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Kenny & Kendra Get It In

Posted by Media Outrage on March 16, 2010

Kenny Smith and that heavy chested Kendra Wilkinson attended the Lifewater Zero Inhibitions Brackets Challenge Kick Off at C and C Studio in NYC.  We know Kenny was getting his cleavage peek on.  Them thangs are huge.  Then again, Kenny has something very beautiful at home. 

More images when you

5 Responses to “Kenny & Kendra Get It In”

  1. mAc said

    Yup,, i’d definitely play SKEETBALL all up on her chest.

  2. Ralphy J. said

    Why is it when a white chick has a fivehead, no one says anything, but hate on Rihanna and Tyra?

    Fivehead aside, she’s not cute. Seems no diff then the Kardashians-all about attention-“look at me, look at me!”, and no talent/purpose.

  3. Nina said

    Kendra has a belly…usually white chicks hibernate until their baby bellies are flat. And she reminds me of a trailer park chick trying to make it to Hollywood.

  4. brynnrock said

    Kendra looks high like a MF!

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