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Serena Shows Her Curves at the Beach

Posted by Media Outrage on March 26, 2010

Serena Williams hit up Miami Beach and showed her curves to the world.  How does Tennis’ best female player look?  More images to peruse through…

79 Responses to “Serena Shows Her Curves at the Beach”

  1. LowRidaz said

    I bet she got a hard punch..hmmm she just look like she will beat the brakes off someone to me.

  2. Kanyade said

    LOL @ Lowridaz.

    Serena. I wish I was at the beach 😦

  3. Random said

    “She” looks like a steroid study gone horribly wrong.

    • Teena Thomas said

      Random… your a hater! Nothing wrong with this pic. Nothing at all. She is thick. But in total shape.

      • Yeah I Said It said

        awww hell that’s my que. Good day folks have a great one

      • Yeah I Said It said

        P.S. What looks good to some does not have to look good to others. We all have an opinion and can voice it. You may not agree with others opinion but it is their opinion. This is a blog site. As far as I am concerned it is entertainment and laughter. I come here just for that…….. And for the love of peace will someone define the word hater? It is so over used and old.

        I for one love the Williams sister and think they are tight. Why get mad if someone else does not agree with me. Does not make sense at all

      • Random said


        Really…that’s all you got? lol

      • Sapphire Storm said

        YISI – the correct usage of the term has become so lost and misused that I’ve been boycotting it for almost a year now. People don’t get the meaning because it’s used waaaaaay too much & most often incorrectly.& your right, It’s definitely ancient lol.

        I feel you though. Arguing with someone for having an opinion or personal taste, is like me getting in your face because you say you like blue and I like red. & when you break it down to that level you realize just how elementary it really is.

        :Can’t we all just get along: :X

      • Sapphire Storm said

        LOL @ Random. Yeah, compared to what most people come at you with that was a little weak! Give her a :do over:

      • Nina said

        Random always “hates” on black women…she thinks CoCo is hot.

      • Mr. 13in said

        @ Nina

        You must be new to the community Honey.

        Miss Random has always been an equal opportunist.

        She doesn’t just “hate” on black women. Generally the theme of “hate” is ghetto trash and other absurdities. This site it just happens to showcase black folk most of the time.

        Cease from pulling the “race card” My Love…it’s not a good look.

      • kekelolo said

        In our world, thick is SUPREME! We do not appeal to skinny. I was skinny all of my life and was picked on for it, now I am very curvy and loving it! It took my having my daughter to get me to a body I absolutely love. I agree with you that Serena looks GREAT!

    • Aniyaqt said

      JEALOUS????? Y O U will “never” N E V E R!!!….. have that body so STFU!! And “yes” u r throwin’ salt cuz’ Serina is def. on point w/her body

      • Random said

        You’re still bitter over my last post..awww..Sensitive bimbos slay me..

      • Random said

        FYI..I have a Killer Bod and Face to match 😉

      • Random said

        You’re absolutely right..I will NEVER have “her” bod…I wasn’t born a MAN.

      • Who needs ESPN “Friday Night Fights” when you have this type of entertainment. lol. Everybody has different taste when it comes to beauty. When it comes to Tennis chics some guys like Serena Williams and other men prefer Maria Kirilenko. But I must admit Serena has one rugged jaw line.

        Oh and Ms.Random surpasses Serena in the physical dept. Take it from the man that knows her best.

    • Aniyaqt said

      Bet ur PUNK ASS wont say it 2 her face though, Like Teena said u r hatin’ period!!! I dnt like the word but it is what it is..

      BTW…Let me find out that ur’ I love Albo Woman as well. Either way, that opinion dnt matter, got a Ryan Leslie pic up poppin’ shit w/Serena & defending ur SILLY ASS!! For real???

      **If u “allegedly” have a “killer bod” as YOU say, then WTF u worried about Serna for????———-sounds like an INSECURE b***h if u ask me.

      • Random said

        Lol..this coming from the same c*nt who keeps fantasizing about men *coughReggieBushcough* who wouldn’t give you the time of day…

        As for “I Love Albo Woman”..that’s actually my boyfriend and that’s his REAL Leslie can’t be serious…

        Me stating my opinion of this masculine creature has nothing to do with me “worrying about her”..I could ask you the same thing..Why are you so concerned about my Opinion?

        I could give a rat’s ass whether you agree with it or not..Last time I checked I was on here for MY own Entertainment purposes…not YOURS or anyone else’s on here..with that said..Kindly Piss Off =)

      • Damn Aniyaqt your really upset with Random’s opinion on Serena. The way your reacting with hostility and use of vulgar language is unnecessary. Going by the people that post on this site, I see the majority of folks here are mature adults. So there’s no need to go postal over individual opinion. One would think that Serena is family related to you.

        Also I have to defend my girl Random and my identity. The gravie picture that you see is truly of me “no imposter”. If you personally knew or seen Random you will realize that she’s an “authentic” female. She has no reason to play games by creating fictional characters and phoney images. Believe me..

    • Aniyaqt said

      Ok it’s like 24hrs later & ur STILL responding 2 my comments??? I make “ONE” comment & u & ur sidekick give me like 2 – 5 responses???? ARE U SERIOUS??? Who does that???

      ****Did I bring out ur inner child???*****

      As 4 tha’ boyfriend remark, u really should have kept that 2 urself cuz’ he is behaving rather FEMININE/SUSPECT w/the “GIRLIE” comments & judging the avi he looks the part as well, LOL …should have made me kept thinking it was Ryan Leslie’s avi SMDH.

      Speaking of which, HTH do u call Serena a man When u look like an “UNFINISHED POTATOE-HEADED TRANNY” ???

      And WTH u keep puttin’ Reggie Bush in every comment w/me?? NO ONE is thinking bout’ ur “AUTHENTIC” TRAILER TRASH ass w/high hopes…and why is ur woman *oops* I mean man using the same words that I use????

      ***BTW ur right aside from u 2 CYBER STALKING CLOWNS there appears to be some mature adults on this blog, and that’s just what this is & if u cant handle the comments here then GTFO, like I’m about to do cuz’ it’s SATURDAY & UNLIKE u, I do have A “LIFE”,,,,,,& u should really GET ONE too.

      Deuces BEEYOTCH!!!!!

    • Random said

      …and CoCo of all people? lol figured she was being sarcastic..

      • Aniyaqt said

        48 hrs later……and u STILL talking SMDH, as I said earlier GET A LIFE!!!

        **** I absolutely love ALL the attention ur’ giving me tho’ ****

  4. Sapphire Storm said

    ^^^^wait for it… wait for it… :laughing:

  5. Random said

    Well said@Yeah I Said it!

  6. Random said

    Ha@Sapph…seriously!! lol

  7. ucanb2 said

    I think she has a banging body…she’s thick but totally toned!
    I have seen her in better swimsuits in a spread she did for Ebony…gorgeous!

  8. Blessed38LA said

    I admire the William Sisters. And I have never been jealous of no female, my whole entire life, not even Oprah. Now, some men will say any celebrity looks good, just because their famous wearing a bikini suit. I would be too ashame showing off my body looking like that, it is a little too much of cellulite showing from her stomach. Take a good look at her lower back area, around the waist line. If she would have pulled the bikini all the way up, you will see more cellulite. Serena still looks nice. But when I no I don’t have a body for a type of clothing, I won’t wear it and I’m not fat at all. Serena and myself are the same size, no way I would wear a bikini.

  9. MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

    serena looks hot!!! love her to bits!!

    • Aniyaqt said

      And I can see that ur’ “CERTIFIED” as well, quit following after ClownDUM & GET A LIFE!!

      • MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

        Sweetheart i have a life thank you!! And loving it too!!! I ain’t following no one so quit hating!!!

        Go find some peace of mind and get yourself a life!!

        LOVE YOU LOL

  10. Kingston said

    Her body is too masculine and she looks “tuff”.

  11. Verbalism said

    This is the body of an athlete…period.

  12. Mr. 13in said


    Let’s settle one this now.

    ANYONE who is embracing this body has some serious self-concept issues too.

    Her body may look like yours, but she is still out of shape and there’s nothing attractive about it.

    This isn’t an opinion BTW.

    The AMA would slap serious health risk sticker on her ass.

    If you’re satisfied with the way you look and you look like that…hell be happy and die a mess!

    Leave Miss Random alone HATERS…

  13. name (required) said

    no ass shot, failure, nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  14. MissTX said

    That swimsuit is atrocious!

  15. Aniyaqt said

    I must be BLIND cuz’ I dnt see any cellulite on her whatsoever sounds like a lot of JEALOUS FEMALES givin’ Rena the side-eye right about now…

    Yeah we all know she look a little ruff, have strong features, & may not be that cute BUT she DOESN’T have any CELLULITE @ all so it sounds like a lot females is hatin’ on her———-


    **and yes we are entitled 2 our own opinions but this mess here is ridiculous**

    • MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

      LOL @ WHY IS IT HARD FOR FEMALES 2 GIVE OTHER WOMEN COMPLIMENTS???????…….Why don’t you make the first step then hahahah you hypocrite!!!

      There are plenty loyal women that log in to MO that leave complimentary comments of women either profile or post of female celebs etc…

      • MaliaMalia LOVES MO said


      • Aniyaqt said

        U sound just as STUPID as RANDOM, if u “READ” I did give Serena a compliment so WTF r u talking about????

        4get Keisha Coles MO should really consider headlining the ILLITERATE CHICS w/ multiple personalities who post stupid comments seriously

      • Random said

        lol weren’t you leaving? We can tell you’re extremely upset over this…maybe it’s time you took a break from MO..hahahaha (for your sake)

      • MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

        What am I talking about!!!

        Oh my goodness aniyaqt i was not only referring to this post but other pathetic comments you have left on other post kim kardashians and so forth am not going to type out a list as i know it’ll be a waste of my time!!! I can see you have major issues so I won’t even bother with you lol…

        try and have a good day you seem miserable!!! awwwwwwwwwwwwwww you poor thing

      • MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

        LOL @ 4get Keisha Coles MO should really consider headlining the ILLITERATE CHICS w/ multiple personalities who post stupid comments seriously

        I honestly think you’re the only one in here that doesn anyway hahaha!!! Grow up and get overyourself sweetie!!! i truly feel so sorry for you!!!!

      • MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

        LOL @ 4get Keisha Coles MO should really consider headlining the ILLITERATE CHICS w/ multiple personalities who post stupid comments seriously

        I honestly think you’re the only one in here that has multiple personalities who post stupid comments lol….

        Grow up and get overyourself sweetie!!!

      • Aniyaqt said

        5 comments???? R u serious?!? SMDH….. OK it’s official ur NUTS SMDH

  16. satire said

    By euro beauty standards of white, slim, long hair or at least a head full of hair, injected lips, not real lips, fake butts, not real butts, lipo suction, fake boobs, this child is ugly, but she do have fake hair but she need to talk to bey about getting some more real looking fake hair

    • Random said

      Oh please spare me the racial nonsense..this CREATURE is Beyond HIDEOUS by any and every ‘standard’…Gabrielle Union is a VERY attractive WOMAN..*in my opinion*..and she certainly doesn’t fit that “euro standard” as you put please drop it!

  17. Cut Up said

    ALL THIS OVER “DOLLAR GENERAL BIKINI” WEARING ASS SERENA!! It’s Saturday and I am at work and the Military don’t really even work on the weekends. I should be cursing some of yall ass out!! lol. ONE

  18. brynnrock said

    Ah,I got your back on this one. Random does hav a killer face and body, she proved that by posting a pic w barely nothing on.
    Shut the fuk up Nina!

    • Nina said

      Wow. The mental maturity level of a rabid racoon. Why the hostility and does someone really need your cyber protection!?! Random can defend herself…and if you read the continuing posts you will see the antagonistic posts were not between she and I…I didn’t know things were that “deep”. So Brynnrock, go cash your brain and try to make some sense next time. Ciao.

    • Random said

      Barely nothing on? last time I checked I’ve ALWAYS posted FACE shots on this thing…FULLY CLOTHED at that..Yes, I do have a Bod…but I’m no CoCo…walking around like a cheap $1 hooker in REAL Life…let alone posting revealing pics on some the hell are you talking about? If You’re gonna try to ‘defend’ anyone..make sure you get your facts straight first..thanks!!

  19. brynnrock said

    Random, you did put out a full body shot with a bathing suit or some lingerie on, whats the big deal, I didn’t say you were naked? I am gonna leave all you sensative MF alone.

    • Random said

      Bathing Suite…lingerie now? You’re either…

      a. Delusional or
      b. Pathological liar
      c. Have me confused w/another member

      because there’s no chance in hell would I ever TAKE let alone POST such revealing pics on a PUBLIC BLOGSITE I use while at WORK…so wtf are you talking about?

      Lol@the sensitive remark..really Brynnster…let’s not go there…it has nothing to do with “sensitivity”’s the fact that you made up some nonsense which has no absolute TRUTH behind it..The website we all use to upload pics for MO is…and it keeps a file of every uploaded pic…I just happened to go through them and I NEVER came across a bikini/lingerie FULL body shot!! I’ve had a SHIT load of FACE shots which I’ve previously that’s that!!

      The “big deal” was the fact that you tried to make me seem like some cheap online bimbo who posts revealing pics of herself on the net..I’m sure you’re aware that my man reads/posts on this for you to sit there and make up some ridiculous nonsense just doesn’t sit well with either of us..Because not only does it make me look bad..but him as well..With that me a favor and refrain from posting my name or anything having to do with me from now on…I’m very much capable of ‘defending’ myself…I don’t need you or anyone else ‘standing up’ for me..Grazie!

    • Aniyaqt said

      Hmmmmm….she sure did tell u…..w/a 4page letter at that LOL

      *** See that’s what u get 4 defending that clown, now dnt u feel stupid???? LOL!!!!!!!!!! *****

      • brynnrock said

        Yeah, I do feel some type of way, but I wouldn’t say no shit that didn’t happen. I remember she had a full body shot showin herself. Whatever, I am over it she got some serious issues and I have to take care of my 6 year old child. I don’t have time for her or to be make up shit about her. I am a grown ass woman and was just given her props, got me once won’t get me again, dog.

      • Random said

        Aniya…you’re a joke…and still bitter over our little ‘tiff’ this weekend…lmao PATHETIC!!

        Brynn aka Braindead *Remember my cute lil nickname for you*, you’re still a delusional lil cheerleading c*nt…Only reason you’re ‘defending’ my ass on here is because I’ve called ur ass out on SOOOO many occasions…Both Ms.Behave and I…or did you forget that? Since you seem to have this great memory..Surely you’d remember the wonderful ‘compliments’ you gave me in the beginning…I looked like a “tranny” according to you…then you turned around and complimented me on a different post..LMAO..again with the DELUSIONAL sh*t..Shall I continue or is that Enough for you? hahaha..Don’t Test me darlin’ 😉

  20. brynnrock said

    Nina, you always callin someone out your mouth but I guess that is your nature.

  21. chique said


  22. brynnrock said

    Random, go fuck herself and the albaino horse you rode the fuck in on! I see why you get so much beef siko

    • Random said

      LMAO…aww looks like I struck a nerve…

      • Aniyaqt said

        Hey ClownDUM!!! Sry 2 inform u that ur indeed the delusional chic here cuz’ it was “I” who said u looked like a tranny, in fact that was a “POTATO-HEADED” tranny so get it RIGHT next time k????

        PATHETHIC???? What’s MORE PATHETIC is that u spent ENTIRE WEEKEND jockin’ me w/ur wack ass comments LOL

        ****Since u was denied attention as a child, I’ll come back later to read ALL 20 comments frm u & ur SIDEKICKS

  23. Random said

    I’m convinced some of the ‘regulars’ on here suffer from some sort of mental disorder…

  24. LowRidaz said

    …easing back out quietly, shuttin the door calmly… ((running away now)) LOL

    • Aniyaqt said

      LMAO….I make “1” comment & these ppl go BESERK

      —- WHATEVER HAPPENNED 2 FREE SPEECH???…Oh well so much for that huh??? (shrugging my shoulders & whistling)LOL again, I can’t.

      *** I said I would leave this post alone but these ppl are CERTIFIED NUTS & it’s getting hilarious here***

      Now watch I get like 3 responses to this comment, heck lets break a record today & go for 20 shoot LOL too funny!!!

    • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

      *grabbing bag pack* Low don’t leave me!!! lololol

  25. brynnrock said

    You got life fucked up for real, I never said your ass looked like a tranny, I don’t even use that word! Get a life and I think it is you who got some mental issues and your friends who co-write your bullshit. I got better things to do than argue my point with you, and this will be my last post to you idiot. Like I said go get your albino man and fuck with his mind cuz mine is too strong for you on any given day.

    • Aniyaqt said

      I told u this chic has MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES & this is what u defended???? PLUS she didn’t even thank you @ that SMDH, that’s why ppl should mind they own business…..

      Anyways, I bet this chic will SNAP b4 sundown LOL ****

  26. Aniyaqt said

    BTW..I bet Serena is getting a BIG kick outta this one cuz’ I know I am LOL

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