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Joe Biden Drops The “F” Bomb

Posted by Media Outrage on March 24, 2010

Joe Biden was so giddy over the health care reform bill being passed and signed that he dropped the “F” bomb on national tv.  Peep game…

11 Responses to “Joe Biden Drops The “F” Bomb”

  1. Yeah I Said It said

    Why is it a big deal now!!! It was said in a whisper between the two. He had no ideal he would be heard. I though it was funny.

    • Sapphire Storm said

      I did too. It would have been even funnier if it were louder.

      • Lio said

        It is a big FUCKING deal, $1 trillions, Health Care access for ALL Americans..It is a BIG FUCKING DEAL…..let Joe be Joe, I don’t know why the media is surprise by this !!!

  2. RAFIQ said


  3. MissTX said

    Uh, I didn’t hear it.

    *Let me try again……

    Nope. Still didn’t hear it. *shrugs* Oh well.

  4. brynnrock said

    Got my fuckin vote

  5. I’ve been hearding about this little slip up, and i thought that he was talking to an audience and just came right out and said this is a “big fuqqing deal” to stress the seriousness of what has happened. But after watching this homo a$$ vid I can see that some people just need something anything to b!tch about. I dont think Obama heard what he said, I had my speakers up and watched the vid 3 times and didnt hear it hell the first time i thought i watched the wrong vid. Oh nooooooooo Joe Biden whispered Fuqqin, the world is coming to an end. But where were the inhumane outcrys when Dick Cheney shot a FRIEND multiple times.

  6. ucanb2 said

    LOL_LOL_LOL….Sir please remember to check your mic, before you speak!

  7. Nina said

    I said the same thing too, when that Obama care was signed.

  8. satire said

    The Census will never reflect all of the illegal immigrants in the U.S. some of these people come from horrors you can never imagine and got germs and diseases that can fly, I hear people coughing that sound like a 747 jet taking off, I had to shut down some folks real quick when they was trying to put down the health care progress. I said look at them invisible homeless people they got germs that can fly and you have no idea how many of them are out there and they do not cover the mouth when they cough cause they be coughing 100 times cause I started counting the coughs when I sitting in the computer lab and hear snot rolling, this is a big fucking deal

  9. satire said

    And with the global crisis going on, where you think these people gonna run, hell they do not want to come here, but thugs are running them off of the land growing dope for Americans and soy beans for biodiesel, ain’t gonna be fucking tree left in south america, you ever notice movies of the future, there ain’t no fucking trees, your ass is gonna need all the health care you can get when that wind blows over your ass from all those pesticides

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