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Melanie Fiona Poses With The Biggest NOSE In the Industry

Posted by Media Outrage on March 17, 2010

Melanie Fiona and Ryan Leslie were all smiles at Cooper Square Penthouse in NYC last night.  Even though Ryan’s nose looks like it’s traveling at you 200 miles per hour in 3D he’s still a respected song writer and artist.  How many of you get down with Mr. Leslie’s music?

Does Melanie Fiona have staying power?  More Melanie and ponokio’s twin when you

12 Responses to “Melanie Fiona Poses With The Biggest NOSE In the Industry”

  1. Kingston said

    LMAO!!! @ MO! Ya’ll ar on a roll today! The last time ya’ll said his nose look like a dildo. Toooo funny! But no, I don’t like his music. He is corny as hell to me.

    And YES! Melanie has staying power. She is a breath of fresh ear to this garbage music industry. LOVE her!

  2. Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

    NO!!!… The Biggest NOSE In the Industry is Swiss “Toucan Sam” Beatz and Laz Alonso for Acting lolol. Great song writer, i’ll give him that and he has a beautiful creative mind that he puts on display in videos, but THAT VOICE HAS GOT TO GO!

    Yes!!… Melanie has staying power, but peep her chin, it maybe the Biggest CHIN In the Industry lolol.

    @ MO, it’s “Pinocchio” not ponokio’s.

  3. Random said

    Both extremely talented individuals..I dig em!

  4. Verbalism said

    Melanie got pipes…that’s all I gotta say.

  5. mAc said

    lmao @ the title

  6. sundayknight said

    He does have a big nose, but as a Black person that’s alright because it show’s a part our African lineage.

  7. Spics R Shit!!! said

    You should see the size of that gigantic nozzle on that weave, contact lenses wearing spic LALA Vasquez. Fiona’s butthole looks better than Lala’s entire face.

  8. MissTX said

    Melanie definitely has staying power. She has a beautiful voice and her music is on point.

    I don’t even know who this dude is. He looks like Joker in that top pic though.

  9. Proud to be BLACK, are u?? said

    That was an ignorant post! We’re AFRICAN-AMERICAN!! We ALL have big noses compared to people of other races.It’s time we learn to love and appreciate the features God gave us. Our skin, lips, noses,body shapes and hair is what separates us from EVERY OTHER RACE. SMDH… PLUS you spelled PINOCCHIO wrong!!

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