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Janet Jackson Hits Up Tyler Perry’s Show To Talk Film With Her Child-Like Mannerisms

Posted by Media Outrage on March 25, 2010

The more and more we see Janet Jackson do interviews, the more we realize how child-like her mannerisms and behavior really are.  No doubt she and Michael were brother and sister.  They talk just alike.  What kind of couple do you think Tyler and Janet would make??  Peep the interview…

38 Responses to “Janet Jackson Hits Up Tyler Perry’s Show To Talk Film With Her Child-Like Mannerisms”

  1. Janet would probably be the man in the relationship. She always wanting sex, he always wanting to work with shirtless male actors, It would be a challeging process.

    • Sapphire Storm said

      Good to see you enjoyed your trip! I’m heading down that way next month. :much needed:

      Let me ask you though, do you think Janet’s kryptonite could “straighten” Tyler out?

    • Media Outrage said

      LMAO @ DT

      “Janet would probably be the man in the relationship. She always wanting sex, he always wanting to work with shirtless male actors, It would be a challeging process.”

    • ALLISWELL5 said

      LOL!….that’s the truth though.

  2. MissTX said

    I’m gonna pass. Got it on the DVR so I don’t wanna spoil it.

    But I think Janet & Tyler would make a decent couple.

  3. ucanb2 said

    I have always thought Joe was an ASS this just confirms it for me.

  4. Kingston said

    Janet and Tyler as a couple???????????????? LMAO! That was too funny.

    I highly doubt Tyler is interested in what women have under our skirts.

  5. Kanyade said

    Does this woman age? I mean, really. 😐 LOOK AT HER! Just pure gorg. 🙂

    • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

      *looking at yade weirdly* Are you serious?! lolol

      more like… Does her surgeon rest? i mean really. 😐 LOOK AT HER! Just pure nip and tuck 🙂

    • Mr. 13in said

      My girl Mrs. 2020 strikes again…

      So true!! So true!!

      It’s plastic surgery Kanyade dear.

      She’ll look younger than you any day now.

    • Kanyade said

      *glares at you both*

      Don’t take away my hopes and dreams LOL Janet never had surgery! She is au naturel and not plastic!!! 😛


  6. Tasha said

    @Mrs. 2020VIZN♥

    please with the nip tuck bullshit she looks just like how she looked as a little girl. You make it seem like she totally reconstructed her face. At most yes she has gotten a nose job but other than that what are you seeing that is nipped? Her eyes are normal, lips normal,checks normal ( I will post pics of Janet as a child or teen to prove my point if need be) I’m so sick of people trying to throw shade at Janet becuase she is a Jackson. Janet has always been beautiful from penny on good times to now. You seem jealous

    • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

      And you seem Angry!

      Anger is just a cover for PAIN! Tell me the REAL reason why you are so defensive *pulls over chair*

      • Mr. 13in said


        Why’d you have to go the psychological route?

        You know that’s not the route for the mind that’s still under development.

        Be easy Sister.

      • Yeah I Said It said

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Girl you are a trip. We still got business to take care of where you get beat down, but you are a trip!

    • Mr. 13in said


      Here’s the breakdown on Miss Janet:

      She has had over 25 procedures, not to mention the ones that were meant to correct those that went awry.

      Here’s where she had them:

      scalp (multiple weaves)
      under chin
      clavicle (that’s crazy!)
      does having a long-term on-going personal trainer count?

      …and she had many body parts done multiple times.

      Don’t confuse experience and maturity with jealousy. It’s not a good look.

      Look ya’ll Janet Jackson has had MULTIPLE plastic surgeries. I would ask you to look at her lineage for proof, but they’ve all had multiple surgeries too.

      Janet has always been chubby, chunky, fat, pudgy, pear-shaped. She is 5″ nothing and ROUND. Put her silicone engorged boobs in a vest with pasties, while she’s wiggling that cellulite driven ass and men become entranced, while women become either jealous or expressive of false admiration.

      Also…don’t confuse jealousy with reality.

      Janet Jackson has one of the best plastic surgeons money will EVA’ buy…

      …case closed Honey!

      • Nina said

        You must be her surgeon.

      • Mr. 13in said

        No…not quite her surgeon, but I know a surgeon who knows the deal.

        I’m just sayin’.

        This blog doesn’t just have to be about shitz and giggles. It can be about education too.

        Education = the truth.

      • Yeah I Said It said

        Sorry I don’t believe the ribs, nor eye brows. All she has to do is wax those. There is nothing in her past that says she had scrappy eyebrows. She did nothing to her eyes,ears or mouth. I did read she had her nose redone so did the rest of them. But all the other surgery you named is not true and shouldn’t be stated without actual facts. There are no past pictures of her that shows a dramatic difference between her look then and now. Her mother has great genes, she ages as her mother as far as I am concerned.

      • Mr. 13in said

        Hey Love,

        Youth is quite a blessing…and quite a curse.

        When speaking of eyebrows, I’m not speaking of the hair, like the ones that you tweeze. I’m speaking of the brow itself…the skin around the brow…the bone.

        I shouldn’t expect you to understand sophisticated surgical concepts, so allow me to educated instead:


        Why am I not entitled to state my opinion based upon facts, when you state your opinion based upon rhetoric?

        I appreciate your stance.

        Maturity and wisdom will be your key to liberation…one day My Dear.

        Knowledge is power My Queen.


        Is the photo that you feature on your posts your personal photo?

      • Mr. 13in said


        Mother Jackson has had multiple plastic surgeries as well.

        The Jackson Family utilized the same surgeon / surgery group to achieve this homogenous look.

      • Kanyade said

        Janet has hips???

        I’m looking at her Discipline cd images and ummm…Janet has NEVER had hips. She is NOT curvy. Big ass yes, but no hips.

        As for the rest of your allegations: videotape of the surgery or it didn’t happen.

        😛 😆

        C’mon, son. Hips? SHE HAS NONE so how can she be pear shaped? 😐

      • Mr. 13in said

        Kanyade My Dear…

        My opinion only, but you are in denial Honey. Tell me about your physical make-up? What is your body type? Is the picture that you boast on your posts yours? Or is it you doppelganger?
        This will tell me a lot.

        Your right about one thing…

        No video…no proof. The same applies to your theory of naturalism as well. Until you can provide me proof that she hasn’t, then well then.

        Have you ever seen Janet in person? I have…I’ve seen the fat one…the trim one…and the one post surgery. Have you?

        Oh…one other question?

        Have you ever heard of lipo-suction…of course you have…Wink! That’s what she hit those hips with.

        A word to the wise…don’t think that everyone on this site is your average American Jo Jo. There are those with real talent and skills here, that have more to spout than adversarial comments and four letter insults. Don’t fight the education Darling. I appreciate that you are comfortable with the skin you are in, but seek knowledge outside of yourself.

        It’s called growth.

      • Yeah I Said It said

        Hold on it’s not that serious for me. I said what I said and that’s all I am going to say. You posting links to whatever land does not mean I am going to click on them. Why is it what i commented on is “rhetoric” and your comments “facts”? Were you the surgeon? Are you a family member? Are you the keeper of all of Ms Jacksons secrets? This is an entertainment site no need to bring an “educated mind” here it means nothing. Pick your battles and make it about an important issue. The answer is no that is not a personal photo but black art by artist Matthias Stolts called Veiled Tunisian Woman.

      • Mr. 13in said

        Youv’e could have fooled me.

        In regards to your 4 questions, I can answer “Indirectly…yes…” to one of them.

        Regarding the educated mind…does higher intelligence intimidate you? No…you say? You could have fooled me yet again.

        I figured the photo was not of you. In fact, I thought it was of a young Phyllis Hyman, not Matthias Stolts “Veiled Tunisian Woman”, of which I am very familiar, because I am an owner.

        Here is what the print really looks like:

        Liberate My Love…

        Post your photo of truth, instead of hiding behind your mask of insecurity.

        We’ll be awaiting your coming out party.


      • Yeah I Said It said

        My Gravatar changed today. You asked about a photo that was there yesterday I stand correct in the artist and the art print. No I have never been nor will I ever be Intimidated by a educated mind i welcome those that are will to share important knowledge that will cause me to improve my viewpoint on all subject matter of relevance. You think you are an educated person because you want to debate whether Janet had one or 25 surgeries i don’t give a rats ass about and because i agree to disagree with your “opinion and that’s all it is you think that makes you somehow intelligent????…. GTFOH.

        Well good luck with that and while you are at it take a chill. Now if you want the world to know you are with all of your “in the know nonsense” post your pic and receive the round of applause you are seeking. Your first comment was on a post others question your sex. I did not cause I don’t give a damn. Same here I DON’T GIVE A DAMN. This post is over for me and so are you!!!!

      • Mr. 13in said


        It is “Avatar” not “Gravatar”…WTF?

        Also, your Phyliss Hyman wanna be thumbnail, has been on this site since I’ve been involved which has been for the past week. My first thought was, “Well this heifa’ sho does think a lot of herself.” After reading just a handful of posts it was determined that you don’t think much of yourself at all. In fact, your self-esteem is lower than high, which is why you long and fantasize to look like someone else.

        Once again…

        …looks like your at your tried, old boring rhetoric again.

        Chile if you didn’t “care” you would have ignored the whole post.

        You’re just embarrassed cause you got called out and you’re embarrassed by the person that you know you are. That’s why you hide behind the photo of a beautiful woman. Be proud of you. Post your face. Beauty should be in the eye of the beholder anyway. Who knows…we may just find you reasonably attractive, even if your mug channels that of a baby gorilla.

        Be advised that due to the non-literate nature of your post…run-on sentences…no punctuation…poor grammar…rhetoric, rhetoric, rhetoric…I chose not to read it all. Try rereading it yourself and you will see and hear for yourself what the cognitive level of a 4th grader looks like on paper.

        I will tell you this…you’ll be back.

        BTW…still looking forward to your coming out party.

      • MissTX said

        We call them Gravatars because that’s what the website you upload the pics to is called.

      • Mr. 13in said

        Oooohhhh…I see.

        Thanks for the knowledge Ms. Tx.

        Gravatar…Avatar…Oh Well works for me Boo!

  7. BadBadKitty0727 said

    Janet & Tyler?! ONLY in the movies.
    Janet looks DAMN good and I would venture to say that she routinely undergoes facial “refreshing” and ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. By “refreshing” I mean very minor procedures that don’t ruin the integrity of her face. For example – no “crows feet” at the corners of her eyes or lines underneath her eyes. Also, look around her mouth. She’s giving a relatively full smile, but hardly any lines around her mouth. No doubt, she’s getting some type of “filler” (Botox) or something.

    Go ‘head on Janet! Keep being beautiful!

  8. LowRidaz said

    So what she gets surgery, shit motherfukkas going crazy over that bonehead ass Kim Kardashian and she gets it, and a slew of others get that shit, just dont knwo about it, all that long fake glossy ass hair on TV, and perfect features , body, and shit, PLEASE, half of them bitches get that shit. She aint out there by her damn self. and if she does get it, that is her business, she got the money she can do that. Just like the others. damn

  9. Random said

    I’ve heard about the Ribs thing…a while back actually..I believe it..

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