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President Obama Signs Historic Health Care Reform Bill

Posted by Media Outrage on March 23, 2010

Today marks the day that President Barack Obama signed the historic health care reform bill into law.

When Bill Clinton pledged to deliver universal health care 17 years ago, he firmly instructed both chambers of  Congress in a prime-time special address that “you will pass and I will sign legislation to guarantee this security” — i.e., permanent, portable health coverage — “to every citizen of this country.”

That moment never arrived for Clinton, of course. But today in a spirited ceremony with a few unscripted moments, Barack Obama signed into law the sweeping bill to overhaul American health care that the House approved in a close vote Sunday night. The signing ceremony, held at 11:15 a.m. ET marked the end of a decades-long battle over creating a system of universal coverage —thereby extending health insurance to the more than 30 million Americans who are currently uninsured. The ceremony established the biggest new social program since President Lyndon Johnson signed the Medicare act into law in 1965 — and arguably since the Social Security Act arrived on Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s desk in 1935.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was on hand for the occasion, since the Sunday vote to pass the bill will stand as the cornerstone of her legacy as speaker. Also in attendance for the ceremony in the East Room of the White House were a number of ordinary Americans, whose struggles with the existing health care system affected President Obama’s resolve to get the measure through Congress.

In his opening remarks, Vice President Joe Biden noted that the Roman poet Virgil wrote that “health is wealth” — and that the signed law would make “Ameircans a lot more wealthy.”

When President Obama observed that the members of Congress had a rough time in the spotlight as the measure met with many setbacks along the way, an unidentified lawmaker in attendance shouted “Yes we did!” Others in the enthusiastic crowd started up the chant of “Fired up and ready to go!” echoing the shouts at Obama rallies during the 2008 Democratic primary season.

A follow-up ceremony at the Interior Department was to include a much larger group of participants and onlookers.

The ceremony, while historic, won’t mark the final enactment of the health care package. That will probably happen sometime next week, after the Senate approves the companion bill of proposed House “fixes” to the underlying legislation being signed into law today. Since the Senate only needs a 51-vote majority, the House’s  “reconciled” bill is widely expected to win easy passage in the chamber.

In the meantime, President Obama will launch a speaking tour to bolster public support for the legislation, which has been trending negative in recent polling. He launches the tour with an event Thursday in Iowa City, Iowa. Democratic leaders will  be making such public appeals a priority in the months ahead, as they hope to stress the most popular features of the bill — such as banning denial of insurance based on a patient’s pre-existing conditions, and closing the “doughnut hole” that denies some seniors eligibility for the Medicare prescription drug benefit — as bankable achievements to save embattled Democratic seats in Congress.

16 Responses to “President Obama Signs Historic Health Care Reform Bill”

  1. Atlantaaaaa said

    Good deal. This man is really making things happen.

  2. Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

    Ok, i’m sorry, but i’m cracking up… What is up with that lil black kid, like seriously? lololol defiantely a PR move *still laughting* lolol 🙂

    • Atlantaaaaa said


    • Verbalism said

      The little boy’s mom past away from an illness that could have been cured but lost her job and health care coverage along with it. Which resulted in her death.

      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        Ok, thanx, cause he looks shady as hell standing up there with his hands in pockets lolol… future politician, if you know what i mean 😉

        Off topic, what the hell is up with MY typos up top, MO EDIT buttom pronto!!!! >>> “definately” and “laughing”, i feel better now lolol 🙂

  3. Verbalism said

    Well folks…get ready to be forced to pay for health care coverage. If you don’t pay, you will be slapped with a tax penalty fee. You get what you ask for.

  4. MissTX said

    That’s what’s up.

  5. Teena Thomas said

    bout time those racist ass republicans tried everything in thier power to stop this man. EVERYONE PLEASE GET OUT AND VOTE COME NOVEMBER, we have to get these fools out of office before Obama can’t get anything else done. The republicans are in the way….. Lets get them outta here. And those Dem’s who won’t get with the progam can get out too!!!!!

  6. If we all hurry up and get to any border city like Detriot or Niagra Falls we can watch the Republican Trail of Tears as they leave the US for Canada. I bet they think about this before they elect another legacy. Thank you Lil Bush for 8 years of unforgettable destruction.

  7. Nina said

    I agree there should be a healtcare reform but not this one. The Obama care sucks. I didn’t follow Fox news or CNN, I read myself…not all of it too many pages. But it is mandated whether you can afford it or not, you MUST buy the Obama care and if you don’t it’s reported to the IRS and you’re fined. What happened to freedom of choice?!? Also, the more you make the more taxes are taken to fund the bill…this isn’t fair. Meaning, if one person can pay only 10 dollars a month, and another 100 dollars a month, and both require the same care… the one who hasn’t put the same amount in will get the same amount or type of care as a person who paid the most taxes. Stop calling Repubics racists, that is such a cop out. I feel why should I lose my private insurance for some 32 million people. Yes…my private care will phase out due to Obama care. And let me ask y’all this – before hating a Repub or favoring Dems…ask yourself this, what the fuck has Dems leaders done for the black community except make us more dependent on welfare?

  8. satire said

    Where is all the outrage suicide bombers are the perils of rural paraguay, every tree is being cut down and pesticides are being dumped constantly into the soil and water. We got people walking around with T.B.???? When they cough on yo ass, then what ya gonna do

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