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Mel B Attends Sony Ericsson Event In Miami Beach

Posted by Media Outrage on March 24, 2010

Mel B was down in Miami with her affectionate husband Stephen Belafonte for the Sony Ericsson event.  Are you feelin’ the hair-do she’s been rockin’?  More Melanie Brown when you

9 Responses to “Mel B Attends Sony Ericsson Event In Miami Beach”

  1. Cut Up said

    If any of my MO ladies are considering this type of hairstyle take your hand (left or right) smack yourself and speak loudly “Wake Up” Because evidently you were smoking crack high on something. Basically, I am just not feeling this style.

    I was in love with these Spice Girl chicks (particularly Mel) when they first dropped. Thats when in Jersey we had a channel called “the Box” where you could call and pay for vidoes to get played. Of course I never called but, I always watched. lol!!

    • Jolie said

      We had the box in NYC too; me and my sisters were just talking about it the other day. I called once and then made the realization that I can just seat back and let someone else pay for my video.

  2. Kingston said

    Of course not! And her roots are too dry to pull of this already wack ass hairstyle.

  3. Kanyade said

    I just don’t get it. At this point, to shave your head will be seen as a fad (thanks Hollyweird) and not personal expression.

  4. And the point or reasoning being, what I support brain tumor surgey? Why just one side? Where’s the Mr. Jefferson reverse chili bowl. So at what point do they say oh sh!t i fuqqed up now i either have to shave the rest of my head or deal with that nasty raccoon lookin sh!t until it catches up with the rest of my hair.

  5. THE ICEMAN said

    damn what the hell was she thinking about wacking her hair off like that. She has average looks as it is why do this to herself.

  6. ucanb2 said


  7. satire said

    They got some kinda of glue and tape that she can use if she can find the other half of her wig, hell she might of been running late and said fuck it I am outta here

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