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What Is Russ Doing With His Other Hand???

Posted by Media Outrage on March 23, 2010

Russell Simmons tweeted this pic of himself in the bathroom in what seems to be his butt-naked steez.  What we here at MO want to know from you, is what Russ’ other hand is doing?  Have at it…

23 Responses to “What Is Russ Doing With His Other Hand???”

  1. Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

    Scratching his old scraggly balls… Peep the smile on his face lolol

    *speaking with lisp* ozzz, kimozra neva squach my bawz like deez, oooz this feez sooo gooz, letz me takez zom pix and poze on twizpic *wishful thinking* mazebe – jus mazebe MO willz postz it, awwwww… *thinking to self* Zamn i lookz kute!!! Zay-Z ain’tz gotz nozin’ on me *big smile on face* >>> proceed to scratching old scraggly balls…

  2. Random said

    A couple things I’d like to know..

    1.Why post a half naked pic of this shrivelled up old fart…

    2. Be concerned about what he’s doing with his Other hand…Ew!! Just screams out HOMO to me..

    3. Any flamboyant MO staff members?

    Just Ew!! lol

  3. Yeah I Said It said

    Diggin the grey hairs out of that sad sack of shit. I bet his d**k looks like a ruin pickle with two five day old eggs hangin under it…. And whats up with the Hare Krishna beads.WTF!!!

    • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

      About the beads…I was about to crack on them, but i remembered he has some bead thingy for African communities, i think it’s called “Green Initiative”. I hope that he is about to get them coated later in green, or else there is just no excuse for those darn congo beads lolol.

      • I think those beads are a zen thing, something dealing with Confusious teachings and meditation. But i still dont know why he felt the need to get bucky in what seems to be a public restroom. He must in Sal’s pizzeria pissin in the sink. *Thinkin to himself “R.I.P My Ninja Radio Raheem”

  4. Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

    MO, i’ll ask this only ONCE and then i will rest it… but, DO you have any ‘extra zesty’ male workers on staff?

    Inquiring minds would like to know lololol 🙂

  5. brynnrock said

    That is exactly why Kimora had to upgrade YISI!

  6. And it looks as if he is naked in a public bathroom ewww.

    • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

      Thought i was the only one who noticed the stalls… I’M PRAYING that he has on pants, atleast for those unfortunate peeps who might walk in the view your ‘royal shrivelledness’ lololol.

    • MissTX said

      My thoughts exactly! Why he in a PUBLIC bathroom doing whatever it is he’s doing?

      And I’m sick of these bathroom mirror pics with the cam phones. There is a way you can do it without the damn phone showing. SMH.

      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        Ok TX, spill it, cause i have a helleva time positioning that phone NOT to show lolol I can only do it when my hand is all stretched out, which doesn’t captured all of me, call me narcissistic, but i want to see ALL of me lolol 🙂

  7. MizzMimi said

    probably holding down the head of one of his many snowflakes while she sucks him longtime

  8. Atlantaaaaa said

    Is that a public restroom???

  9. Verbalism said

    He seems to be amused by whatever he’s doing.

  10. Kingston said

    YUCK! He probably caressing his ole shriveled up dick. A mess!

  11. 1coolazzchic said

    wth? i did not wanna see this shit. “gag me wit a spoon”

  12. Blessed38LA said

    Forget about the tweet and what he’s doing down there. But looks like his teeth is yellow than butter. Yall, I don’t understand some celebrities. They have all of that money and can’t even keep their teeth pretty. And staying healthy is very important.

  13. ucanb2 said

    I don’t know, but his ASS is “too old” for that picture taking in the bathroom ‘ish’!!! SMDH

  14. satire said

    Poor Rev Run tryin to raise his daughters when they got a p-vert uncle

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