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DMX Arrested Again…

Posted by Media Outrage on March 10, 2010

DMX is on a mission to shatter any and all individual ARRESTS records.  He was put in those iron cuffs yet again…

Via TMZ:

DMX was arrested earlier today in Arizona — and now his lawyer is reaching out to the one man who he believes can save him … Dr. Drew Pinsky.

The details of the arrest are unclear — but the rapper’s lawyer Gary Jenkins tells us “He’s been battling addiction for some time and he’s in need of treatment.”

Jenkins also tells us, “We’re hoping that maybe Dr. Drew might be able to help him.”

DMX — aka Earl Simmons — was arrested a bazillion times over the last two years for all sorts of reasons … including drug charges.

Jenkins added, “He’s a talented man … we’re praying for him.”

UPDATE 5:04 PM PT: We’ve also learned more details of DMX’s arrest. We’re told he allegedly violated the terms of his probation by using illegal drugs.

UPDATE 8:06 PM PT: DMX has been booked on five counts of probation violation and is being held without bond. We’re also told he launched a few expletives during his initial court hearing tonight — we’ll have video of it in the morning … so stay tuned!

DMX appeared in court for the gazillionth time yesterday — and went absolutely ballistic after the judge left the courtroom.

Visibly and audibly ticked that a photog was allowed in court, a fidgety DMX waited for his hearing to begin — and after it was over, he went off.

Looking right at the camera, DMX starting raving “I’m the only one got arrested today … f**king c**ksuckers do it every time man … I get my rights violated but I gotta be quiet about it … f**king bitch man.”

The rapper is currently being held on no bond — he’ll be back in court March 16.

14 Responses to “DMX Arrested Again…”

  1. LowRidaz said

    Oh god!!! DMX please just go get help, arent you just tired now!? just get help .

  2. Kingston said

    Damn! All that talent just wasted.

  3. Kanyade said

    after Corey Haim’s OD, DMX pls seek help. you are squandering what is a blessed life and talent given you by God. straighten up and act right. SMH.

  4. Shannon G. said

    Let’s just pray he won’t be joining half of young Hollywood. SMH. Hopefully Dr Drew can reach out to him before its too late.

  5. Teena Thomas said

    CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE GET EARL HIS MEDS AND A MIC!!!! WTF Why isn’t anybody reaching out to help him. He bipolar and off his meds Crack isn’t helping him.

  6. Cut Up said

    Okay, I think it is time to officially ban this negro from Earth. He ain’t never gon get right!!

  7. ucanb2 said

    Dude… what are you doing?

  8. MissStep said

    So sad, but I can’t believe that his attorney would say that only Dr. Drew can save him at a time like this. How odd! Is Dr. Drew God now because I missed that memo.

  9. Lio said that a new record M.O ??

  10. Shannon G. said

    I’m starting to think that him and Kat Williams are having a competition to see who can make headlines the most on some dumb shit….maybe its just me.

  11. Nina said

    Sad. And he was so nice on the mic, too bad he done mess himself up.

  12. THE ICEMAN said

    I believe that it is going to take an intervention from God in order for DMX to rehabilitate himself. He is a talented artist and actor, I hope the brother gets it together. God still favors him because he is being arrested for drug use and possession and not being buried for drug overdose. Good Luck to him and his family. Poof!

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