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Kobe Does It Again! Shuts Down Toronto With Last Second Shot

Posted by Media Outrage on March 10, 2010

Some might feel that we’re just ridin’ Kobe’s coattails when we say he’s the best player we’ve seen play basketball since Jordan, but, I assure you, we’re not.

This young man has such a flare for the dramatic until it doesn’t even make sense.  With time running out, there is no one else in the game that you want taking that shot more than # 24.  Last night in a desperate attempt to end a 3 game losing streak, the Lakers went to their money horse and Mr. Bryant delivered….

6 Responses to “Kobe Does It Again! Shuts Down Toronto With Last Second Shot”

  1. Teena Thomas said

    Kobe is the truth! There is no denying it!!!!

  2. LowRidaz said

    Well there is no denying it at all, and any negative thoughts on him personally, means nothing, this dude is talented and has a god blessed gift. I can only tip my hat to him and respect that guy, i love him! he is okayyyyyy with me!!!!

  3. ucanb2 said

    He is a buzzer point getter.

  4. RAFIQ said


  5. Aniyaqt said

    WTH did he shut down? It was only a “TWO POINT WIN”..more like a struggle to me.

    **** Cant wait till DENVER SHUT THE LAKERS DOWN IN THE PLAYOFFS, like I am so over with the LAKERS already NEXT!!

  6. Lio said

    I Knows..That was bitter sweet for me , Love Kobe , but I love the raptors ( home team T.DOT)

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