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Beyonce & Lady Gaga – “Telephone”

Posted by Media Outrage on March 12, 2010

Beyonce and Lady Gaga teamed up for Telephone.  Peep the video when you

15 Responses to “Beyonce & Lady Gaga – “Telephone””

  1. Sa Baby! who else? said

    So of course anything Gaga put out is beyond words…and this video is SICK(in a great way). Gaga did a favor for dummy beyonce. Beyonce proves everytime why she never should act in her life! her acting was HORRIBLE!and she only had a few lines…no matter how many acting classes she go to she will never get an oscar or even come close to being a good actress. Gaga acting was good…I love the hair shaped in a telephone over her eye! that was amazing!

  2. What-Wait-Huh? said

    My name says it all.

  3. Kanyade said

    I feel the same way about this video that I do for Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

    HUH? Oh, okay. Alright. Uh huh. Yeah. So that’s the end? Bye, now.

    I will never want to watch it again and most likely never will.

    It was so hyped I just had to see it. Never been a fan of the song. Can’t wait to see what Bey and Alicia’s vid looks like. I’m sure after I’ll feel the same way about this one, too.

  4. Sumarrain said

    I kinda like it

  5. ucanb2 said

    I saw this earlier… this chick is off the hook, too many off-color innuendos for me. Some will love it, I didn’t!

  6. ONLY thing I liked about this video is the fact that my friend is in it. Other than that….SNOOZE.

  7. Satire said

    21st century Thelma and Louise, but the original version was better

  8. Nina said

    Too overrated chicks who some how convinced that world that they have real talent.

  9. Random said


  10. Verbalism said

    I don’t know what the hell to make of this.

  11. Dilla said

    Disgusting!!!! Bey will do anything for money smdh.

  12. SundayKnight said

    That vid is full of hidden messages. #1 They show the number 6 on that lap top 3 times, #2 They are sending the message of population control–murder off a lot of people, #3 They are promoting homosexuality, amongst many other things.

    Jesus is coming back very soon. I’m not impressed with that bullshit.

    Beyonce and Lady Gaga

  13. patrick said

    lol really?? you guys are crazy.
    lady gaga has a huge talent. as does beyonce. i didnt care for the video at first even tho im a crazed gaga fan but after the second and third and now 308 view im completely obsessed.
    heres an idea: take a step back and realize this is a MUSIC VIDEO not a way of life and nothing more.
    say what you will about her but lady gaga is here to stay, whether you like it or not

    deal with it
    you midwestern bible banging homophobic, right wing conservatives.

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