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Lance Gross: “I’m In Love And I Want To Spend The Rest of My Life With Her”

Posted by Media Outrage on March 11, 2010

Lance Gross who is a double dose of eye-candy for the ladies, sat down with to discuss his career and love.  Peep game…

Honey Magazine: So, you studied acting at Howard University. Is that when acting began for you?
Lance Gross: I always knew I wanted to do it. Ever since I was a kid I was always fascinated with how actors could bring characters to life and how actors play different characters. I was always intrigued by Jack Nicholson and Sean Penn and Denzel Washington, people like that, but I grew up as a very shy kid, so I had to break out of that shyness. It really didn’t happen for me until college. So that was definitely when I made the decision that this is something I do want to pursue.

How did college help you break out?
It was just more about me being on my own and me being independent. I was kind of forced to interact with people, so that was an easy way to break me out of it. I went to school on a full track and field scholarship. Going into college, I wanted to major in theater, but my coach told me I would have to pick one of the two, either major in theater or run track [because of conflicting schedules]. Of course I chose to have school paid for and run track, but all through college I felt like I made the wrong choice. That’s when I decided to minor in acting, and then when I graduated I was going to give up track and pursue my dream of acting.

Tyler Perry discovered you in an acting class, right?
Yeah, yeah. I was making a career out of commercials and music videos and I was taking as many classes as I could. And one night I was at the Ivana Chubbuck Studio and Tyler Perry happened to come in to watch the class. He saw me perform and he thought I was talented, and he offered me a job on House of Payne.

What was it like working on the movie, Our Family Wedding?
It was great. It was real exciting and new for me working with an Oscar winner [Forest Whitaker] and America Ferrera and Carlos Mencia. It was just a good opportunity for me, and I actually miss working on the project. That’s how much fun we had together.

Every day was something new. We have tons of memories from that set. I mean, working with people like Charlie Murphy, who kept everybody laughing constantly. I’m sure the blooper reel is going to be amazing because we have so much stuff that didn’t make the movie that was priceless, but it was great working with everybody. I definitely left that production with a lot of friendships.

Is there anything that you’ll take away acting-wise?
Yeah, from Forest Whitaker. I would just sit and watch Forest, even when I wasn’t in the scene. I just soaked up a lot from him; just how he develops his characters. He has a big thing with asking a lot of questions, so when we weren’t shooting, we would meet up with the directors— before production even began—and just talk about the characters, and Forest would ask a ton of questions about any and everything that he could think of about his character. That’s what I took away. Just to ask many questions to get a good idea about what the director expects out of you from this character and then you can put your own input into developing the character.

What was your favorite scene from the movie to shoot?
I have two, one of them being the table conversation when it was just the fellas and we were out having brunch on Sunset. It was me, Taye Diggs, Forest Whitaker and Charlie Murphy. We just had so much fun with that scene because the director just allowed us to play. A lot of the good stuff didn’t even make the film, but that was a fun day, just me and the fellas shooting the breeze.

The second was the dinner scene between both of the families when we announced that we were getting married. We had a lot of fun with that also.

Are you having any Our Family Wedding moments in real life, with Eva Marcille?
[Laughs.] No. It’s pretty easy. Our families get along great. Nobody is arguing and I’m paying for the wedding so that allows us to do what we want to do. We don’t have our family members butting in and telling us how it should be done. So it’s a little easier on us. We’re not having any of that drama.

We notice a lot of young guys in Hollywood want to maintain their bachelor status and image, how is it for you being openly engaged? Did anyone ever deter you?
With guys, you’ll always have guys coming up to you and saying, ‘You sure you want to do this?’ But with me, it’s cool.

I’ve found that person I want to spend forever with and I don’t really have any problems with [wanting to stay] a bachelor. I’m in love and I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

Awwwww! Any details on what you’ll be wearing in the wedding, you being a very fashionable guy and all?
Definitely a Tom Ford tux.

More of the interview right here.

15 Responses to “Lance Gross: “I’m In Love And I Want To Spend The Rest of My Life With Her””

  1. Sapphire Storm said

    Let me comment on this before my arch nemesis Kingston tries to interrupt this chocolate union. I still stick to my “I’ll give him some babies -black ashy babies” comment from yesterday. His hands just look like he could palm my ass like a basketball and straight dunk! Then while I suck each individual finger while I ride him like I’m at Six Flags for a school field trip, I might let him call Kingston to tell her he’s never coming home 😉

    MissTx, I’ll let you know if the package is right. If it is then get to breading that chicken home girl!

    • MissTX said

      Oh my God you are a mess! LMAO!

      Nice interview.

    • Kingston said

      Well,Well, Well, If it ain’t Sapphire herself.
      Yeah, I read your little comment on the smooth sexual chocolate. And I must say, I’m glad that you have a vivid imagination and a beautiful mind , because that about as close as you’re gonna get to his chocolate wood. Do you hear me miss lady lol!?!?! His chocolate wood was made xxxclusively for Kingston. Oh and Your homie Malia took your side yesterday with a quickness. I said to myself Damn, she’s ridin’. LOL.

      • MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

        awww my sweet sapphire has done it again!!! so swift with her comments for her handsome knight lance!!! awww im so sorry kingston i can’t help but side with my sweet pea sapphire!!!

      • Sapphire Storm said

        @Kingston, lol @ Damn, she’s ridin’. I’m not gonna threaten you on this public forum too much because we’ve already went over you & the possibility of a frivilous lawsuit lol.

        Malia, This is why I heart you!

    • Kingston said

      LOL!!!! Sapphire, I’m glad that you have a sense of humor, because being on a blog is about having fun, never anything personal. Now with that being said, The wood is mine! LOL.

  2. ucanb2 said

    Nice interview!

  3. Verbalism said

    Lance…what can I say. Eva is a blessed woman.

  4. kekelolo said

    He is BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Lio said

    good man good

  6. taten24 said

    l think he is as gay a picnic basket…….ZESTY

  7. Teena Thomas said

    Beautiful!!!!! He is fine as ever and Good Job Eva catching and keeping this one!

  8. Random said

    awwww that’s love!

  9. Tia said

    they gon have some pretty babies!!

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