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Ludacris Explains How Long a ‘Good Love Making Session’ Is

Posted by Media Outrage on March 22, 2010

Luda sat down with the good people over at for an indepth interview about his album, Bill O’Reilly and lots more.  Peep game and check out the cover…

The theme is men vs women. What were you trying to do originally Battle Of The Sexes and how did it change?
Originally and now it’s pretty much the same. Originally, I was trying to get an album where you had a balance of both the male and female perspectives on many different issues and topics. I feel like it’s a male-dominated industry and I wanted to get a chance to hear more of the female voice on different subjects. At the same time, you have regular Ludacris songs on there. Long story short, I have records talking about women, records talking to women and records where they are talking back to me. That’s exactly what the premise was [and is].

Talk about your reunion with Bill ’O Riley.
Every since he said something about me on television, I’ve been hoping to run into him in person to confront him on everything he said.  I finally got that opportunity last year at the White House Correspondence dinner. When I saw his name on the list of people present, I immediately went up and confronted him. He had this look on his face, like I was the last person that he expected to see.

The first thing I said to him was, ‘I wanted to meet the person who had so much to say about me but knows absolutely nothing about me.’

How did you choose the line-up of female emcees to accompany you on this co-ed album?
I wanted to take females you know, that have already made a name for themselves, like Eve, Trina and, of course, Lil’ Kim and then get some new females that are making a name for themselves now, like Nicki Minaj and Diamond.

Can you give us some details on the next album?
Details are sketchy but its called Ludaversal. You’ll probably have it at the end of 2010 or somewhere at the beginning of 2011.

Curves or model-esque stature?
I prefer women with curves.

How long is a good love-making session?
All day long.

Peep the entire interview right here.

5 Responses to “Ludacris Explains How Long a ‘Good Love Making Session’ Is”

  1. R. E McGillicuddy said

    Ludacris wouldn’t know a good love-making session if it bit him on the ass.

  2. MissTX said

    Love Luda.

  3. Yeah I Said It said

    Luda prefers men with booty pads and wigs.

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