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Kim Holds It Together Emotionally Even Though Everything In Her Would Probably Love To Find America’s Highest Bridge and Take a LEAP

Posted by Media Outrage on March 25, 2010

A newly single Kim Kardashian was all smiles down in Miami Beach for the celebration of Shoedazzle’s (Google it) first birthday.  With more and more details emerging of Reggie’s many all WHITE jump-off’s, Kim is trying to keep it together emotionally when she knows everything in her would love to find the highest bridge in America right now and take a leap!  More Kim… 

39 Responses to “Kim Holds It Together Emotionally Even Though Everything In Her Would Probably Love To Find America’s Highest Bridge and Take a LEAP”

  1. ucanb2 said

    Poor Kim… she really needs to work now! Make your money at all these appearances.

  2. brynnrock said

    Poor Kim hell, she made her bed and now she has to lay in it; alone!

  3. mAc said

    Better believe some otha paid brotha is grabbing a fist full of that jet black hair at night and telling her to gag her way out.

  4. Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

    Puh-leeease!!! There is plenty where reggie came from, if all fails she can go to the No Black (wives) Allowed, she is their ‘type’.

  5. Dominikingz said

    Do you realize that black websites have made this chick mad famous? Why do black people sweat this chick? Just because Ray J peed on this bitch, doesnt mean she is special.

  6. Kingston said

    Cry me a damn river, build a bridge and get over it. Who gives a shit? They might get back together next week.

    • Sapphire Storm said

      Right. Ol’ girl looks busted & is a waitress “cum-off”. Let’s keep it real, KK probably left him, gonna do a few promo appearences to make him sweat, then they’ll make up. You know how men are & all his boys are probably on him for getting caught with that bust down.

      KK probably laughing @ him like “Bish I’m ME!”

      • Kingston said

        That’s what I’m saying too. I’m no Kim fan, but that waitress ain’t even on her level. But I’m sure Reggie was screwing dimes on a regular basis and Kim probably knew about it.

      • Sapphire Storm said

        Yeah, I don’t think she’s ever gonna be able to pin him down to a committed relationship, much less a marriage, but I don’t think they’re done with each other yet. As my Grandma would say- If you leave me, better make sure you leave me right. & trust, that waitress ain’t right lol

  7. Verbalism said

    Please, she couldn’t cry if she wanted to…too much Botox.

  8. ALLISWELL5 said

    Rule #1 Never marry a woman who has a sex tape out!

    There’s no need for any other Rules…just stick with the 1st one.


  9. GEE said

    What’s the big deal with the Kardashians. None of them have any real talent so who cares. Why do they have tv shows…..

  10. name (required) said

    naw, she tryna keep it together cause she can’t stand the fact that money walking away, and aint a damn thang she can do about it

  11. LowRidaz said

    Dont know why people think a pretty face keeps a man, please! that is all she has is a pretty enhanced face, that is the fuck it. she looks like the boring type, to pretty to move, to pretty to bend, to pretty to get I dont blame Reggie, shit he young, dont tie yourself down if your not ready, and dont let no woman push you in that corner to tie you down, live your life, when you ready, then do it!

  12. kiki said

    Listen…Kim makes me sick..she is such a stuck uo b**ch..I am so glad Reggie dumped her fat azz..maybe now she will get off her pedistal!!!

  13. Itsurboi said

    hey it could’ve been worse…. if i was Reggie I still woulda try to hit Lil Kourtney after the baby

  14. Random said

    She’ll get over it…besides Reggie is beyond busted *to me anyway*…She can and will do wayyyyy better..*at least in the looks dept*…even though her taste in men is eh…

    • Aniyaqt said

      Uhhhhh NO I don’t think so…..

      No fan of either one but would that chic be relevant minus the FAKE a**, botox injections & piss incident????

    • Aniyaqt said

      Neither do you BITCH and if u “READ” u will see that I said I am NOT a fan of neither one of them @ the beginning of my post!!!

      Then again I would if I inflated my ASS, added extensions, overdosed in botox & made a sex tape so back off BITCH!!!!

      • Random said

        Pipe down Ms.GhettoFabness..Gorilla looking meatheads like Reggie don’t stand a chance with me..I actually have standards, unlike you 😉

        You can can keep fantasizing about him though hahaha

    • Aniyaqt said

      I see that ur still stalking me. Like I said fall back BITCH cuz’ u dnt want none of this for real.

      ****In case u dnt know, this is a “BLOG” where ppl are free to voice their “OPINIONS” I can say WTF I want cuz’ that’s me & I’m not here 2 please ur ass!!!!

      I SAID that I am NOT a fan of either one of them so WTF r u talkin’ bout’??? “READ” bitch “read”!!!

      As far as that ghetto shit u dnt know me but it takes one 2 one & going by ur comments u sound like authentic TRAILER TRASH so GTFOH!!!!

      ———-Maybe MO should headline ur ILLITERATE ASS instead of Keisha Coles…….BYE BITCH!!!

  15. Aniyaqt said

    We all knew it wouldn’t last. I mean, his face said it all in every single pic he took w/her.

    ***What’s funnier is the b**ch thought she was gettin’ paid, tooo mf funny esp. during the Superbowl interview, she just knew she hit the JACKPOT!!

    What’s the name of that show….NO DEAL?? Lol and the music from the Price is Right when u lose—-oh well , back 2 da’ drawing board

    Maybe she can put an add in the newspaper….SINGLE WHITE GOLDDIGGER *oops* FEMALE LOOKING FOR A RICH “BLACK” MALE

  16. LowRidaz said


  17. MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

    No big fan of kim or reggie but i believe she will do well with or without reggie and the same to reggie!! Don’t see the big fuss about reggie though, young girls going crazy over him lol……

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