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Diddy Parties at Greenhouse

Posted by Media Outrage on March 17, 2010

Diddy took time out of his busy schedule with Cassie, to show some support for DJ Premiere at Greenhouse in NYC last night.  NBA analyst Kenny “The Jet” Smith was also in the building.  How many people feel that Bad Boy Records is a thing of the past??

More Diddy in just a second…

10 Responses to “Diddy Parties at Greenhouse”

  1. Yeah I Said It said

    Whats up with the curtain tie back around his neck? Mo you know damn well there is no bad boy nothing, dude is a crap mouth pimp.

    • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

      Ok, this is funny, it feels all ‘full circle’ like, reading this comment. YISI, did you know it was your comment that got me reading MO on the regular? I will never forget…

      Yea I Said It said:
      Diddy should be happy he didn’t get in. With his teeth shoved out of his mouth he would surely cut somebodies back up in passing. Diddy is a damn ground hog. People don’t care about you at all, buckey beaver bastard.


      After that, i was like “This site is fun, they are brutal, awwwww i’m home… famillyyyyy” lolol. That entire thread was PURE COMEDY as MO puts it :).

      • Yeah I Said It said

        ahahahahhaah I forgot about that!!!

        And now you stab me in the back by diving over me when I was down and taking my spineless man in his time of weakness and neglect shame on you, 👿

  2. Woody said

    It seems that partying is all he does.

  3. ucanb2 said


  4. Kingston said

    This is 2010 not 1994… Ain’t nobody checking for Bad Boy. Dirty Diddy screw over all his artists.

    And when is he NOT partying or celebrating himself?

  5. Satui said

    *sigh…ok diddy…one more time:
    Bad Boy = Biggie (greatness) + Faith (greatness) – Diddy (suck ass)
    = greatness

    Biggie dies…so:
    Bad Boy = Faith (great) + 112 (ok) + Mase (pretty damn good) – Diddy (sucking more and more ass)
    = ok

    Faith drowns herself in cocaine…112? (wtf happened to them?)…Mase goes to find GOD…so:
    Bad Boy = Day26 (a diverse spectrum of fags) – Cassie (too busy sucking dick to sing not that she can anyway) – Jonell Monae (spawned from lesbo hell)- Dirty Money (which includes Diddy who, at this point, is sucking colossal ass)
    = (i’ll use your concept so you can understand more clearly) FAGGOT BITCHASSNESS

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