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Does Kim Kardashian Really Have The Best Body on Earth??

Posted by Media Outrage on March 15, 2010

Kim Kardashian covers the April issue of FHM magazine looking some type SEXY.  What say you?  Feelin’ the cover?  Is her body the BOMB?

32 Responses to “Does Kim Kardashian Really Have The Best Body on Earth??”

  1. Random said

    She has a nice body (thanks to her plastic surgeon)..the best bod…on Earth? Ha!!

    For one…she’s not really fit..her “assets” from the looks of it seem Fake..I think chics like Amber Rose/Rosa Acosta have Kim Beat!!

  2. Kingston said

    Oh Please. Popularity sells magazines and she is one of the most popoluar women right now.

    Now, let me exit before Kim K’s worshippers/droolers enter.

  3. Yvonne said

    Don’t know if Kim has the best body on Earth and really don’t care.

  4. Lio said

    She has a nice body but not the best body…

  5. SundayKnight said

    Ain’t that a bitch?!! Sistahs been banging, and here is some white bitch and they have the audacity to fix their mouths and utter such nonsense that this punk rock bitch have the best body on earth!!! OMG, I can’t stand this wack bullshit!!! That talentless, uneducated bitch wish.


  6. Shannon G. said

    No. I’ve seen better.

  7. MissTX said

    Is that a trick question MO? LOL!

    Rosa Acosta, who I just saw for the 1st time today, makes this chick look like shit.

  8. cstyle said


    GOOD JOB KK<<<

  9. Niya said

    ??? MO don’t u mean F A K E bod?????

  10. Sparkle-licious said

    Here’s what keeping it real feels like:

  11. THE ICEMAN said

    She has a nice body whether it is enhanced or not. Many women would do the same if they could afford it. It is her body if she wants to have surgery so be it. She is smart enough to know how to market herself and make millions. Plus I am sure she is not approaching these companies but they are approaching her most times. Kim had money before all of this because her Dad left her with some stacks$$$. Poof!

  12. KEEPINITREAL24seven said

    That Bitch look like she got an Adam’s Family face. She aint got shit on Serena Williams, Trina, Stacy Dash, all real bodies, she aint got shit on Chili, Delicious from the reality show Flava of Love, PLENTY women, make rings around that altered ass body..hell no, remember her on Dancing wit the stars, her silicon injection couldn’t even shake, I SWEAR she make Reggie Bush look gay!!!!!!

    • Random said

      You want to talk about Kim’s face yet mention tranny looking b*tches (Delicious, Trina, Serean)as your ‘backup’..Dude, you’ve gotta do better than that…

      Delicious-overweight/outtashape/cellulite queen

      SerenO-MAN!! Face/bodywise

      Trina-LMAO…please stop…not this troll looking fatass!

      Stacy Dash..I’ll give you that one..for a woman her age to look better than other women Half her age says a lot..

      Chili-she looks like a little girl *literally*

      • Shannon G. said

        You just proved his point. You can say they are busted in the face all day. But body wise KK can’t touch any of those women bc they are REAL.

      • Random said

        Real or Fake their bodies aren’t anything to go gaga over…

        Serena is too muscular…looks like a dude..

        Trina and Delicious are disgusting…Period…Body and Face!

        The only one that’s actually worth mentioning was Stacey Dash.

  13. keepitrealniggie said

    I see they won’t publish real comments, cause I named pleanty of sisters that stack on this hoe, and they would not publish my comments, son of a bitches

  14. Sa Baby said

    I dont think its the best on earth. thats a bit much. but its a nice shape…her butt is a bit too sloppy and have cellulite but hey everybody has flaws. So no its not the best on earth. Its better than others.

  15. Aniyaqt said


  16. Random said

    I think Jessica Biel has a great bod!

  17. Random said

    If he had mentioned “Hoopz” from Flavor of Love..I could understand…chic has an awesome bod..even though her face is beyond shot!

  18. name (required) said

    to answer your question Dana Dane: Cinderfella Dana Dane “HELL NO”

  19. Tami said

    She’s a “made” woman, meaning that everything about her has been altered. It’s an insult to naturally perfect bodies everywhere to even suggest this woman has the best body in the world.

  20. brynnrock said

    That is going alittle to far, Okay!

  21. Verbalism said

    On earth MO?? Are you serious? Of course NOT!!!!

  22. It would be if the earth consisted of the same 40 celebs that are in always on tv and in the magazines. But then where does Rosa Acosta fit or half of the no name models in “Blackmen” or “King” mags. Best body on earth is just a title to sell issues, but the million dollar question is what is she gonna do after that body fades?

  23. dominikingz said

    When she appeared in Ray J’s sex tape, she was a banger but after all the alterations, I’d pass.

  24. Yeah I Said It said

    I got the best body on earth, meet me in Central Park on Saturday of the fifth month on the 12th day of the second week around 6pm eastern 5 central I will be performing live and naked as an alligator thats been stripped for shoes……

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