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Tiger & Elin Spotted Showing Affection

Posted by Media Outrage on March 9, 2010

Tiger Woods is just about all the way in there, as he was spotted by neighbors kissing it up with his wife Elin.

Things just keep getting better for Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren’s marriage, and most recently they were spotted kissing while out in their Orlando neighborhood.

Following news that Elin agreed to move back in with her cheating husband, the reconciled spouses are not being bashful about showing their love for one another.

An eyewitness told press, “They were hugging and they were kissing right out in the open. Elin is certainly a lot more relaxed these days and so is he.”

The source added“People in the neighborhood are getting used to seeing them together again.” Perhaps they’ll make it after all.


Mediaoutrage–  Isn’t that precious…  We’re sure he hasn’t cut all his side jawns off.

8 Responses to “Tiger & Elin Spotted Showing Affection”

  1. Verbalism said

    If they can get passed this and work on their marriage, I hope only the best for them.

  2. ucanb2 said

    Good for them….really if it wasn’t a celebrity, no-one would give a damn!!!

  3. Yvonne said

    If Elin wants to work things out with Tiger and she can honestly get past his infidelity then I wish the best for them. It couldn’t be me though, I could never trust him again.

    • MissTX said

      I agree.

    • LowRidaz said

      I agree and trust she dont either.

    • THE ICEMAN said

      That’s why a lot of young people do not make it and spend all of their money with these elaborate weddings they have no determination to make it. At the first sign of trouble they write each other off and jump ship. This is the reason their are so many single parents in our generation today. Yeah you do not have to trust your significant other right away after infidelity but a marriage is something that takes hard work, dedication and a whole lot of compromise. Everyone is saying it is Tiger’s fault, who knows what is going on in their marriage besides God and the two of them. Sometimes men/women get the spouse and forget to stay on their job and forget to work at keeping him or her. It’s a two way street that takes a lot of work. I am not saying he is right and I am not saying she is the victim I am just saying what I know to be true. Married for 28 years and still loving mine as if it is the first day. We have to remember that what you are not willing to do for you significant other someone else is. Love the person as if it is the begininng of the relationship 10 years from now and you will be rewarded with the same love back. Peace!

  4. What-Wait-Huh? said

    I think its all an act because want women would forgive her husband in only a few months after the world finds out he is sleeping with 12 plus women. Either this source is full of shit or is all an act.

  5. Marie said

    Who cares really!

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