulton County Superior Court, claiming Williams, of Detroit, used his studio to record his comedy routines.

Williams allegedly showed up to Powers’ studio in October 2009 with his “attack dog.”

Upon a verbal command from Williams, his dog pounced on a dog owned by Powers, causing an injury to the animal that required veterinary treatment.

In December, Williams asked Powers to meet him at the Four Seasons Hotel to discuss the incident.

When he arrived, he allegedly told Williams he was thinking of filing criminal charges over the dog attack.

Williams allegedly threatened to kill Powers in the hotel room, while his attack dog circled Powers snarling at the man.

One of Williams‘ bodyguards then restrained Powers from behind while Williams punched the man in the face, as the attack dog stood by, “apparently waiting for the attack signal.”

Powers seeks at least $1 million dollars in damages.


11 Responses to “Katt Williams Sued For $1 Million”

  1. Shannon G. said

    Damn dude! Is fucking up your life a new “career”? If it is then you are doing a damn good job @ it! SMDH! Dumbasses with money!

  2. Yvonne said


  3. Jamal said

    Katt need to sit his lil wanna be pimp ass down.

    smh at fake ass pimpery.

  4. Jamal said

    …and he ain’t that funny.

  5. LowRidaz said

    fucking people are a joke, just stupid!

  6. ucanb2 said

    Stuck on stupid… does he have a million?

  7. Verbalism said

    Kat did a punk move. He had his bodyguard hold the dude so he could punch him. Kat…you a sucka!

  8. Lio said

    Fucking dumb ass, I hope the guy gets his money form this punk bitch

  9. SundayKnight said

    BULLSHIT!!! Why didn’t Powers punk ass call the police right then and there when these alleged incidents occured??! Why, is because the shit didn’t go down like that. Fuck Powers! I love me some Katt Williams he is so fine and intelligent!

  10. MissTX said

    What? I’m gone have to get more on this cause that up top ain’t making no kinda sense.

  11. THE ICEMAN said

    Another waste of time and money

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