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Shawna From DTP Gets It Poppin’

Posted by Media Outrage on March 16, 2010

Shawnna, who is signed to Luda’s DTP label, and will probably NEVER see a PLATINUM record in her life, unless she’s staring at Luda’s collection, was spotted performing recently and letting her booty do the talking.  Peep the vid…

8 Responses to “Shawna From DTP Gets It Poppin’”

  1. SundayKnight said

    Shawnna cool. But that girl with the nappy shave need to rest her neck.

  2. Shannon G. said

    LMAO! MO yall asses are so wrong for saying she will never see a platinum record unless she’s staring @ Luda’s! Damn yall cold! (even though yall are telling the truth) LMAO!

  3. MissTX said

    I like Shawnna. And she’s signed to T-Pain’s label now.

  4. LowRidaz said


  5. THE ICEMAN said

    Shawna can get it for real with her hood sexy ass

  6. dominikingz said

    Hopefully she didnt get it injected. Never knew her booty was this big.

  7. I also like Shawna. Where she been? Glad to see her doing something.

  8. mAc said

    I would inject a gallon of my little soldiers in that azz

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