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Serena Parties In Miami

Posted by Media Outrage on March 24, 2010

Serena Williams was in Miami Beach living it up at LIV nightclub at Fountain Bleau for the Sony Ericsson Open Kick-Off party last night.  Venus was also in the building as well.  Which sister looked better?  You be the judge…

19 Responses to “Serena Parties In Miami”

  1. name (required) said

    damn venus got some legs on her

  2. Sumarrain said

    Venus looks fantastic good luck to her at this week Sony Ericsson Open. Serena looks ok and she needs lotion her elbow before going to a public event. Pharrell looks like an aged recovering crack addict.

  3. Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

    I see white girls everyday that try to pull a backshot, but this here woman is deserving of it, actually she should ONLY do them, because that close up is NOT the bizness. I had to initiate ZOOM-OUT with some serious quickness and just damn at those ashy elbows, u mean to tell me jergens aren’t sold in hollywood? u must atleast have some vaseline, every black person does, semenya i’m about to revoke your black card for this ish, don’t even get me started on that dried out wheat grass on your head 😡 JUST DAMN!

    Who is that al qaeda dude in granny sweater? please tell me that’s NOT my baby pharrell, the untamed p*ssy hair on your lip is NOT the bizness and O M G at the yellow count dracula incisors. *smh

    • Yeah I Said It said

      Vaseline is used for fighting. The Williams sister don’t fight. Only those of us that are lookin for folks like you and 2020 and MO staff carrying vaseline.

    • MamaMia said

      You need a life. If the only thing you got is some haterism about her elbows then you must be jealout about that banging BODY that you don’t have. If you had a life you’d know that many times us darker sistas shower and lotion before we go out, the lotion may rub on our outer clothing and appear ashy, but it could be the camera and lighting.

      Get a grip and talk about something meaningful and of consequence.

      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        And u cussing me out is something ‘something meaningful and of consequence’? Trick please! Go oil ur crusty elbows and leave me alone. lol @ ‘camera and lighting’, i didn’t know cameras release chalk dust when they flash? hahahahaha lololol… Dry Elbow Bish!!! lol

      • Random said

        it’s called having an OPINION…google it!

        She spoke spoke yours..fck’s the problem?

        and that “hate” bull’s gotta go..

      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        Girl, i…. ughh!!!

        Too many ‘sensitive’ people blogging, they do know that blogs are commented on by PEOPLE with OPINIONS, right?!

        I HATE the word HATE!

  4. RAFIQ said


    • Nina said

      Here we go again with that light-skinned vs. dark-skinned bullshit.

      • brynnrock said

        It is what you are attracted to! I love dark skinned men and they turn me the fuck on more than a white or yellow man. So what? WTF we can like or love who we want Okay! Thank you.

  5. MissTX said

    Don’t like the hair. Other than that, she looks okay.

  6. Kingston said

    Serena and that crackhead wig…Just a mess!

    Venus looks nice.

    Pharrel…WTF is up with that pubic facial hair on his face? makes him look like a child molestor on the hunt for young meat. I think I no longer have a crush on him.

  7. Random said

    RuPaul pulls off the “feminine” look better than this dike.

  8. Kanyade said


    What the HELL? 😐

  9. Verbalism said

    Who chose these dresses? Not a good look for them at all. Oh no…is Serena’s elbow ashy?

  10. ucanb2 said

    SERENA IS WEARING THAT DRESS! but Boo u do need a little lotion.

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