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How Did She Fit All THAT In Them Jeans???

Posted by Media Outrage on March 16, 2010

Tahiry hit up La Pomme, in NYC last night, for DJ Envy’s iPhone App Launch.  She had to have struggled to pull those jeans over all of that BACKYARD.  She’s still enough to make a dying priest scream “Got Daaaayuuuuum!”  We wonder how DJ Envy went the entire night without throwing a PALM that azz contest.

More images when you 

17 Responses to “How Did She Fit All THAT In Them Jeans???”

  1. the answer is simple, she didnt, that has to be paint or denim-like sweats but i most certain that its paint

  2. MissStep said

    What’s with the “dying priest” line MO? LOL!

  3. MissStep said

    And who are these people?

  4. Cut Up said

    Okay, I’m over Tahiry like Drake’s new single. She’s back to being average now. You wanna “Got Dayum” over somebody MO post a lil Bria Myles in here then you’ll be saying something.

    • Sapphire Storm said

      You stay chasing my women lol

    • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

      Would it be ok to call you a ‘hater’ now Cut Up? You’re all in defense of Nicki Minaj with her fake ass and nursery rhymes, yet ain’t showing ‘love’ to Tahiry whose ass is 100% natural. Biased much?

      P.S. I don’t get the hype over either of these women, maybe i will when they start reading books and can show me a different type of ‘paper’.

      P.S. Oh yeah, it is your OPINION, just like it was ‘ours’, so i won’t stoop to calling you a ‘hater’ as you do, just wanted to point out inconsistency in your views. PEACE!

  5. Nina said

    I see MO is still sweating this bitch. *Lol

  6. joneblaze said

    Baby oil on the thighs then slide em up!!!! baby oil that i wish i could have applied!!!!!!

  7. Random said

    Gotta Love Stretch jeans!

  8. dominikingz said

    Damn Tahiry, what happened to you? After you left Joe, your looking kind of busted.

  9. Grand Hustle 4 Life said

    Tahiry is someone i’d like to see sliding down a pole.

  10. Yeah I Said It said

    She laid down on the floor and somebody took and jack and the stand and did as you do on a car to change the tire. Make-up magic without it some women look like Harry Hippie.

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