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Amber Rose Attends LA Fashion Event Rockin’ Her Trademark Pink Lipstick

Posted by Media Outrage on March 17, 2010

Amber Rose was all glam for the GenArt LA Fashion Alumni Celebration at the Roosevelt Hotel yesterday.  This has to be the greatest stripper-to-riches story ever told.  She went from sliding up-and-down poles and making her cakes gyrate in some poor guys lap, to attending high price fashion events with money supplier Kanye West.  We just wonder who’s hitting who from the back?  Smh…

More Amber when you 

24 Responses to “Amber Rose Attends LA Fashion Event Rockin’ Her Trademark Pink Lipstick”

  1. ucanb2 said

    Now that’s a good question! LOL

  2. Kingston said

    LOL @ MO!!!

    I haven’t seen her with her girlfriend Kanyetta in a min. Are they still together?

  3. Michelle said

    Ummm, why Mediaoutrage? Why give her top story….who is this chick??

  4. Random said

    outfit would’ve been hot with a tight leather mini…and NO accessories..

    • brynnrock said

      Nah, she rocked it right, Random. Tight isn’t always fashionable with every outfit but I agree with the accessories!

      • Random said

        No one said everything tight was the “IT” thing..I just prefer a tight mini with this look…the skirt looks ridiculous on her..the front is longer than the back *cuz of her ass*…this particular look would look better on a petite framed/less curvy gal.

      • Sparkle-licious said

        I’m with Brynnrock on this one for sure!

        Leather mini is so 1980’s.

        The whole outfit is right on time and quite appropriate for “Fashion Week”.

        It’s like costuming…your look portrays the theme of the event.

        Get it Amber Rose!!

    • Sparkle-licious said

      Look at the girls in the last photo.

      They all have on flaired skirts.

      The trend has quite made it middle America yet..give it a few months, you’ll be rocking one too!

      • Random said

        The flaired skirts have been around for quite some time now…they didn’t ‘just make it’..Trust Me!

        I’m European so I’m very much aware of the ‘latest trends’ ;).

        As for me ‘rocking one’..I wasn’t rocking them when I first noticed chics wearing them… about 2 years ago…and I certainly won’t be ‘rockin’ one any time soon…Some things aren’t meant for every BODY type…as in Amber’s case..the skirt hides her pretty much flawless figure..

        As for the leather skirt being ‘so 80s’…if I’m not mistaken..the latest trends at the moment are based around the 80s =)…

      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        Funny you should mention that last photo, them heifer’s ALL look like men in drag, their faces are FUGLY!!!

        On the second to last photo, what is up with that sheik looking ET chick? and amber, away with the pursed lips you neyo wannabe.

        Amber gets a “F”ail with this outfit, high-waisted skirt equals long torso which amber doesn’t have and her butt is carrying the back too far up, the see-thru blouse, just doesn’t cut it with this get up… hate to say this but rihanna would rock this outfit, she is tall and has no ass lol, with a different blouse of course.

        P.S. I love amber’s shades and shoes (esp. with that line running at the side) ♥

  5. Verbalism said

    I’m tired of seeing her. Why is her toes hanging off her shoes? I’m just saying.

  6. Kanyade said

    I’m usually tired of her too, however, I like the jacket and the skirt! And those shades. Only in America can you ‘come up’ this way. God bless the USA *lol* 😛

    • Sapphire Storm said

      I like the outfit too. I wouldn’t wear the skirt, but i respect her gangsta in wearing it. She looks cute IMO

  7. brynnrock said

    She got some ugly knees but hey more power to her better than these stack hookers running around here giving up for FREE and showing all there shit for FREE!

  8. Random said


    This particular outfit screams out 80s to me 😉

    • Sparkle-licious said

      Relax Random…’s only a blog.

      A non-compensatory one at that.

      • Random said


      • Sparkle-licious said

        Relax honey…

        lol…typical is your word of choice…and it fits…you.

        You’ve been blogging here for well over 2 years now.

        For what?!

        Why not turn it into $$$$?

        Other folks have been making cash from the things you post.

        If you want proof, I’d be happy to provide.

        Just fix your grammar and punctuation and you’ll be good to go!!


        See you in about 17 minutes or so.

        I know you’re sitting by your computer.

        OBTW…say what you want…you’ll be talking to yourself…I won’t be coming back….here.

        But you know me…so, you’ll see me soon.

        You just won’t know it’s me.

      • Random said

        ahahaha…and I need to relax?

        *hint hint* try taking your own advice 😉

    • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

      Yes Random, Flared mini skirts and tight leather mini skirts are from the same era… the 80’s.

  9. Random said

    “Just fix your grammar and punctuation and you’ll be good to go!!”

    LMAO…I’m sorry just had to laugh at that…this coming from a chic who thinks “flaired skirts” are soooo 2010..

    it’s FLARED 😉

  10. LowRidaz said

    Ladies its not that serious!! lets not fight now, (smile)

  11. MissTX said

    I like her shoes.

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