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Beyonce & Jay-Z Attend Robin Thicke’s Birthday Bash

Posted by Media Outrage on March 18, 2010

Jay-Z and Beyonce were showing a little bit of affection and actually acting like a real married couple last night at 10AK in NYC during Robin Thicke’s birthday celebration.  You gotta love the arm around his wife move because that’s about as much PDA as you’re going to see from these two.  More party pics when you

14 Responses to “Beyonce & Jay-Z Attend Robin Thicke’s Birthday Bash”

  1. Sapphire Storm said

    I have to say that I don’t really see anything wrong with how affectionate they are. When posts of Mariah and Nick show them all over each other, people say it’s fake or sickening. Should she be sitting in his lap or should he be palming her ass? I’m sure they do that at home– that’s where it would be appropriate. But then again, I don’t even like to see people tonguing in public so, maybe that’s just me *shrug*

    P.S. LOL @ Bey & Jay getting more attention than the B-day boy. Where’s Paula? I can’t wait to go to the concert April 2nd! 🙂

  2. mesoCUTE said

    Beyonce look’s Very Pretty & Refresh!

  3. MissTX said

    Robin could get it. LOL

  4. Kim said

    She’s home in L.A. You know she can’t fly in her 3rd trimester, not wise, especially if you want to avoid complications. Besides, his birthday was actually the 10th, this is belated. His dad, Russell Simmons, Scarlett Johansen and Andre Harrell were also at the party.

  5. Is that Reggie Bush? Monkeys and Camels and Beyonce…oh my!

  6. Verbalism said

    Who the hell cares about these two. Where’s Robin’s wife Paula?

  7. […] Beyonce & JayZ Attend Robin Thicke’s Birthday Bash….MediaOutrage […]

  8. Kanyade said


    And yes, baby Jesus Robin could get it. LOL (I’m getting in on this too). But I really like Paula so I’d have to refrain. *le sigh* LOL

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