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Cassidy Says He Doesn’t Have The “NINJA” (AIDS)

Posted by Media Outrage on March 25, 2010

Cassidy took to his twitter yesterday to respond to internet rumors from a groupie that said he gave her the NINJA which is the only kind of gift that doesn’t get repossessed.  Smh.  Peep her account of their hook-up which she says left her with that permanent cough and his denial when you

These are accounts from that groupie hoe KatStacks blog:

The girl’s name is Stephanie and here is what she had to say:

I have some important information about the rapper Cassidy that girls need to know. I met cassidy some time last summer at a concert he was doing in Philly. After the concert he invited me and my friends to play pool with him and his friends then we chilled at one of his homeboys house. The pictures are from this day we met. He wasnt anything less then a gentlemen that day so we exchanged numbers. We talked for a few months and saw each other when ever we could. It was usually at my apartment in Philly. A couple times I drove up and we met at a hotel in Hacknsack NJ. I was never able to go to his house because his babys mother and kids were there. The very 1st time we had sex he didn’t want to use a condom but I insisted. After a while we built up trust and he convinced me not to use one. The BIGGEST mistake of my life. I learned I contacted HIV from him.

When I confronted him about it he denied it but could not hide that he seemed very worreid and admitted to having unprotected sex with other girls he said they were clean. I found out later to from a friend of mine who knows a philly stripper named Porsha that he has unprotect sex with strippers and video hoes on a REGULAR BASES. Well that was the last time I spoke to him ofcourse. I am the biggest IDIOT in the world for trusting and believeing this dirty lying a*s hole. I KNOW it was from Cassidy he is the only one i had sex with near the time and the ONLY one I did not use a condom with.

Here’s what Cass had to say on his Twitter:

18 Responses to “Cassidy Says He Doesn’t Have The “NINJA” (AIDS)”

  1. I love how a Bentley somehow is supposed to justify he’s clean lmao

  2. 1. Who gives a fuck
    2. Who gives a Fat baby’s dick
    3. Why are you reporting on a nigga who couldnt sell records even if Jesus Managed him?
    4 Once again who gives a fuck?

  3. Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

    Why is it call “NINJA”?…. is it because it KICKS ur ass lololol

    As far as im concerned Cassidy is ALREADY DEAD, so him having AIDS is just a matter of certification.

    • Duh! said

      I seems like it’s called “ninja” because to an extent it is a silent killler especially among people in the black community…like a ninja- duh! lol

  4. MissTX said

    Uh, nevermind.

  5. Dominikingz said

    After reading this, I lost all respect for that rapper. AIDS is not a joke.

  6. ucanb2 said


  7. Duh! said

    He claims to be in “good health” that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have aids….maybe he should get his ass tested that’ll let him know if he is REALLY in good health

  8. Cut Up said

    STD’s down here in Central Texas ain’t no joke. 30 people a day visit the clinic where I’m at for some type of std. Married couples finding out together they have Aids. Teenagers being taken in by their parents to find out that first, their child is gay or bisexual and that they have aids. Crazy!!

    You gotta be careful.

    • brynnrock said

      Educate people Cut up, cuz from what I read some individuals really need to hear what you are speaking about; instead of running after that phatty or unable to stay in your relationship; that is why you got into one. Morals are so eroded today it is a shame that is why that nasty AIDS is here and on the rise.

  9. Kingston said

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this fool had AIDS. All these nasty hoes that he’s been with.

  10. Verbalism said

    They way these celebs sleep around, I would not be surprised if all they asses are infected.

  11. Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

    You know they is a HERPES list in Hollywood… Patiently waiting on AIDS list, this is just sad 😦

  12. c-o said

    A woman walks into a hardware store and asks for a hinge, the shopkeeper asks “would you like a screw for that hinge?” to which she replied “no but i ll blow you for that toaster.”…….. but heres the second part, you see she did blow him and she did get that toaster but to later find out that he had hiv and also contracted the deadly disease, to later pass away. now heres the funny part, she was also pregnant and the baby got aids. ha ha ha

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