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Bacardi’s Official After Party With The Black Eyed Peas

Posted by Media Outrage on March 19, 2010, Taboo, and had the groupie love in full effect during the Bacardi official after party at Venue 27 in Houston last night. doesn’t look too enthused in these shots but his bandmates do…

12 Responses to “Bacardi’s Official After Party With The Black Eyed Peas”

  1. MissTX said

    Is that a purse?!!

    • Kingston said

      I’m dying of laughter right now!!!!!!

      Yes, yes, yes, it is a purse! What’s up with that? LMAOOOO!!!! Would any males on MO rock that? If so, please explain why? I’ve never met a man that wore a purse. LOL!!

    • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

      It’s not a ‘purse’, it a MAN PURSE, big difference lololol, you have to be in touch with your feminine side to wear one. I know MO has it in different colors, and they just looooove the PINK one, right MO? lololol.

  2. R. E McGillicuddy said

    Now I’ve seen some fools in my day, but the dude with the purse takes the cake. I saw purses on men in Europe and S, America, but here, on a black man, NEVER.

    Sissys and trannies are taking over Hollywood. What next?

  3. Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

    Beats carry a briefcase, don’t want nucca’s to steal ur stash, gotta keep it close lol. I think i’ll buy 2020 one, honey which color?! lol

    Please tell me that’s not coke dust on taboo’s tongue?

  4. ucanb2 said


  5. 1coolazzchic said

    i know its been a while…so wassup MO. but i had to ask, is this nuccas purse bedazzled?

  6. Damn i was fitta bag on this chica partyin like its 2999. But DAMN Will I can forgive you for a neon one strap messenger bag or the pink gator travel bags, Im fly too Im comfortable with who I am too, I can forgive you for the glittery make-up at the grammy’s it was a futuristic look for a futuristic song….. but this BRUH is a flag, a TECH, illegal handling of the accessories. I know this must there better be some futuristic narcotics in silver hip warmer or i think perez was right.

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