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They’re So Happy

Posted by Media Outrage on March 16, 2010

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz were hand-in-hand last night as Alicia hosted Gotham Magazine’s Annual Gala presented by Bing at Capitale in NYC.  Awwe, don’t they look so cute?  They really seem to be one big ball of HAPPY.  What say you about this adorable couple???

Yung Joc and Busta Rhymes were also in the building…

17 Responses to “They’re So Happy”

  1. brynnrock said

    For now and today. Let’s see in 1 year.

  2. Random said


  3. mAc said

    Damn Alicia is beautiful!

  4. Kingston said

    I like Alicia, but I don’t care for this union. If they’re happy then that’s great. BTW, they’re starting to look alike.

  5. emliy said


  6. Sparkle-licious said

    Beyonce and Lady Gaga make an interesting couple too…


  7. MissTX said

    If they like it, I love it.

    That dress Alicia is wearing is cute. Even though I hate red.

  8. SundayKnight said

    Alicia Keys has shown the world how low her self-esteem is by messing with a married man who’s on the rebound. What makes it worse is that he is merely separated from Mashonda, the divorce isn’t final yet. So very scandalous of Alicia and Swizz.

    I think he is full of shit, and absolutely no good.

    I think Alicia is a disgrace and desperate to have a man.

    • vocal said

      Well Said!!! This Woman Really Has LOW SELF ESTEEM , LOL ‘Miss Save The World’Flaunting her adultery….And Him LOL What A Clown.Both Of Them Are Dumbasses If They Really Think This Mess Of A ‘relationship’ is going to work ,most especially if she thinks he is not going to cheat on her like how he did it to mashonda.

      How You Win Him Over Is How You Lose HIm

  9. Verbalism said

    Why do women get involved with a man that is married(they were seeing each other before the divorce) and expect to be treated different. Its been said many times, if he cheated on his wife with you, he’ll do the same to you dummy.

  10. Niya said

    NOTHING “G O O D” will ever come of these 2 DUMBO-LOOK-ALIKES…..

    –She’s a DESPERATE fake ass FOOL (w/all that women empowerment shit, bitch please) and he’s a lyin’ cheatin’ ass MF

  11. Nina said

    Kinda cute together even though how they got together isn’t.

  12. ucanb2 said

    They do look happy… but if you got your man/woman “dirty” you have to always wonder if the same thing will happen to you!

  13. I Forgot My Name said

    If he didn’t stay with neither of the two women who had his children, what makes her think he will stay with her? That’s a sign that he hates responsibility and likes the smell of he “green” Alicia can bring in. I know he makes his own money, but, it funny how everything is getting played out. Fame over Family. I do not know why these websites are applauding “jump offs” anyway. They are a reality, but, are supposed to be kept in the “closet”. When you are willing to keep a child away from their parent for your own lust, the child suffers. Ask the child 12 years from now. A humping d*ck and wet “poon tang” never considers the child. Being adult is not about doing whatever makes u happy. It’s about being mature enough to sacrifice for others. Children are forced to co-parent more and more these days. I just hope the black community pulls together at some point. I won’t point fingers, but, we all know who is missing in 80% of our homes. Almost none of us ever had one. It is not the same when u have to juggle your children between your relationships. They deserve better. They didn’t ask to be here. But, some are just SELFISH.

  14. I Forgot My Name Part 2 said

    What’s the son gonna say when he sees photo albums of Alicia in the wedding of his mom and dad, standing up for his mom? She’s hiding behind charity. It’s a good tax write off. Her heart is evil.

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