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Want To See Who Reggie Bush Was Choppin’ Down Behind Kim’s Back???

Posted by Media Outrage on March 25, 2010

Of course you do!  LOL.  Reggie was getting it in with a snow bunny named January Gessert.  Peep game…

Via Radaronline:

Kim Kardashian’s on-again off-again boyfriend, Reggie Bush, is the latest star to become embroiled in a cheating scandal, after being linked to January Gessert.

Gessert reportedly spent the night at Reggie’s house on March 16th, after the two met at Sunset Strip bar-restaurant Red Rock. She was spotted leaving Reggie’s house the next morning at 7am. Now can bring you the world exclusive photos of the pretty blonde waitress and the New Orleans Saints Football star.

Reggie has reportedly set up an elaborate system to hide his cheating from Kim – including the use of multiple cell phones, but the camera never lies, and Kim is bound to be left devastated and in tears following the release of these photos.

The National Enquirer reports that when January was asked about Reggie, following their tryst at his Hollywood Hills home where Kim usually stays with him, January smiled and claimed she didn’t know him. But then became flustered and contradicted herself – saying that she went to his house, but he wasn’t there, before adding, “I know him from TV”.

Shockingly, another publication, Star magazine, claims this wasn’t the first hook-up for Reggie and January. The magazine reports that January told a friend she would be seeing Reggie and spending the night, quoting the source, “It wasn’t the first time she had gone out with him!”

And it seems that January isn’t the only lucky girl to share some bed time with Reggie, reportedly Reggie has also hooked up with a beauty named Crystal in Las Vegas, a Danielle in New Orleans and sexy Miami model Carmen Ortega.

56 Responses to “Want To See Who Reggie Bush Was Choppin’ Down Behind Kim’s Back???”

  1. Yeah I Said It said

    If you single you can do and fuck who the hell you want at anytime you want where ever you want! He don’t owe nobody nothing so it’s not called cheating. I don’t care if you sleep with the same face night after night and call he/she yours. You are only required to keep your draws under your own bed once you say I DO.

    • Sapphire Storm said

      :well damn: LOL Just curious, is that what you’re gonna say to Ms. Behave when you get your revenge? Ya’ll are good at that cause 13in thought you were dead serious!

      • Yeah I Said It said

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHA naw if she is telling the honest truth and it really is a relationship with them i fall back, cause I don’t know him for real. But if she aint I am planning to split her wig as soon as there is a radar on Ms Thang.

        Yeah 13 though it was real. Legal advise and all. LOL

      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        Why YISI? *kneeling in prayer* Please don’t stop? It makes for better sex at night lololol. He’s like “take that, take that!” diddy style lololol 🙂

      • Yeah I Said It said

        MO if we are friends at all,please send me Ms Behave location. I promise to remove the voodoo I put on you last night. If she is in the area of Tuson AZ today let me know with a thumbs up. I am flying there today and on to Cali… Love your best friend YISI.

  2. Pamweezie said

    Dang Reggie!!

    I said on Twitter I was gonna get off this computer and do some work and look where I end up. LOL!!

  3. Sapphire Storm said

    “exclusive photos of the pretty blonde waitress”

    Well hopefully she looks better when she fixes herself up, because if not, him cheating on KK with her is just typical smh

  4. She looks like a chick i knew that used to suck dick on the corner for blow pops and 10 dollar hits of meth…..

    Reggie, please start fucking black chicks again or just go hump something that dosent look like a whore from the cowboy honky tonk!

  5. Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

    Call me crazy, but that white chick looks good, might be one of the BEST white girls i’ve EVER seen, no joke. Plus she is cellulite free, major thumbs up!!! I bet 10 cows and a sheep that when glammed up this chick can take kimmy, serious!

    Now her outfit, girlllllllll!?!?! Don’t know where the start – the overbleached wet mop on her head, cowboy boots, Black and white ‘bobby socks’, daisy duke shorts, is that a red forever 21 jacket? If ur going to carry that much in ur hand, girl u need a purse, but ur bod is nice all tones, i like.

    P.S. One thing fo’ sure, Reggie sure does know which flavor he likes 🙂

    • Kanyade said


      That bish looks … well she looks regular LOL compared to Kim’s knife-up self.

      Pls tell me you’re being sarcastic 😆

      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        Yeah i was lolol, couldn’t find ‘lol’ letters on keyboard lol… actually NO i wasn’t, lolol.

        I know ur hesitant, but do it with me slowly lolol, scroll up, take away all her clothes (if ur lesbo, put a halt on ur libido lolol), cause they country as f*ck lolol, but look at her BODY. She has nicely toned legs, nice height, nice arms and her face isn’t bad all kim has on her is long black hair (a wig/weave can fix that), a sex tape (Ray J -heck any black dude can fix that) and being pee’d on ( I CAN fix that lolol).

        I’m hunting a better pic of her, will update later. Kim’s body is shot to me, cellulite filled and that disproportionate ass ain’t cutting it, face was all she had and that is ‘gone with the wind’ lolol.

        P.S. I bet that waitress is a BETTER f*ck too, cause kim’s sextape had me channel surfing lololol.

  6. Aniyaqt said

    AWC….lol, he wouldn’t talk 2 a black women if his life depended on it

    BTW, AWC= another white chic

  7. Aniyaqt said

    Hate 2 say it but Kim looks better so,,,he FAILS!!!!

  8. MissTX said

    Eh, whatever.

  9. What a sale out…

  10. brynnrock said

    Damn, Kim looks and ass I always said DON’T KEEP A MAN! Sucks for her, I know Khloe is ready to take over with her man and all his promotions. Kim is last with the sisters. Such a shame for fame, GF. Reggie loves some snow bunnies!

  11. brynnrock said

    I knew this would happen to her controlling ass, ha you couldnt control Reggies dick!

  12. brynnrock said

    Why, cuz you don’t know how to fuck and suck! Plain and simple. For real! If she did , homeboy would be layin in it right now and hell with some other pussy!

    • mAc said

      Brynnrock not true. My last girlfriend was the best and did shit to me that made me feel like hittin an all-night-revival, but that didn’t stop my dick from catching AMNESIA everytime it walked out of the house and saw another extremely awesomely PHAAAAT AZZ and some plump BIG ass titties!


      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        Same here MAC, when will women learn that a man cheating doesn’t reflect on his woman’s incapability? Men cheat simple because they CAN and WOMEN (hoes) let them!!! Stop the f*ckery about giving head and good f*ck! *delusional* 🙂

  13. brynnrock said

    Listen, read between the MF lines Mac and Ms. 20/20 vizion. Bullshit it aint all about f&S tell yourself that damn lie. Not me! Let you/me have a bad fuck, whatcha gonna do? Dip! Anyway, it is NOT all about F&S but 90% is keeping your relationship exciting, fun and adventerous. That is my opinion. I love being with my boo and he feels the same. Mac, you don’;t know how to be in a committed relationship grow up homeboy and the ass and tatas won’t call you! HaHa! You will be the next fukin AIDS victim following that Phatty, watch out now everything that glistens aint gold and to slide up in. Oh, and Kim still don’t know how to get it in with Reggie.

    • mAc said

      Brynnrock that was in my last relationship and that was years ago. I’m faithful to the woman im with now, don’t get me wrong i’d still like to fuck her sister into a diabetic coma but i haven’t creeped yet.

    • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

      Dearest Brynnrock, while sex is an IMPORTANT component of a relationship, it isn’t the By All-End All. You’ve stated time and time again how much of a ‘hoe’ kim is, so i highly doubt there is ANYTHING she WOULDN’T do to please her man.

      Here are some OTHER reasons people break-up:

      * Dishonesty
      * Disrespect
      * Too demanding
      * You try to change them
      * You give, give, give or take, take, take
      * You compare your partner to others

      The fact that you limit yourself to just SEX, worries me ALOT, as if that’s ALL it takes to ‘keep’ your man. You come off as the type who washes, cleans and even f*ck the man, but he will leave just simply because you are just MENTALLY F*CKED UP!

      There is not a SINGLE thing to makes a relationship work, you have to find out what YOUR partner require and fulfil it, just like with a condom… one size DOESN’T fit all!

      • brynnrock said

        That is your opinion and you don’t know me so you are definitely irrelevant to our relationship. Honey were did you get I limit myself to sex, I said we keep it exciting, adventerous and fun! Your reading between the lines again; not just in the bedroom but we are best friends in everyway for over 20 years but in a relationship/married last 10. I hope one day you find the same, cuz you don’t know what you are talking about honey. No, my man does all that to me. so I guess he is mentally fucked up. To bad for you Ms. 20/20 whatever your scorn – I got a suggestion for you, Go get a long dick, sit on it and rotate your twisted ass.

      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        Hmm, if im not mistaken the ’20 years’, you know ur man for, u weren’t together as a couple, so THAT’S IRRELEVANT.

        “relationship/married last 10.”… really? is there a BAND on ur finger, you keep calling him your “husband”, have you ever been to a chapel and infront of a pastor to CONFIRM that? just askin’

        “Honey were did you get I limit myself to sex, I said we keep it exciting, adventerous and fun! Your reading between the lines again;”……Your words were “it is NOT all about F&S but 90% is keeping your relationship exciting, fun and adventerous. That is my opinion.”…. you see, you said “but”, which means that your about to oppose previous statement, so the natural conclusion is that, the ‘90%’ that your referring to has to do with SEX, boy do you have A LOT TO LEARN about a relationship and grammar lololol.

        “Not me! Let you/me have a bad fuck, whatcha gonna do? Dip!” You are KIDDING yourself to think that in all your “20 years” your ‘husband’ has NEVER had a ‘bad f*ck’ with you, yet he is STILL with you, because you have to have more THAT [sex] or else your ass would be single by now.

        “To bad for you Ms. 20/20 whatever your scorn – I got a suggestion for you, Go get a long dick, sit on it and rotate your twisted ass.”… THAT is the REDUNDANCY OF THE DAY! lolol How can you say 20/20, then suggest that i get a “long dick, sit on it and rotate your twisted ass” it’s already IMPLIED fool, duhhhhhhh!!!!! lololol.

  14. sweet_tea said

    OK, F&S talk aside, maybe Reggie just thought ‘we ain’t gonna get married so why bother?’ Seriously, he wasn’t going to marry the chick his dudes (& probably his mama) have ALL seen getting smashed on tape. You can’t bring that home to a black momma. White girl lovin or not, it’s easier to accept your daughter in law as a basic b*tch than one who got famous on a sex tape. And what about his teammates? Ego is a BIG thing for men…you can’t have a wife that is known WORLDwide for getting it in w/Ray J. (eww…I threw up a little typing that) 😦

    • brynnrock said

      I agree Sweet Tea and the tape said it all, from what I heard.

      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        11.brynnrock said
        March 25, 2010 at 4:28 pm
        I knew this would happen to her controlling ass, ha you couldnt control Reggies dick!

        12.brynnrock said
        March 25, 2010 at 4:29 pm
        Why, cuz you don’t know how to fuck and suck! Plain and simple. For real! If she did , homeboy would be layin in it right now and hell with some other pussy!

        Um, i thought it was because kim didn’t “know how to fuck and suck! Plain and simple.”, confused? Sweet_tea’s argument is somewhat a CONTRADICTION of your’s, like she FUCKS TOO MUCH- with everybody and their daddy, while your’s is that she doesn’t know HOW TO!

        If there is ONE THING a HOE knows HOW TO DO is to F*CK, it’s in the JOB DESCRIPTION honey. lolol @ the inconsistency 🙂

    • Sapphire Storm said

      I agree with every last word you typed… even the throwing up part lol.

    • MissTX said

      What you said should be the end of it. LOL!

    • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

      Totally agree sweet_tea! Girls like kim are f*cking material not ‘wifing’ material.

      • brynnrock said

        Yes I have a band and we are married. Oh, he corrected me I we know each other over 30 years since 11 years old when he had a crush on me. But we went our seperate ways and met up 10 years ago. But we agree she is not wifing material and yeah my point is she don’t know how to fuck and that is exactly why you were channel surfing. LOL

  15. BadBadKitty0727 said

    It really matters not whether you fuck and suck your man into a coma EVERY NIGHT and are the most beautifuly woman in the world, he still has the propensity to cheat – period. The question is, will he ACT on his innate desire? I congratulate ANY man who has the maturity to understand he has a good woman and doesn’t want to risk losing her by trickin’ his dick off in some random bitch.

    We, as women, MUST understand that when a man cheats, IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH US and EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE MAN’S MATURITY and MENTALITY. Why is it that we are so quick to throw shade on the woman if the man cheats? Hell, he’s the one who fucked up – not her.

    Food for thought – there are no other male, warm-blooded mammals on earth that join and mate with only one female for the duration of his life.

  16. name (required) said

    he got his tiger woods cologne on, hahahahaha

  17. brynnrock said

    I also agree with that statement AND? But my point was throught he damn video she don’t know how to fuck and could not keep Reggie satisfied. WOW people are so sensative just like I said this is not related to my life people THANK YOU! If some of you would read through the post, I first said ass and looks don’t keep a man WHAT does that mean Ms. whatever? I was referring to her video. I am not gonna explain myself just cuz b/c some individuals want to attack for no damn reason. This was fkin pointless bullshit. READ!!!!!! But MY man I will stand by does for me needs to fuck and suck PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is important for a man to know how to please me and my boo feels the same, is that so wrong Ms. whatever now that you want to be all up into my milkshake? Have a nice fkin day ass. You don’t have to be an ass everyday, take a day off. Peace.

  18. brynnrock said

    I posted just for you Ms. whatever

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