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The (NAAFA) National Association To Advance FAT Acceptance Comes To Gabourey Sidibe’s Aid…

Posted by Media Outrage on March 16, 2010

Everyone’s speaking for Gabby these days.  Howard Stern and his d*ck ridin’ cohost Robin, opened up a can of fat worms when they attacked Oscar nominee Gabourey Sidibe’s weight.  Now everyone’s coming to Gabby’s defense.  Peep what the people over at the National Association to Advance FAT Acceptance had to say on her behalf…

Via TMZ:

Gabourey Sidibe might have a weight problem, but it doesn’t mean she’s unhealthy … this according to the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA). Yes, that’s a real group.

As we first reported, a weight loss company is reaching out to the Oscar-nominated “Precious” star in an effort to help her lose weight and get healthy.

But according to a spokeswoman for NAAFA, being heavy doesn’t always mean being unhealthy. Peggy Howell tells TMZ, “You cannot tell by looking at a person if they are healthy. Fat does not equal disease and thin does not equal healthy.”

Howell also said NAAFA does not encourage people to get fat or stay fat and reminded us, “Achievements come in all sizes.”

Mediaoutrage–  The NAAFA’s name is pure comedy. LOL!

16 Responses to “The (NAAFA) National Association To Advance FAT Acceptance Comes To Gabourey Sidibe’s Aid…”

  1. truly23 said

    MO I thought yall were making that organization up… lol

  2. Shannon G. said

    This sounds like something yall would come up with! When and where did this group start? LMAO @ the name!

  3. Kingston said

    She should take up one of these weight loss companies on their offer.

  4. SundayKnight said

    Being fat is not healthy, and it shoul ain’t cute unless you’re a baby.

  5. MissTX said

    Can somebody send that memo to Howard Stern and his fans/supporters?

  6. Random said

    “As we first reported, a weight loss company is reaching out to the Oscar-nominated “Precious” star in an effort to help her lose weight and get healthy”

    Even a “FAT accepting Organization” realizes this Chic is in desperate need of Help!! ahahahaha

  7. Really????? A real association? Hey they like it, I luv it with all these groups and associations for different types of people suicide should be at an all time low. Hell i think Ill start one Broke Student Over Here Please Send Money (BSOHPSM)accepting donations starting yesterday.

  8. Satui said

    so the great people of NAAFA finally found a reason to emerge from the kitchen…
    “…being heavy doesn’t always equal being unhealthy.”
    I absolutely agree here, the other ten percent of the time it usually equals being dead.
    “Achievements come in all sizes.”
    as do Burger King value meals and all we’re asking of Gaborilla is she resist the urge to king-size it..

  9. I really thought I’d see another The Onion vid on here. NAAFA?!? Really?!?

  10. Nina said

    You got to be kidding me. Doesn’t mean she’s fat that she wants to be fat or proud of it.

  11. ucanb2 said


  12. le said

    This assoc. went on a big campaign in the 80′ claiming fat and fatter is healthy. I worked in an office of 350 women, many of them going into middle age…and guess what…they thought this was a new revelation. It was amazing to watch as many of them ballooned into obesity using the “it’s ok to be fat” propaganda from the overweight women who went on TV crying that they should no longer be made fun of, or discriminated against because fat was healthy. To me this association is the root of our problem today. Fat people like to associate with fat people, so don’t buy into the fat is healthy propaganda, just so fat people can feel good about themselves. People don’t hate fat people, they just feel disgusted and embarrassed for them. Prior to their
    fat is healthy campaign, it used to be ” you could never be too thin or too rich.” Many women kept themselves slim and trim just based that theory and keeping up with the Jonses.

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