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Kelis Attends The Real King of New York Party

Posted by Media Outrage on March 17, 2010

Kelis was looking like a shot-caller the other night at Juliet Supper Club, when she attended The Real King of New York Party.  She posed for pics with Damon Peruzzi.  The outfits are wicked.  Looks like Kelis is still having a BALL spending Nas’ checks.  Why wouldn’t she? 

You feelin’ your girl’s outfit?  More images when you

11 Responses to “Kelis Attends The Real King of New York Party”

  1. MissTX said

    They both look like fools.

  2. Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

    Sorry i just loooove this chick 🙂 I might not agree the financial raping of Nasir, but i love her. Same love i have for Gaga, they’re weird as hell but you get the idea it’s natural and not force, which i can appreciate, now rihanna, she is just been some fashion designer’s puppet.

  3. ucanb2 said


  4. Kingston said

    The weird dressers come out at night. What the hell are all of them wearing? And Estelle, Cut up, please make sure your girl bury this look and tell her to give Yawnce back her red lipstick. lol.

  5. Random said

    Must’ve been a Costume Party.

  6. Kanyade said

    I love Kelis. She can do no wrong for me, musically, visually. I’ve loved her work since Kaleidoscope. 🙂

    • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

      Kanyade, if you only KNOW, how what you just posted CONNECTED lolol, MO, do you see? lololol…. I think, i know NOW why i love kelis 🙂

      • Kanyade said

        I don’t share the same love for Gaga though 😦

      • Kanyade said

        Kelis is a muse of sorts. If she could act, I’d cast her.

      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        I don’t love gaga in the ‘imma buy a ticket to her show or did you see those shoes i HAVE to have one’ way lol, it’s like “What the…”, “SMH…”, “Jesus take the wheel!”, she knows she doesn’t look good but still wear it, got to admire that lol. I like how she steps outside the box, even when you analyze lyrics, you’re like “weird…but i kinda like it” Pokerface for example, series of events are backward, ‘but the beat is sick’ lol and she does her on it.

        Kelis on the other hand, i just love. I think she is very pretty -face wise and i love how ‘daring’ she with basically everything. “I’m bossssyyyy, im the chick y’all love to hate…”,”Hey shortyyy, baby imma get your money, don’t you worry…”, don’t you just looove her? I do lol. When she does things, i get the idea it’s her -all her, that’s where my love for her DIFFERS with gaga. I think gaga is different, but not THAT different. I think someone at the label doesn’t understand her well and is coming up with these concepts, it’s not 100% her, but you get the idea she is still ‘different’.

        With Rihanna, you can tell that she is someone else completely, it also doesn’t help that she was compleeetely different when she started career, was a mere puppet then, now she is, well still a mere puppet lol, but on a BIGGER level lololol. She just has the body to wear clothes well, because of form, nothing ‘special’ about her/that, all we need is a gym membership to cop that look lololol.

  7. OH NO not a mirror tux!!!! Where’s Diddy at, does he know somebody is changing his KING OF THE SHINY SUIT status?

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