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Coco Responds To C-Section Rumor

Posted by Media Outrage on March 12, 2010

MediaTakeOut threw up a pic of Coco and said they thought she was trying to hide a C-Section just rapped to Coco and here’s what she had to say about that:

“No, I don’t have a kid.  They’re (MTO) always trying to think of something.”

Mediaoutrage–  We didn’t think she had a kid either.  That would really be some crazy JANET JACKSON ish right there…

17 Responses to “Coco Responds To C-Section Rumor”

  1. MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

    lol ops read the title of this post wrong, thought it read kid as in she had a goats kid!!! anyway who gives a shit about her c-section, whats more disturbing is the reflection of her face in the mirror!!!

  2. Verbalism said

    First of all, you couldn’t see anything cause the picture had this weird neon affect to it. Secondly, who cares!

  3. Sparkle-licious said

    If you had a c-section scar would you flaunt it?

  4. WHO THE FUQ CARES? i couldnt examine her naked body for a little ass scar due to all the nakedness shes flaunting in that pic.. The only thing to learn from her having a c section scar is that her ovaries work so wrap it up.

  5. LowRidaz said

    who gives a shit!?!? but i do love that white dress, would look smashing on me. she looks nice in it.

  6. MissTX said

    Yeah I didn’t think plastic could procreate.

  7. ucanb2 said


  8. shanelle joy said

    Attempting to care……….

  9. brynnrock said

    I didnt know she had children the way she acts and carry herself.

  10. SundayKnight said

    That’s part of being in the limelight, mothafuckas gone lie to kick it on ya, this world is full of hating punk ass bitches.

  11. FUZZ said

    She’s PWT at its’ best…. so what ya expect….

  12. Teena Thomas said


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