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Ladies Would You Sleep With a Man For $1 Million???

Posted by Media Outrage on March 26, 2010

We already know the answer from the males.  We want to know whether our female MO readers would sleep with a man (with protection of course) they were not attracted to 1 time for $1 million?  What if you were in a commited relationship would you go outside of your relationship to get that million!?!?!

The man is butt ugly but would you do it?

Have at it…

31 Responses to “Ladies Would You Sleep With a Man For $1 Million???”

  1. yes i would…lmao just kidding! in all honesty i have no idea. i wanna say no i wouldnt but I’ve always lived by “never say never”.

  2. Yeah I Said It said

    1).Can you say with a bag over his head
    2). I am drunk.
    3). He has on two condoms.
    4).We only do missionary style one time.
    5).I am down and out.
    6). He gives me cash up front

    • Yeah I Said It said

      P.S Add another million and I can talk dirty to him and listen to him moan with that dragon breath without throwing up. Course I would have to be on top to keep to keep that slob off me coming from under that bag on his head….

    • Yvonne said

      Agree with YISI and…7)the money is tax free. If I’m going through all that with some booger bear I want ALL the money.

  3. Shit. I’ve slept with fine ass men who couldn’t work the dick worth shit. So 1 butt ugly dude, with a rubber, for a mil? Where do I sign up?!?

    • ucanb2 said

      LOL…. u brought back some hidden memories from my 20’s!!! LOL
      I’m married now, and my husband would probably kill both of us so NAW!

  4. Annaleisha Mae said

    I abstain from all forms of sex-so you’d ave’ to kill me and them be a necrophiliac… So no.

  5. Lai' Lani said

    YES! Lol That’s too much money and a sista is chasing bills as of late, so right now the answer would be YES!

  6. Rachel S. said

    I’m involved but damn that’s temptin’ as hell! 1 milli richer? I would talk it over with my man ooops no i wouldn’t. Yes i would put it on ol’ boy and get my cash.

  7. Blessed38LA said

    I am happily married. But if I was single, no way in he–. Money is not everthing, females that does stuff like that must love money, more than self respect. Even with a condemn that mess is nasty. I have been this way all my life, if I don’t want that man, why should I want his money. Pretty, ugly, it doesn’t matter. It is all about respecting your body.

  8. Shannon G. said

    Yeah I would. As long as I can knock down a couple of bottles and the room be pitch black dark and no video/pix. I have bills to pay and a 3 year old daughter to take care of. So….I’ll smash.

  9. Blessed38LA said

    Remember ladies, our bodies are the Lords temple.

  10. Random said

    Absolutely not.

  11. I HATE MO! said

    MO any woman that said NO and is married is probably telling the truth, but any woman that is NOT MARRIED and said NO is



  12. Erika M. said

    I have a man but fuck him so yes.

  13. Cyndy said

    Times are tough but even if they weren’t – a million dollars is a whole bunch of money. Yes I would without a second thought.

  14. Jazzy said

    Yes I would. Times are hard for me right now.

  15. Mr. 13in said

    You’ve given it for the “The Seafood Fest” at Red Lobster or anyone of a few cheap steak dinners at The Long Horn…

    Why not?

    He got off reeeeeal cheap before…take the cash this time!!

  16. Ridingfinest said

    Hell yeah I would do it for a Million………why not I’m sure most of us have slept with an ugly dude for free at least once in our life(if you say you haven’t then you’re lying) so why not for a Million.

  17. CaramelKiss said

    If you have had “Pity Sex” with an Ex, then it shouldn’t be an issue. If you’ve had drunken sex, rebound sex, revenge sex, damn-i’m-just-horny-sex, it shouldn’t be an issue. Damn, I’m trying to think when WOULD it be an issue?
    Oh, I know! When there’s no condom involved. 3 words. Hell, F*ck, NO.

  18. Marie said

    If he has no STD’s I would regardless of how ugly he is.

  19. Cehhw said

    I’m so ashamed of myself…but…YES!

    I could take care of my ill Daughter and move us to a beach.

  20. MissTX said

    One million tax free dollars.

    My system full of Purp & ‘Dro:


  21. Blessed38LA said

    Hi there Ridingfinest. I can honestly say before God, I haven’t. I have always respected my body.

  22. brynnrock said

    Hell yeah and my man can join in! Morals is out the window for that night but I don’t cheat so he would have to know about it or be in the room. I know not a good mix but that is the way it would go down.

  23. kekelolo said

    I am sorry to interrupt this “HELL YES” train, but no, I would not sleep with anyone for any amount of money unless he marries me. I promote and advocate abstinence until marriage. I have turned down men who were capable of offering more but my heart and soul awaits only the man God has created only for me.

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