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6 Easy Ways To Lose That Weight

Posted by Media Outrage on March 18, 2010

We live in the most obese nation in the world because we have more wealth than other countries and really don’t observe our eating habits.  Well for all those desiring to shed a few pounds the easy way, peep game

Via US News:

1. Eat hot soup before a meal. Research suggests doing so before lunch or dinner helps people eat less. “That’s probably because you can’t eat hot soups fast, which gives your digestive tract time to send satiety signals out to your brain” before you begin the next course, says Fugh-Berman. She recommends eating a soup that is not cream based to save on fat and calories.

2. Don’t eat heavily just before bed. Sure we’ve all heard the credo that body weight is all about calories in, calories out, but it turns out it may also matter when you eat. Fugh-Berman says she has seen preliminary research suggesting that taking in sweet, high-fat foods (ice cream, anyone?) right before bedtime appears to decrease calorie burning and increase fat storage during sleep. “Consuming that same snack earlier in the day doesn’t appear to have the same effect,” she says.

3. Live like a city dweller. People who live in cities weigh less than those who live in the suburbs probably because of “incidental walking,” says Fugh-Berman. “Those few blocks that you walk to grab lunch or run an errand really do add up,” she says. Plus, the daily activity is incorporated into your life so it doesn’t feel like exercise. It’s easy to do and not like a workout that you can skip or quit altogether. Don’t live or work in a city? You can mimic the effect by parking a few blocks away from the drugstore, dry cleaner, or post office. Fugh-Berman says she has a slim friend whose only exercise is using the stairs instead of the elevator to get to his office on the ninth floor. Going up and down once or twice a day gives him a fairly good calorie burn.

4. Try a dash of chili pepper. If you can stomach it, try a chili-laced appetizer right before your meal. It “appears to have appetite suppressant activity,” says Fugh-Berman. “One study found that those who ate a chili-pepper-spiced food right before their meal ate less at the meal.” Mix a teaspoonful of chopped chili pepper into mashed avocado, or sprinkle ¼ teaspoon of chili powder into chopped tomatoes for a predinner dip.

5. Limit caloric beverages. Drink 260 calories in a Starbucks grande caffè mocha (or a smoothie, or any other sweetened beverage) before lunch, and you’ll still eat the same number of calories at your meal. But eat a bagel or handful of jellybeans containing 260 calories, and you’ll actually consume less at lunch, according to one study. It’s not clear whether our stomachs actually feel fuller from solid food or whether we trick ourselves into thinking that we haven’t actually “eaten” if we’re drinking calories rather than chewing them, says Fugh-Berman.

6. Weigh yourself once a day. This certainly helps me maintain my weight because I make a point to cut back on snacks if I’ve gained a little. And research backs me up. A 2006 study from Cornell University found that college freshmen instructed to weigh themselves every morning gained almost no weight during the school year compared with a 7-pound gain for those who weren’t given a scale. Though I’m not sure how much the scale helps me personally. I find that every time I’ve lost a few pounds, I give myself a little permission to indulge-and the pounds come right back on.

Mediaoutrage–  Well there you have it. Chop Chop Chop.

29 Responses to “6 Easy Ways To Lose That Weight”

  1. Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

    Interesting to see this post today… RANDOM hit me up when you read this, thanks!!!

    On the post, MO did you really have to post ‘Mr. M&M’? or what it ‘Mr. Purple Skittle’ lololol… Weighing yourself daily might not be a good idea, if your crazy like me and your weight will fluctuate, which will frustrate the hell out of you.

    • Random said

      You rang Miss? lol

      As for the post..sounds like a crock full of sh*t..Try eating healthier & smaller portions and you’re set! Of course a little exercise couldn’t hurt either!

      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        Yes! lol Anyhoo…

        So i’m bored out of my mind right now, just rying to revamp MY ENTIRE life, so i got the idea to do this “30 day flush”, don’t know how practical but i want to try. That’s where you come in lolol…

        I want to be a “fit, clean, gunning machine in 30 days” lol, *kanye shrug* impractical? I need to NOT lose weight off my thigh or ass or “i’ll die” lolol, just want to tone it, ahhh, hmmm, yes, i also want to flaten tummy area, you know skateboard flat lol, tone arms and that’s it! What do you suggest? abdominals, crunches, aerobics? I’m confused as hell as to which to use to address specific areas… HELP!!!

        I want to go ‘no fried foods for 30 days’, take cleansers to wash tubes(intestines). So far i have “cornflakes for breakfast, fruits for lunch (but im still hungry, so i need something else through out the day), now dinner? i have no clue, i just end up eating anything even ‘snacks’, which i hate, but i’m hungry, i feel like i’m going through withdrawals?

        I need to look ‘perfect’ for my bday lol which is 2 weeks and a couple days away. I don’t have a ‘weight goal’, i just want to see what happens in 30 days and how my body responds to this ‘lifestyle change’. Should i have a weight goal? i don’t know? HELP!!!!!!!

      • Random said

        Ok..gotta give a min here…I want to make this as short/simple as I possibly can bare with me..

      • Random said

        Alright, first and foremost…get rid of that “30 day” time limit…big mistake…I understand you want to lose weight/tone up but let’s face it…it’s not gonna happen overnight…it takes time…so by you putting a time limit on can be discouraging if you don’t reach that goal within that time frame..and you’re back to square one…

        Secondly…starving/detox cleansers/the-newest-fad-diet..Don’t even think about it! You want to lose the weight and keep it off…so do it the RIGHT way (I’ll get to that later)…

        And WILL lose weight ALL OVER…and your butt/thighs will SHRINK…but personally speaking..even though I’ve LOST weight..I haven’t lost my curves..they’re smaller/firmer..yes but they’re well proportioned to my now smaller frame…so don’t

        I’m not a nutritionist or a personal trainer by any means..I’m just gonna tell you what has Worked and continues to work for me..

        My Diet consists of fruits/veggies/LOTS of seafood..grilled/steamed..nothing FRIED/grilled chicken/low sodium food (too much sodium contributes to excess water I’m sure you’re aware)…Of course I CHEAT (when it comes to food that is haha) every once in a while…it’s OK..but the problem with that is people do it too often…to the point where they no longer have self control..

        Random’s Sample Diet:
        (Results may vary hahaha)

        Bkfst: If I’m in a rush (which I normally am) I have my BLACK coffee *no cream/sugar*…it’s a great metabolism booster and believe it or not..controls hunger ;) get used to the taste after a couple of days…

        If you’re not a coffee drinker..then make yourself a fresh/natural fruit smoothie (bananas/strawberries/natural fruit juice..(you can thank my wonder bf for this lil trick) haha love ya babe ;) tastes great and it’s a natural ‘cleanser’..very filling too..

        Cereal isn’t bad either..but avoid anything sweet/colorful…I reccommend “Kashi 7 Whole Grain Puffs” with SKIM milk..feel free to add some fruit to that…Another is of course the original Special K..(they have so many flavors now)..again w/skim milk..


        I usually have a small grilled salmon salad from WHOLE FOODS (closest thing to my job)..w/BALSAMIC vinegar *not vinnegraite..too fattening* dressing…nothing creamy either!!

        -Grilled Chicken breast w/broccoli or mixed veggies is a good combo too…


        I personally don’t eat a BIG dinner..and I don’t eat anything past 9pm..

        Sometimes I make my smoothie or just have some Tilapia with veggies..

        You can snack in between meals..have an apple..banana..whatever else you like/small yogurt *Dannon ligh & fit*/weight watcher’s string cheese *they’re not bad*..anything else you can think of lol..

        Oh and avoid SODA at ALL times..WATER is obviously a much better option!

        As for my exercise routine…I’m at the gym 5 days a week..for at least 2 hours…An Hour of Cardio is a MUST for me..but I switch it up DAILY…because what happens if you continue doing the same thing daily…your body gets used to that routine and you’ll hit a won’t notice much of a change after a switch it up…do 15-20 min on the eliptical..then jump on the treadmill for the next 15-20..or stairmaster (great for your ass)..*a Half hr on this on Hill Plus kills* but it’s the best!!

        Cardio is great but you gotta add weight lifting *not too heavy*…Work on different muscles on different days so you don’t strain them…

        My sis and I follow this book for diff toning/sculpting exercises..for arms/legs/tummy..etc..

        “The Body Sculpting Bible for Women, Revised Edition: The Way to Physical Perfection (Body Sculpting Bible)”

        by:James Villepigue,Hugo Rivera

        easy to follow with step by step instructions & pics!!

        I don’t think you should have a ‘weight goal’ per say…more of an idea of how/where you want to be as far as your ‘ideal weight’ is concerned..Um did I leave anything else? lol

        Like I said…I’m no personal trainer here so don’t kill me if THIS doesn’t help or work for you hahaha..There’s a website you might want to check out to get more info..

        Good Luck and Def keep me posted 😉

      • Random said

        One last thing…no amount of situps/crunches will Flatten your stomach…it’s your DIET…80% is your diet and only 20% exercise…so once you start eating’ll notice your tummy getting flatter and flatter…then you’ll notice more of a difference from your abwork..but you must lose the fat first..otherwise you’ll only build muscle undearneath and make your tummy appear bigger than it is..

      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        Damn, what are you trying to do KILL ME? lolol, i haven’t read it yet and i’m scared lol you did say ” short/simple” remember?… Congrats Random, after reading all of this, i’m sure i lose a good 30 pounds, when can i sign up for next session? lololol

        *I’m going read it NOW, nervous as hell! lol*

      • Random said

        How could I forget…I HIGHLY recommend

        “Winsor Pilates Basic 3 DVD Workout Set (Basics Step-By-Step/20 Minute Workout/Accelerated Body Sculpting)” it’s like $50 on amazon..Yes, it WORKS!!

  2. MissTX said

    Funny how all these “easy ways to lose weight” list never look the same.


  3. sage said

    Jazzy faye,gabby the actress in preicous, are in serious trouble with their weight heart attacks has no age on it,they need to get help fast if they want to live a healthy life.

  4. Yeah I Said It said

    Why not pay me to starve them to death while locking them in a storage unit tied up and gaged with a pamper on. I promise to come back and let you out in three months. My cost=3,000. Your cost= over 60 pounds lost.

  5. ucanb2 said

    Why Lord Why…was this picture of a living-breathing SKITTLE used.
    All of the above and still you must exercise!

  6. Random said

    Lmao..I tried!

    • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

      haha, well you know what they say ‘nothing beats a trying man/woman” lolol…. Thanks!!! Really appreciate it!!! I’m one my third break and yet still haven’t finished reading lol, i think i will print it and bring it home, it will be my homework for the night lololol.

    • leo2000 said

      You did one helluva job informing everybody on your daily diet. Well put together, High Five! Love You too. =)

    • My mistake. lol

      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        Love the gravie Leo.

        P.S. Random, did you know i practice polyandry? lololol *man thief alert -man thief alert* lolololol

      • Random said

        lmao harlot!!

      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        No, not ‘harlot’ lololol, You know i’m no alicia ‘homewrecker keys, i would never-ever do that *fingers crossed behind back* lololol… Random, if don’t mind you can provide me with leo’s email address, you know him, i mean BOTH of you pics of ‘progress’ lolololol ::side eye::

  7. Lmao, I appreciate the compliment, but am very happy with Mrs.Random.

  8. Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

    Ok, back to business lol….

    I finally read what you wrote, the reason i’m doing this is not to ‘lose weight’ per se’- well kinda lol, but my stomach is in ruts. I get upset easily, no im not pregnant lol, body is rejecting milk, so i guess i’m lactose intolerant now and i DON’T drink SODAs, so i think i’m on a good track there. I know i have to make some serious internal changes, hence the flush. My cleanser isn’t off the shelf. I will be going all natural… so Aloe vera is what i’m interested in with some tonics on the daily. I want to add exercise, so thanks for the ‘gym tips’ will definately try those. I really want to do this ’30 day flush’ to see how my body respond, more like a lifestyle change, so i won’t be mad if i don’t lose weight per se’, i just want my system back, but while i’m at it what better time to tone right? lol.

    Love the last note about tummy flattening and muscles, will definately take that down. So i think we have excersize down pat, lol Thanks again! I just think we’re going to have issues based on what my stomach will allow and what i grave for, sweet things, which is bad i know, i’ll get back with you tmrrw to work out ‘meal plan’, but excersize one is ALL GO!

    Thanks again, speak with you tmrrw – i leave for the day. Bye Leo 😉 lololol.

  9. Verbalism said

    LOL!!! Y’all trying to give Jazzy Pha a hint? LOL!!

  10. Verbalism said

    That’s one puggy brotha.

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