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Rebbie & Janet

Posted by Media Outrage on March 23, 2010

Janet Jackson brought her older sister Rebbie, out to the NY premiere of “Why Did I Get Married Too?” last night.  Both ladies look stunningly beautiful.  The Jackson’s just might have some great genes.  More images when you

40 Responses to “Rebbie & Janet”

  1. No homo but GOD DAMN. That would be one great threesome.

  2. MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

    Gorgeous pictures!!! they both look so beautiful!! xx

  3. Mr. 13in said

    What really makes it all good?

    They both are plastic surgery fiends, whom are 2 cheeseburgers away from destruction.

    Gorgeous is…my 52 year old mother, who grooms her “own” hair, eats healthy and has led a surgery free life.

    Gorgeous is…my 30 year old sister, who works out 4 times a week, wears a natural and little to know make-up.


    What makes what you see beautiful?

    • sweet_tea said

      MO: “The Jackson’s just might have some great genes.”


      Great genes? Or great BOGO deals with the local plastic surgeon? They change body parts like we change shoes…that’s not true beauty. The sad part is that they WERE good looking to begin with.

      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        On the real, they were NATURAL beautiful people, but ESTEEM just wasn’t there, sad. Funny thing is, man (Joe), who was responsible for this is the one that actually needed it. All dem’ double, triple, quadriple chin Joe been walking around with could do with a surgeon’s touch.

        The Jacksons just look PURE PLASTIC to me!

      • FLY ON THE WALL said

        Aw! yall just hatin’ and real JEALOUS! Mr 13inch if you could put it anywhere near would suffere premature ejaculation cause it would be more than you could fathom. LOL!
        and ladies with the nose from one side of your face to the other..if you could afford the rhinoplasty we would have to move out of the way cause your dust to the knife would be more than we could handle. I’m just sayin’ LIVE & LET LIVE! STOP HATIN’! on folks. Those girls are living thier truth and clearly you ain’t. Go! Janet Go! Rebbie Go! to all the Jackson Clan. Plastic surgery and all. I agree MJJ went way to far…but here we go! FUCK YOU ALL VERY MUCH! three times for Michael Joseph Jackson!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mr. 13in said

      Love me some Sweet Tea, with a dash of Mrs. 2020!

  4. Verbalism said


  5. Random said

    Twins 🙂

  6. MissTX said

    They look great. Didn’t realize Janet favored Rebbie that much.

  7. Kingston said

    They looks so beautiful. esp. Janet with her beautiful smile.

    What is that on top of Rebbie’s head? Her wig looks untamed.

    • Sapphire Storm said

      Hey Kingston! How’s the legal world treating you boss lady? LOL @ Her wig looks untamed. I just took a good look at it. I just thought maybe it was a shaggy bang or something. Yeah, she does need to imitate what cats do- lick her paw and smooth that down just a little.

      • Kingston said

        Hey Girl! *Hugs*

        Its going well. Was working on a brief today so I just logged in to MO a few minutes ago. I know you can’t talk about the case that you were assigned to, but did everything go well with that?

        Yeah, Rebbie need to lick and slick that wig down.

      • MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

        joins in the groupie hug hahahha!!

      • Sapphire Storm said

        *hugs back*

        Yeah, you already know I can’t discuss particulars, but when I say I wanted to strangle that mother!!! They come in with the most pathetic excuses! Sometimes I want to scream- Kids have nightmares about monsters, spiders, falling… not people touching them! Of course I’m speaking in general, but the hardest part is setting through the exam and doing a psych exam on the kids and the adults involved. 1 month old babies should not have vaginal tearing or mild trama to their anus or mouths! & that’s not just one case! I started doing this before I even got my degree. I need a vacation!

        Girl I went to do some kick boxing in the gym the whole while! It’s still ongoing though.

        What have you been up to? Any sexual harassment cases?

      • Kingston said

        Wow. That’s insane. It’s a shame that these parents allow these unfortunate situation to happen to their children. And these poor innocent kids…SMDH.

        But so far, we haven’t had any sexual harrassment cases. Majority of what we deal with has to do with child custody, custody visitations, domestic violence issues, civil suits (Mostly) etc…for low income residents. But different units handle different matters.(Sapphire only you can get me to talk about my job on a blog lol). Anyway…

        Girl, I know how you feel about working out because that’s a must for me esp. after I want to slap a client (especially the black men that comes to the office for various reasons, I just want to tell them please pull your pants up and use proper english, that shit annoys me so much).I just take that anger out on a punching bag instead.

      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        O M G @ “1 month old babies should not have vaginal tearing or mild trama to their anus or mouths!” Good Lord! Just last night i was watching a documentary on child abuse, i just thank the lord when i switched from chemistry to business, i don’t have it in me to VIEW those things, i just couldn’t. I would literally suffer a heart attack and to think that things like these are happening this very minute around the world, sends some jolting shivers thru my body, just sad 😦

      • Sapphire Storm said

        Well, you know how it goes. Vulnerable population, empowering those who have no power themselves…. blah blah blah lol. & to think we both said we thought our current careers were less stressful than the other’s lol. If nothing else I’m coining you “My Sister in the Struggle” lol

      • Kingston said

        LOL. It’s such a shame at some of the things and stories that I (And I’m sure you as well)hear and deal with on a daily basis. SMDH. But yes chile, you’re my sister in the on going struggle lol. More power to you.

        And Ms. You’re good for doing that chemistry. I just couldn’t do it. I failed the shit outta chemistry when I was in High School lol. But a friend of mine actually has a Bachelors in Chemistry which is a good look. And I couldn’t sit through that documentary. I would have chills going through my spine too. And more power to you too my sista. Ms. Behave: Yuh fi behave yuh self lol.

        Ms. Imma need you to draw one of those power fist pleeaaassseee!!!

      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        Chem was my fave in HS, but i never like physics and bio was interesting to me, my lowest grade in chem EVER was 72 and that was on the 1st day of chem class, before i could even define it lolol, but i loved Business, so i made the switch but my heart was in Arts.

        So, i can do science – but i don’t love it, i love/enjoy Bus. but i don’t ‘heart’ it in a ‘i will die if i don’t do it way’, but the thing that i can do and LOVE (arts), isn’t as profitable, unless i go HOLLYWOOD, plus you don’t need a ‘degree’ to act, you must be blessed with it (which i am), but i know it won’t pay the bills, sad. So bus. is my plan “B”, but i don’t want to do it forever. Can you say COMPLICATED? lolol 😐

        Kings. mi a try, mi a try, but it hawd fi behave yu kno’, duppy mussi inna mi, rahtid!!!!! I wanda iffa obya dem obya mi, woiiii lololol.

        Let me cut and paste since i did that one already lololol

        Thank You! 
         /      \     \     \     \
        |  \/    L     O   __V_____E__
        |   |    |     |  (           \
        |    \___/    /    \______/    |
        |        \___/\___/\___/       |
         \      \     /               /
          |                        __/
           \_  Black Power      __/
            |        |         |
            |                  |
            |                  |
      • Kingston said

        The mad gal from last friday (R. E. Mcg…) obya yuh lol.

        But good luck to you on your career and future business plans girl chile. Like you said last week ” A your year dis”. Mi waan yuh fi do big tings dis year and don’t watch nuh face cause dem caant stop yuh!!!.

      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        True dat! But u know seh bad mind wossa dan obya right? dem waan stap mi shine lolol… mi wi sen ona mi limo fi pick up wen mi get rich yu hear lolol

      • Kingston said

        LOL! I hear that Ms Lady!

        And like the song say “Bad mind a go kill dem and envy a go mad dem”. Mi know seh bad mind and envy worse dan obya man. But yuh nuh fi watch dat still. Just do you and mek dem catch heartattack lol.

      • Sapphire Storm said

        okay i’m a little late, but I promise you I just got an alert on the entire conversation that happened after I logged off the other day… What’s up with that MO?!

  8. Cut Up said

    Wait a minute, Where have I been? Who is this Rebbie and how many albums she dropped??

    • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

      DEAD @ cutup, she is her SISTER silly lol… the surgical nose was a dead giveway, def’ Jackson clan material 🙂

    • Keith Reed said

      Maureen “Rebbie” Jackson is the oldest of the Jackson siblings.
      Of the three girls she comes closest to matching her brothers
      as a stage performer.

      Not only does she have a powerful voice but she can dance as well.

      In 1984 she cut an album and had one hit single written by her genius brother Michael called “Centipede”.

      She has been married 42 years to the same husband and has three grown children.

    • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

      Holy crap, i NEVER knew, that was her, i love that song… today is first time seeing video EVER!!!!

  9. Kanyade said

    Gorgeousness 🙂

  10. Atlantaaaaa said

    They both look great.

  11. Lio said

    WOW…like 2 drops of Water, never heard about Rebbie, good for her staying out of the tabloid bullshit…

  12. sabrina said

    BEAUTIFUL! 2 gorgeous ladies, of course the jackson have great genes.

  13. Blessed38LA said

    They both look amazing! the hair looks ok, on Rebbie. I have always admired both sisters, and their wonderful talents. I still can recall the song “Centipede” and it was the bomb back in the days. Yes, Rebbie can really sang yall, not sing I say, but SANG. Oh, I’m about to listen to her jam right now, Centipede. May God bless both sisters always.

  14. Teena Thomas said

    Ok, they plastic, but they look lovely. Love Janet and Rebbie

  15. satire said

    Watch out, you can recycle plastic

  16. FLY ON THE WALL said

    Yawl…JEALOUS! LOL! leave them sister alone..cause you CAN NOT! compete with them. The Jackson’s rule for a life time. Oh! Well.

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