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Female Emcee Comes For Nicki Minaj!

Posted by Media Outrage on March 16, 2010

A female rapper has come for your girl Nicki Minaj’s head piece in a freestyle.  Peep the video…

31 Responses to “Female Emcee Comes For Nicki Minaj!”

  1. Shannon G. said

    How did you like it MO? Do you think Nicki can top that?

  2. mAc said

    I’ve heard a few of Nicki’s freestyles and if no one’s writing her stuff then she’s pretty talented. Talent or no TALENT i’d still blast about a gallon’s worth of mAc juice up in her.

  3. Kingston said

    Can’t listen to the audio, but I wonder why she dissing her? But Nicki do your shit. I like Nicki.

  4. SundayKnight said

    She has no bars just like Nicki.

  5. MissTX said

    Funny she’s dissing her but looking like her at the same time. Hmm….Who is she anyway? Her flow is wack just like Nicki’s.

  6. LowRidaz said

    well damn!!

  7. Sa Baby said

    “Im a grown ass woman what i need wit a barbie” But I did play with toys, it was 9’s and glocks, no poly’s in my pockets, I was tote’n them rocks.” <<<Hottest line
    She killed it. Hands down. I doubt Nicki can top that. Her rhymes are stupid, but she has a personality to it so thats why she's hot. I guess. This Keys girl killed it and love the part when she did Nicki flow. lol.

  8. Cut Up said

    I ain’t even listen to the freestyle. Nicki need not reply to none of these wack ass diss tracks and just get her paper. Females are some of the most hating, jealous, most envious creatures on Earth. “Keep It Moving”

    • Shannon G. said

      Damn Cut Up! I feel offended by that comment….LOL! Just kidding but not all of us females are the same.

    • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

      Cut Up, ur kinda cute and all and imma let u finish… but what the ‘f’ is up with this ‘Females are some of the most hating, jealous, most envious creatures on Earth’ crap? Damn dude, that was deep, you certainly know how to ‘cut’ a sista, all dagger like.

    • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

      P.S. Who wants to be a Broke-Ass-Ridiculous-Bitch-Imitating-Everyone [B.A.R.B.I.E] Anyway?

      P.S.S. Hate is a special kind of love given to people who suck *coughNicki*

      • Cut Up said

        No Beautiful because thats is what you are, I’m sure!! (see how I clean up) I wasn’t generlizing or stereotyping if you will. Please forgive me. I just get burnt up when one of us starts to get some shine then 15 of us come after that one instead of showing love. It don’t be nothing real about these petty disputes just folk trying to get shine courtesy of someone else instead of getting themselves hot. No offense at all to my keep it real ladies who know how to show love just wack bitches like that who we probably will never see again. “I would never cut you, just “Cut you UP” real decent like!!

    • Satui said

      absolutely agree (undestand your anger)…don’t need to hear this shit…even if her rhyme is hot, she sucks major ass for trying to be on the come up by putting down another female artist…this female mc catty shit has to stop…damn doesn’t this bitch realize that she has more chance of winning the lotto than hearin a female rapping on the radio nowadays…y fuck with nicki?…there are tons of wackass male rappers out there…SOULJA BOY…DAMN she couldv’e done us all a service with that one…

    • Nina said

      Gosh. Did you just take my thought right out of my head and put it to letters? I agree nothing but stank, green envy.

  9. Kanyade said

    Not all of us are ‘hating’ individuals.

    I don’t give a hoot about this ‘diss rap’ or Nicki’s rap game/persona. Don’t care. I just hate the ‘hate-mongering’ that happens when folk do shady/blatant stuff like this.

  10. Cut Up said

    Pardon my spelling errors, had to respond most urgently.

  11. Aniyaqt said

    That girl bad & she killed it @ 1:42 and 2:03. Nicki’s whole rap game is “WHACK” plain & simple!!

    ***I still can’t figure out y Nicki is still relevant w/her BUBBLE GUM rap style…she couldn’t even hold a torch to that chic or REMY MA if her life depended on it

  12. Syn Lane said

    Im from Baltimore so i can be honest…. She’s put dat sh*t down!!! I mean she told the truth, but some would call her a hater. Truth is hip hop is about competition. Somebody is always going to try you, time to step up, or stay dormant.

  13. ALLISWELL5 said

    If there was no Opposition, there would be no Game.

    Keys went in strong on Nicki…Bomb 1st!


  14. Remy Ma….please get your gun toting ass outta jail so these birds can just vanish. Kim, stop putting more plastic in you and get back 2 what you did best….rap.

  15. GUHSUH said

    this girl is just angry caue nicki got that AZZZ! Nicki is fine; that trick there needs to step! KUFF-KAFF!

    • Shannon G. said

      Keys just put some fire on Nicki’s ass! Now N.M needs to step it up. Its not like Nicki’s a REAL lyricist/rapper. There is nothing real about this broad from the looks to the rhymes she “spits”. Say what you want about the chick in the video but she tore Nicki a new ass hole.

  16. Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

    “If there was no Opposition, there would be no Game”… THANK YOU AIW!!! Without competition, we COULDN’T be our best, it’s for us to defeat the opposition, not wimp out or cry and call people ‘haters’. Away with this ‘kumbaya’ and ‘we are the world, we are its children’ bullshit, when folks try to knock you down, get your ass up and show us why you’re the best. As sliced up as lil kim is she can take Nicki and all dem other bitches with just ONE line.

    Hate to borrow from swizz beats, but Nicki is ‘phony, she’s fake and that’s the type of people i hate”. PEACE!

    ” Queen Bitch”

    Lyrically, I dust em, off like Pledge
    Hit hard like sledge-hammers, bitch with that platinum grammer
    I am a diamond cluster hustler
    Queen bitch, supreme bitch
    Kill a nigga for my nigga by any means bitch
    Murder scene bitch
    Clean bitch, disease free bitch
    Check it, I write a rhyme, melt in your mouth like M&M’s
    Roll with the M.A.F.I.A. remember them?…
    Female Don Dada has no broblems spittin cream with my team
    Shit’s straight like nine fifteen, y’nahmean?
    Cruise the diamond district with my biscuit
    Flossin my rolex rich
    Shit, I’m rich, I’ma stay that bitch

    Match ↑ that Nicki!!!

    • Cut Up said

      I dig it but umm, B.I.G wrote that sweety. Sorry! Maybe some post B.I.G rhymes to quote but, then again she probably didn’t write those either.

      “We don’t beleive you, you need more people”

  17. dominikingz said

    Nicki is cool becuase she has her own style and persona but it just tells you that when Lauren Hill retired early, all the women MC’s only had KIm and Foxy to look up to and to imitate. I imagine if Lauren would have been in the game 10 years strong, how many women would have tried to copy her style and thus, better for hip-hop.

  18. Shannon G. said

    MEMO: Nicki does not have her own style! Lil Kim did that years ago before Nicki was even thought about. So technically Nicki does not have her own style.

  19. Harlem said

    nicki minaj is straight TRASH (you see my caps right)…Trash i cant believe shes from NYC…come on one minute you ghetto now you talk like you from England or something…no lyrical skills what so ever..and it just burn me up to hear her rap… barbie doll please ma stop being so fake, i understand she just trying to get her one minute fame and not hating do you ma but please rap like bow wow or something, dont rap like you can flow…her freestyles suck major…it just hurt me to hear her represent female rappers, so everybody know that im not a hater, im a true fan of hop hip..lil kim , foxxy brown, the theses are real rappers…just listen to some old stuff by them amazing lol…nicki need to learn how to write her own sh@t ….once again she is garbage….make my stomach hurt i cant bare to talk about her anymore im out….

  20. Ambassador said

    Shorty got a lil style.. but for all we know she could of wrote that shit too. I mean C’mon you might be nice but the game is all about presentation.. and she is not pretty at all. So Nicki Minaj still wins…. Lyrically & Physically!

  21. HighImMae said

    I never knew of Nicki til last year when my sister showed me her MySpace & songs. I didn’t like her and how she spit cause I didn’t understand what she meant. But I can say Nicki has a few good songs. But I only say that cause she says a lot of her lines over and over in different songs. Point blank, Keys (female rapper that dissed Nicki), killed it. She better off signed then Nicki. & shut up Nicki is not the best. She fake just like her ass! Lols

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