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Hitman Gives Chilling Account of How He Executed Female Government Witness

Posted by Media Outrage on March 24, 2010

A real life hitman was on trial and gave a very chilling account of some of the work he put in.  Peep game…


An admitted hitman provided a federal jury with a chilling account Tuesday of how he pumped two bullets into the back of the head of a female government witness then turned his gun on her adult godson who had the misfortune of being in her Springfield Township, Montgomery County, home on the morning the murder-for-hire went down.

“I told her to lay down on the floor,” Bryant Phillips said as he recounted the June 25, 2002, execution of Chineta Glanville, a suspected money-launderer for a multi-million dollar drug ring who had begun cooperating with authorities.

“I leaned over and shot her in the back of the head twice,” Phillips said in a calm, matter-of-fact voice.

At that point, Phillips said, he turned toward Dane King, Glanville’s 29-year-old godson.

“The dude. . . he started screaming and hollering and kicked me in the knee,” Phillips said. “I shot him. . . I shot him until I couldn’t shoot no more.”

The jury was also shown crime scene photos of the two victims, each sprawled on the floor in pools of their own blood.

Phillips said the murder of Glanville, 50, was ordered and paid for by his cousin, Maurice Phillips who is currently on trial with two co-defendants in a multi-count drug conspiracy case.

Maurice Phillips, 38, also faces murder charges that could carry the death sentence.

Authorities have described Phillips, a North Jersey resident, as a drug kingpin who trafficked in multiple kilos of cocaine, generating over $30 million in a network that stretched from Texas to New York.

Glanville, described in trial testimony as an accomplished money-launderer, began working with Phillips after Phillips began dating her niece, Chanell Cunningham in 1999.

Cunningham, who authorities said became a primary operative for Phillips in the Philadelphia, has also testified for the prosecution in the trial which opened before U.S. District Court Judge Curtis Joyner on Feb. 1.

Both Cunningham and Bryant Phillips have entered plea deals with the government.

Bryant Phillips, who has an extensive criminal arrest record for burglary, robbery, fraud, weapons charges and statuatory rape, said he pleaded guilty to a murder-for-hire charge and agreed to cooperate after being arrested in 2003 for an unrelated federal weapons offense.

Under the terms of his plea deal, he said, the prosecution will recommend a sentence of 112 months for the murders.

Questioned for nearly three hours Tuesday by Assistant U.S. Attorney L.C. Wright, Bryant Phillips described how he had grown up in Newark, N.J., and Tennessee, part of an extended family that had roots in both locations.

He said Maurice Phillips’ father was his mother’s brother and that as a teenager he had grown close to his cousin and his family.

“We played ball, hung out, talked about females and about life,” he said of his time growing up in the Newark area with Maurice Phillips and other members of the family.

Problems with the law resulted in two lengthy prison stints and brought him in contact with a drug underworld in which, he said, his cousin Maurice was a active player.

He described one incident where he visited a location in North Jersey with his cousin and saw “bundles of money” all over the floor in one room. The money, stacked in $50,000 bundles, was “everywhere,” he said.

On another occasion, he told the jury, he went with his cousin to Brooklyn where they stopped at a hair salon and picked up a duffle bag. Inside the bar, he said, was $780,000 in cash.

Bryant Phillips said that early in June 2002, Maurice Phillips summoned him to New Jersey from Tennessee and said “he had a problem.”

There was, he said, “a lady under investigation” who had helped Maurice Phillips launder his drug proceeds.

“She knew how to take illegal money and make it look like legitimate money,” Bryant Phillips said his cousin told him.

But, he said, Maurice Phillips now suspected that she was cooperating with authorities.

“He was afraid she would testify and give information about him,” Bryant Phillips said. “He wanted to get rid of her…He wanted me to kill her.”

Bryant Phillips said he drove up for Tennessee to North Jersey on June 24, 2002, met with his cousin and was taken to Wyndmoor and shown the home where Glanville lived.

The next day, he said, his cousin gave him a .45 caliber pistol and a Federal Express uniform shirt, hat and delivery envelope.

Bryant Phillips said he drove from his cousin’s home in Roselle, N.J., to Wyndmoor, donned the FedEx clothing and knocked on the door of Glanville’s home.

“A guy came to the door,” Bryant Phillips said, describing Dane King as a “chunky kind of guy.”

Bryant Phillips said he had a delivery for Chineta Glanville. When King said he would take the package, Phillips said he told him he had to deliver it himself.

He was then led to an office off the garage of the home. When he saw Glanville, he said, he pulled the .45 out from under his FedEx shirt.

“She said, ‘I don’t have any money,'” Bryant Phillips said.

Then he told her to lay on the floor and shot her in the back of the head.

Phillips said after gunning down King, he walked back to his car, which he had parked at a nearby supermarket parking lot, and drove back to Tennessee.

He said while he was promised $18,000 for the murder, he was only paid $16,000.

He said his cousin made up the difference by allowing him to pick out clothes and shoes from a high end clothing store he owned in Atlanta at the time.

Bryant Phillips is expected back on the stand when the trial resumes this morning for cross-examination by Maurice Phillips’ defense attorney Thomas Ashley.

Ashley had questioned Phillips briefly about the alleged murder payoff before the trial was recessed for the day.

15 Responses to “Hitman Gives Chilling Account of How He Executed Female Government Witness”

  1. MissTX said

    Talk about cold and heartless. Smdh.

    And why do this type of stuff take so long to go to trial? I’ve never understood that. They should be dead already in my opinion.

    • Sapphire Storm said

      Tx, We know ya’ll like to fry ’em in Texas lol j/p

      • RAFIQ said


      • MissTX said

        That’s cause they know our asses will raise hell if we have to keep paying to keep their asses around for nothing. LOL

      • Sapphire Storm said

        I know ya’ll don’t play games with the inmates. When I worked with felons they used to talk about how scared they would get going through Texas. Some said they would just go around the whole state lol

      • MissTX said

        LOL! Damn it’s not that bad. Just don’t do anything that will get you a Death Sentence. Cause they make it happen with a quickness. LOL

        Oh and don’t mess around and get caught speeding going to H-Town or somewhere. Or Louisiana. Laws ain’t no joke. LOL

  2. MizzMimi said

    Wow! Being a hitman is a completely heartless job. you taking people’s lives for money!!! I wonder how assassins sleep every night

    • Yeah I Said It said

      I wonder how they live day to day knowing at some point they have to pay it all back with their own lives

  3. RAFIQ said


  4. Teena Thomas said


  5. Kingston said

    Wow. And I bet he was on the stand testifying with no remorse. The sad thing is, if he ever get released (which i don’t believe he will because killing a witness warrantees the death penalty)he’ll probably do the same thing again. The death penalty is controversial, but in some instances, like this one, I’m in favor of it.

    As far as being a hitman, these people can’t possibly have the same heart or blood running through their veins like regular people. But I guess they become numb after their first couple murders since killing people is their way of life. SMDH. Gotta re read this later in case I missed anything.

    • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

      Funny i had this convo just lastnight…

      Kings. it’s hard the first time, after that u do become NUMB, you HAVE to – because it isn’t HUMAN NATURE to kill, just to SURVIVE, hence survival of the fittest.

      I would kill, if i HAD to, real talk!

    • Shay said

      Unfortunately, he WON’T get the death penalty… He WON’T even get 10 years. Meanwhile, the dude he’s claiming paid him is set to suffer because the DA made a deal with this idiot. SMDH

  6. ucanb2 said


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