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Mo’Nique Has a Message For Sandra Bullock

Posted by Media Outrage on March 23, 2010

Mo’Nique offered these words to Sandra Bullock:

Actress Mo’Nique has a message for her fellow Oscar winner Sandra Bullock, following tabloid reports that her husband Jesse James had an affair with tattoo model Michelle McGee.

ET’s Kevin Frazier caught up with the ‘Precious’ actress on the first leg of her Spread the Love comedy tour in New Orleans, LA where she had some kind words for both Bullock and her husband. “To my sweet sister Sandra, my prayers are with you. My prayers are also with your husband, baby. That is between the two of you and I hope ya’ll make it work.”

On Thursday, James broke his silence regarding the rumors of his marital infidelity and apologized for the “grief” he said he’s caused Bullock and his children. “It’s hard but that’s their business. Let them go through their situation,” Mo’Nique said of the couple’s reported rough patch. “I don’t wish her nothing but happiness, along with her husband. … I don’t want to see any marriages dissolve or break up.”

She continued, “Sandra, if you need me sugar, call me baby…”

Mediaoutrage–  How sweet.  Ashame that after such an extraordinary career high, that she had to get dragged through the mud like a Chevy pick-up.

20 Responses to “Mo’Nique Has a Message For Sandra Bullock”

  1. joneblaze said

    Thats why i let my husband bang any woman he wants to as long as he comes home to escort me to events.

  2. Thats really sweet!

  3. Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

    Oh Puh-leeeease!!! Didn’t Mo’Nique say she has an OPEN marriage, only her husband is the ONLY one that cheats lol@ this Low-Esteem-skinny-bitches-are-evil-wannabe…

    Sandra you don’t need her advise, leave Jesse and his cheating ass alone and DEFINATELY stay way from Mo’Nique, she is BAD influence. She will only convince you to stay, just like her ass does with her cheating husband.

  4. Atlantaaaaa said

    I agree MO.

  5. Verbalism said

    LMBO…….I hope Sandra DOESN’T look to Mo’Nique for advice on this matter. Mo and her husband believe in having an “open” marriage. Sandra clearly DOES NOT. What words of wisdom could she possibly give Sandra?

  6. MissTX said

    That was nice.

  7. Kingston said

    I was getting ready to say that Monique is the LAST person that should be giving marital advice, but what she said to Sandra was true. And I agree that they sould discuss this matter privately.

  8. Michelle said

    Monique needs to just stay out of it….the same respect she probably wants in her “open” marriage. If Sandra needed Monique, I am sure she would call her. Nothing more than a publicity stunt on Moniques side….. Cheap and cheesy..

  9. 1coolazzchic said

    i dont understand y people are mad at monique for saying her and her husband have an open marriage. thats their biz. she didnt say he is the only one who can cheat because hmmm if its an open marriage, it isnt cheating. what she said was she hasnt done anything but the option is there. i think its great of her to give advice. she didnt say…girl let him fuck whoever. she said that’s between them and it is. i cant understand the monique bashing. she offered sandra support and prayer. and how dare she say that she doesnt want to see any marriages break up, and tell her to work it out. regular bitches are doing this everyday. and it seems to me that she would be one to turn to for advice because she has had a failed marriage and is now in a healthy productive one.

  10. GEE said


  11. Rhonda said

    . ……But this issue about cheating husbands, I though was strange to get this site. Don’t know about your husband, but the idiots reporting Sandra and before, Tiger Woods. Media , all of you are IDIOTS! IDIOTS! IDIOTS!!!!! My situation involved a “text-book” sex addict. But it took years to really get it. Not just me, (although the first book I was given was,”Women who Love too Much”! Unbelievable that HIS behavior was blamed on the women even then. It took years and I was a single parent back then, and he was my “fiancee” who had been flying back and forth for work from San Diego to Sacramento until his”transfer” to Sac. in just a few months. It took me years to figure out the full scope of what I was dealing with and it was in the 80’s and early 90’s when no one believed or admitted sex addiction was such a thing. What I went through was undescribable. The media are such IDIOTS! !!! Men that cheat may not always be sex addicts but there is a pattern and it has nothing to do with being very “Sexual”! It is an addiction that a person will do despite the consequences! Destroy jobs, relationships, kids, family, religious connections, etc..

    The Media are “IDIOTS”! Again… God Bless Sandra and others that let everyone know that they adore them, if they don’t know about this. In the early 90’s, I was exposed to a dark, ugly, gross side of sex that I didn’t know existed. He dated me for a year long distance. Coming every weekend and holiday. Then, due to time taken for the transfer, I belived, he needed my son and I to move to his area until it was accepted.

    Doing that was going to be legally difficult for me. Didn’t matter to him and I felt so committed and loved by him but I also thought it was too soon and awkward for him to go to court for custidy about my son. He seriously wanted to go to court, move us etc while he was fucking one of the flight attendants going back and forth! After getting there, the bills he wanted all in my name, (I don’t remember why), but he said that he ‘d give me all the money to manage the home. Buy a washer and dryer., etc. He also asked for a credit card to rent the cars he needed for Anyway, I never questioned him about any of it due to all the money he spent going back and forth for a year, etc.

    I believe these people need to be caught. Why? Because I was so trusting, naive, inexperienced, etc. The addiction is so powerful that he came home for lunch to masterbait on the phone over and over again until I had a 35,00 $ phone bill, credit card charges that I would definitely see, etc! The Idiot had stuff in the trunk of his car of the girl he told her he was living with, when he took my son and I to Monterey for a weekend. I forgot to tell you that he up-rooted my son and I, with promises and more abhorant was wanting to be involve with the legal process and having us go through it at all!

    His intentions I can’t believe he thought he could hide his real-self if we were married? or living together? or using my credit card? etc?

    I thought maybe he was trying to hide being Gay. He was extremely good looking, tall and big. Over the top, I thought. Sick of girls,..following us in the grocery store, or running to the window to look at him at McDonlds, etc.

    There is so much more but I’m tired. My Gay friends said something I didn’t expect, “Honey, He’s not gay, he’s a Pig!” And the shit that followed was on the money. I was Isolated, my son had to be transferred back and forth to his Dad, my credit was destroyed. The friends that rented their home to us were extremely inconvienenced and traumatised,

    Bills secrets were not the kind that you share with the guy friends, they were the kind that you hide with your life. He had active nightmares, and more. There was no 12 step program or anyone to tell then. I knew he couldn’t stop everytime he swore he would. He had a 2 week cycle. When I had help going back to Sac. , 9 months later he was here and I helped him get an Apt. even thought I couldn’t get a phone in mine or his name.

    The point is that I believed that I made him that way, and I may have been sicker than he. The compulsive lying, abused, sex, etc. It never stopped.


  12. Blessed38LA said

    I admire Monique and Sandra, and I have some advice for all married couples. You should always put our Heavenly Father(FIRST)in your marriage. I am on my second marriage, and my first husband cheated on me for no reason. Now, that I’m on my second marriage it is beautiful. I am not here to put no one down. But seems to me, there are some weak minded men and some weak minded women. We must remeber, a marriage is sacred, anytime a man or a women commits adultry, then their marriage is already cursed. Temptation is everywhere, men gaze at beautiful women just for looks, and the same goes for women, gazing at that handsome man. And before you no it, your knocking the bootz” which is a disgrace to our Heavenly Father. I don’t know about other women, but I can’t imagine my husband sleeping with another female, and come lay beside me each night, not when I’m knowing for a fact he’s cheating. Because I don’t want another woman feeling the same thing I’m getting, NOT ACCEPTABLE. Rich or poor, I’m a lady that believe in what’s right by God. In other words if a person knows he or she is not ready to settle down, than why get married? because temptation will always be out there and Satan plays a big role on the minds. When a husband cheats on his wife with other women, that is embarrassing and makes the other women laugh and gossip, picking at the wife. God knows who’s right and who’s wrong in a marriage, and sometimes a marriage can not be saved. You could spend thousands of dollars for counseling or thearpy, but a person has a mind of their own. Nine out of ten times, if a man or a womans past ancestors where cheaters, it was passed down through the blood screen and they will never change. Monique & Sandra, you two ladies have my prayers forever. But if my husband ever cheats on me and I no it for a fact, IT’S OVER. I will not allow myself to be used, hurt, and full of pain. I will get over love someday because love fades, but not thoughts of cheating.

  13. brynnrock said

    Like they said the marriage was a sham

  14. ucanb2 said

    It was the thought that counted!

  15. satire said

    Monique made jokes about single women, called them lonely bitches, Oprah did a television show and said most Black Women will never marry. Now Black Women, there are plenty of men to marry, the prisons are full men, and yall to young to know but there was a horror mistress of television her name was elvira and she would always tell ladies there are plenty of men available, just go outside at night, there are men everywhere, Hell Monique better find somebody when her man is wit his other ladies so she wont be lonely like single (black) ladies, hell it is plenty of down low men, some of them got money, hell Monique probably would not mind if her man was wit a man every now and then this one asian fag in beauty school told me he like to go out in the evening for a coke a to suck some dick

  16. satire said

    The point is you can do not have to be single, you can get a man, just go get one like Monique did

  17. satire said

    That is drink the soft drink coke, this gay guy did not use drugs, his recreation was the soft drink coke and suck a dick

  18. Candide said

    Check this out !!! a zero) !!! THIS GIRRRL IS AMAZING!

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