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Tea Party Protestors Shout N-Word at Congressman John Lewis

Posted by Media Outrage on March 22, 2010

The brain-less morons in the Tea Party screamed racial slurs at congressman John Lewis

18 Responses to “Tea Party Protestors Shout N-Word at Congressman John Lewis”

  1. Satui said

    we all know the t in T Party stands for trailerpark…

  2. Shirley said

    The Honorable John Lewis has seen the likes of them all his life. They didn’t break his spirit then and they won’t break his spirit now. I’m so glad this soldier lived to see another historical moment. God bless him.

  3. Kingston said

    That’s a damn shame. That laast paragraph was touching. And MO you got that right: Racism will never die.

  4. ucanb2 said

    You can have your point of view, and disagree without using racial slurs!!! (((RIDICULOUS)))

  5. FDR said

    Amazing; yet not surprising. My first reaction is be ashamed of such behavior, but I also cannot help feeling outrage for such display of stupid, infantile, knee-jerk reaction. I imagine that this does not reflect the views of most tea baggers, or neocons, or even more traditional conservatives. As such, they should be protesting this behavior – after all, they are quick to complain when similar (yet not as despicable) behavior pops up from the far left.

  6. Tobbiko Rey said

    As Kanye West said in one of his songs “racism is still in the high”. Every colored person knows this is true.

  7. Verbalism said

    I agree with wanting the “bill killed” but this protest took it to a different level. The racial slurs were uncalled for.

  8. Dilla said

    Racist is a cover up for hatred in my opinion. Some people are just hateful! this is why the spit and racial slurs, that are passed from generation to generation. “Colored” LMFAO, not in this generation .

  9. MissTX said

    SMDH. Not surprising though. It’s the f*cked up world we live in.

  10. BadBadKitty0727 said

    He/She chose the right one to spit on – he’s a Reverend as well and said he won’t press charges. To not press charges is a problem. It ain’t no way you gonna spit on me and not get some kind of consequence or repercussion.

  11. Verbalism said

    They should’ve had Naomi Campbell there. She would have threw her phone at who ever was yelling slurs.

  12. brynnrock said

    All of the protesters who spit and used the N word should be brought up on charges! Enuff is Enuff!

  13. Nina said

    I heard that Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo won’t confirm or deny that he was spat on. So could be another spin to make all those who oppose the bill look bad. But, if he really was spat on…the person responsible should be brought up on charges for this heinous act.

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