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Company Goes After T.I. For Using Name In Clothing Line

Posted by Media Outrage on March 17, 2010

A company has taken their complaint to the courts regarding T.I.’s use of the name “Akoo” for his clothing line.

Rapper T.I. could end up in court again to defend himself against trademark allegations levied against his Akoo Clothing line.

Akoo International bills itself as the world’s largest social music television network. The company filed a complaint against T.I. and Akoo in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, claiming trademark infringement.

According to the lawsuit, Akoo International has held the trademark for “Akoo” for years.

The federally registered trademark is sued by Akoo International, which delivers video programming to over 86 million monthly customers, via the Internet, shopping malls and universities in over 30 states.

Akoo International’s technology allows viewers to interact with programming on large screen, networked HDTV’s, using their mobile phones.

“Akoo has been recognized as a leading social TV platform for connecting brand advertisers with millions of our engaged viewers,” said Akoo CEO Niko Drakoulis. “Our primary obligation and goal is to prevent confusion among our consumers, which is among the most basic objectives of trademark law. At the same time, Akoo has invested nearly a decade of effort and substantial capital to deploy its network and will do everything in its power to protect its brand.”

Akoo International claims T.I.’s use of the name Akoo has mislead, deceived and confused consumers and potential clients.

The company also took action to defend their Akoo trademark when T.I.’s clothing line ran a controversial billboard advertisement in Newark, NJ, which was condemned by residents, as well as Mayor Cory Booker.


Mediaoutrage–  Sounds like T.I. might definitely be in the WRONG.

11 Responses to “Company Goes After T.I. For Using Name In Clothing Line”

  1. Damn that was fast, he got out of jail only to go back to court. never understood how jail is supposed to reform people when the problems you had going in are still there when you get out, and probably worse. And the same judgemental people that put you in jail will always think you belong in jail even if you turn your life around. Dont sell drugs cause their bad but since your a felon you can’t find gainful employee or respectable housing away from the enviornment that landed you in jail, so you return to what you know hoping to re-evaluate your original escape….. damn no wonder they call it the trap

    Sorry for the tangent, but either Jeezy’s a prophet or REALLY REALLY great at stating the painfully obvious.

  2. Verbalism said

    What ever happened to real creativity? People are forever jackin’ somebody else’s sh!t.

  3. MissTX said

    I think it’s crazy since A.K.O.O. for his clothing is an acronym. But that’s just me.

  4. vigyal75 said

    What does the acronym A.K.O.O. stand for? If he writes in like that instead of Akoo, that may be different.

  5. It is a rough world out there.

  6. brynnrock said

    I say switch it up I dont like that AKOO no way, use T.I. I like that better.

  7. Yeah I Said It said

    Fuck them baby,use my name

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