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Beyonce’s Perfume Sells $3 Million In One Month

Posted by Media Outrage on March 19, 2010

Beyonce is a marketing machine!  Her perfume Heat that was released in Macy’s has already made $3 million in sales in a mere month.  Peep game

Via People:

Is it getting hot in here or is it just Beyoncé’s ‘Heat’? The diva’s first fragrance, launched last month exclusively at Macy’s, has been setting sparks off the shelves with its scorching success. Not only did the signature scent nab the honor of being the number one brand at Macy’s, but it has already sold around $3 million in its first month out — 72,000 bottles alone in a single hour during an in-person N.Y.C. appearance by the star, according to WWD. The fragrance–a mix of magnolia, neroli and blush peach scents–retails for $39-$59. To get your own bottle of the best-selling scent, go to Macy’ to purchase Beyoncé Heat!

Mediaoutrage– 72,000 bottles in one hour!?!  That’s crazy.

22 Responses to “Beyonce’s Perfume Sells $3 Million In One Month”

  1. R. E McGillicuddy said

    The bible was right all along. “A fool and his money will soon part”. I can’t imagine why any sane person would think they need Beyonce perfume. It no doubt was formulated in Japan or China, with oil of civet cat as a main ingredient. Faggots of a feather flock together is what my poor ole mama used to say.

    I can’t be bothered by such trifling shit, so leave this type news to the New York crwd.

  2. mesoCUTE said

    It Smells Good!

  3. FLADIVA said

    Why not buy Beyonce’s Perfume? If you wear perfume its somebody’s brand unless you make it yourself. Go on BEY, do the damn thing.

    • mesoCUTE said


    • Beyonce_Stan said

      Double Co-Sign!

      It kills me how we don’t want to support our own but will jump on the bandwagon of any other designers that come out with some crazy expensive stuff. The hate this woman gets thrown is just ridiculous.

    • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

      “Why not buy Beyonce’s Perfume? If you wear perfume its somebody’s brand unless you make it yourself”… You know that make’s perfect sense, but i still ain’t buying shit lololol I’d rather rub up with some hot piss, than put a dollar in her pocket.

  4. LowRidaz said

    I agree, if we all go out and buy that shit from burberry, estee lauder, versace and a whole slew of shit , why not hers? if it smell nice and a person like it, then why shouldn’t they buy it, she is a black woman making perfume, nothing wrong with that, hell we go out and buy all that other shit from others, why not give the sister a chance. im not ever hating her or mad at her. I wish her the best in whatever she does. good thing. At least she has the ambition to venture out and try other things and she seems to be growing up nicely. She is ok

  5. C.Davis said

    At the end of the day she is doin it big and people sit on the computer everyday mad! bashin her for her achievements. And she sittin back and countin her money! GO B!

  6. Kingston said

    Someone bought if for me (on purpose because he knows I don’t like Bey lol). It still can’t mess with Perry Ellis, Lovely or Unforgivable (my favorite fragrances) but it’s smells good. I have to give her that much credit.

  7. ucanb2 said

    I haven’t smelled it… I am really surprised, a lot of those Celebrity Fragrances smell like roach spray!
    Good deal Ms Bey.

  8. R. E McGillicuddy said

    You fools don’t get it. The perfume is made by someone who uses famous people’s name to promote products while that person’s 15 minutes of fame is on the rise. Beyonce isn’t making a damned thing but money. I imagine OJ Simpson cologne would have made a hit a few years back. Too late now, that fool is facing big time in jail. Why don’t people stick to the essentials. You don’t need to cover stink with fancy scents if you practice good hygiene. Good perfume becomes Eau de Skunk if used in the wrong way.
    By the way, did you see the Bacardi photos of the cast of Black Eyed Peas? What is that about men with shoulder purses, and pants so low one man’s ass was showing. That looks faggoty to me. As far as the phts “Fools names, like their faces, are often seen in public places”.

  9. Verbalism said

    People are buying it because her name is on it. She claimed to have had a hand in the process of making the product but she’s made many claims that weren’t true.

  10. R. E McGillicuddy said

    Verbalism, You got it right. Anyone can let their name be used. Look at Michael Jordan and his shoe deal. He made millions on slave laboe in Asia from his endorsements. Poor Tiger Woods has not done so well on endorsements lately. They are dropping him like flies. Too bad he can’t keep his pecker in his pants. With his money he could buy scres of hoes, but no, he has to get women who want his money, and white to boot. Serves his scruffy ass right!

  11. Kanyade said

    Congrats to her? *slow clap* *kanye shrug*

    They (her ’empire’) should do a cosmetics line. I bet it’d sell better than that Der-it-wrong clothing line.

  12. ALLISWELL5 said

    Imagine who much B would sell if she was selling pu**y in a bottle!

  13. satire said

    Like Richard Pryor said, be glad a nigga doing anything, whether it is shakin or selling ass. Other nigga just don’t understand why a blogger just don’t support anything a nigga do, if a nigga do, if you a nigga then you support it, selling shakin ass whatever

  14. satire said

    I wish Bey would come on with the wig lines so I can make walk around and tell people I am wearing a bey wig, shit that should get me some money and I can tell these black men I am mixed and maybe I can get a nigga wit some paper

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